BBNaija Lockdown Confession: What you don't know about BBNaija Housemate Prince - Secrets about himself

The Big Brother Naija Season 5 is only a week old today but a lot have already started happening. Although 20 Housemates have been conscripted to the lockdown Big Brother House but a handful of them have already started sending strong signals that they have what it takes to go the distance. People have begun to line behind their favourites and one of them is Housemate Prince of the “Royal Army” movement which has caught on like wildfire on social media.

Days ago Prince Nelson made some disclosures about himself which have endeared him to many followers of the reality TV show. One of them is his declaration that “A good name is better than riches”. This could very well mean there won’t be some untoward showing from him on the show.

He also made a declaration that is his a fan of adult content. Although many found this at variance with someone who strives for “good name” but of course, the enterprising young man of 24 has hidden agenda behind that. After all the Big Brother is all a game.

His biggest achievements as revealed from “Day One” of the show is winning Mr Nigeria and competing in the Mr World competition and he revealed his feelings about it all.

“A goal-getter and a very determined young man. Being Mr Nigeria is not enough for me as I seek to make an impact beyond what I have achieved till date. Being down to earth among other things is my strongest attributes.

Prince Nelson Enwerem is from Ugiri Isiala Mbano local government of Imo State. He is a graduate of Pure Physics from the University of Calabar, Cross Rivers State.

Full gist: Viral video of a girl dancing who was reportedly shot dead by Cult boys

Don't believe most news you read on WhatsApp and Facebook!!! This news is currently been circulated on WhatsApp and according to rumor mongers is happened, in Edo state, Anambra, Osun state and Calabar, and the story they are attaching tp the video is that her boyfriend killed her because he caught her with another man twerking, another fake news was that this did not happened in Nigeria, it happened in the Anglophone part of  Cameroon and she was allegedly killed according to them she was having dealings with some francophone military men, so they alleged that she was selling them out!!!!

So sad, Eyewitnesses said the incident occurred during the early morning hours on Tuesday, 4th August 2020, around the locals of NSK, Enugu state.
Medical examination, according to the Officer-in-Charge (OIC) of the government-run hospital in the state, shows that the deceased was shot several times with a single barrel pistol.

The lifeless remain of the young lady was seen lying in a pool of blood in a viral video where 2 guys were taking video of her, one of the guy made statements saying, "Any rubbish wey ka for this town we dey end am ya, we no dey there when you dey chop shit. na me for you, na me for you. we no need blage***** for this level", then the other guy responded "where them even put am na ontop tyre".

At first the girl was spotted dancing at a kinda joint with some guys as seen in the video. There were drinks on the table and the 2 guys was interacting and vibing to the song Nairamarley - 'Soappy' , the girl was dancing and also shaking her ass for the guy to touch, the guy in mention is said to be her boyfriend who is a cultist and she is quite aware of this even the clash between her boyfriend and the other cult members. This is an unconfirmed news though but 9jaedublog promises to get back to you as updated as you can with the full gist and arrest of this culprits.

Its said that the guys who came had a target on her boyfriend who is their rival as a cultist. The target escaped when these cult boys came and left the girlfriend who was not fast enough to escape. Unfortunately she was shot dead on her way trying to escape. So, these guys took video of her and sent to her boyfriend to show their revenge already.

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VIDEO: BBNaija 2020 Housemate Tolani Baj Fingers Herself While Other Were Asleep

The Big Brother Naija Season 5 edition started like one that wasn’t going to produce dramas embedded in thrills and shockers some ten days ago. But that was absolute deceit with the game playing out like a man who disguises in the form of an introvert to unexpectedly deliver explosive characteristics.

This season’s show had successfully tricked people to believe they are in for some ‘love & romance’ mission with the respectful, cautious and emotional attitude they have adpoted to help in relating with one another.

Although they have had games like “truth & dare” that has resulted in pitting housemates together to have long & ‘dirty’ kisses, it hasn’t still caused some reaally sexual activities that would raise eyebrows as the past editions have.

Do not get it wrong, there has been an “entanglement” here and there with Eric & Lilo and Neo & Vee being the leading characters but nothing absolutely insane has happened like what is about to be shown to you.

Housemates are beginning to talk more about getting hooked up as the cold in Big Brother’s house seems to be doing more damage to their sexual and emotional state of mind than expected.

This was evident in the event that followed up after the Saturday night party yesterday when Tolani Baj who obviously has not gotten entangled yet decided to take matters into her hands since she has not been able to get herself the luxury Vee and Lilo have gotten in Neo & Eric respectively.

Tolanibaj was caught live on camera helping herself with her fingers inside her pants after her bust up with Prince.
TBaj, as her peers call her was fuming with anger last night claiming Prince has ignored her to be with Wathoni and Erica. According to her, his actions have caused tensions between her and the two ladies.

She lodged a complaint with Brighto who tried talking her out but refused to listen to his advice saying she will deal with him. She later went to meet Prince who changed her mood with his good vibes.

She must have felt better after the conversation as she was seen in her bed, helping herself with her fingers buried deep in her pants.

The daring Tolani, while everyone was asleep, called her inner desperate self and ordered her fingers to find their ways into the most guarded and juicy part of her body. Tolani Baj masturbated. In short, she “fingered” herself or better still in street language, she did the female version of “soapy.”

Watch video below:

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VIDEO: Big Brother Naija Kiddwaya Fingered Erica and had s£x under Duvet, Brighto caught them

Fans of Big Brother Najia Lockdown show were left stunned after catching, Erica and Kiddwaya having sex while other housemates were sound asleep.

It all started with an intense make-out session under the sheet which left Erica moaning loudly.

Earlier the day, the pair were first seen on the couch chatting and flirting with Kiddwaya caressing Erica’s bare bum with one hand and the other around her neck.

The housemates, Erica and Kiddwaya later ended up in the bed, where they enjoyed a hot make-out session and sex. At one point, Erica could be heard moaning as it appears Kiddwaya went a little bit far down there.
From her facial expressions, it’s clear Kiddwaya had hit the jackpot

After the night, the following morning, Brighto was telling kiddwaya that “you enjoyed himself last night, you enjoyed from the couch to the bedroom”. He said “who knows what happened under the duvet”, Kiddwaya was just smiling and telling him say “You bad oh...” Kiddwaya said “so you were spying on us”. Las las kiddwaya said “that last night was good”.

See video below:

Coming after Big Brother Naija Lockdown housemates, Kiddwaya and Erica were caught in a compromising position, Nigerians have taken to social media to hail Kidd for being good at it.

9jaedublog News earlier reported that Kiddwaya was caught fingering Erica so hard that she let out a moan.

Watch the video ABOVE

However, Nigerians have hailed Kiddwaya for making Erica moan so hard.

See some reactions below…

“There are levels to these things mehn. Kidd has a PhD in this called “fingering” just look at Erica moaning face.”

“The fingering was so intense that Erica gave a soft moan , Kiddwaya is good, Incase u missed the last night fun”

“Laycon tells Erica about his feelings, but the love for money made her open her legs for Kiddwaya for fingering. Chai… Later ladies will still deceive us that true love is hard to find”

“Erica please go for a man that can communicate, apologize and appreciate you, Not a man that’ll be fingering you up and down on National tv Like he’s digging for gold”

“So after the fingering Kidd gave Erica,this morning she will now carry herself and meet Laycon and be smiling like a native fowl”

“So Nigerians are saying I RESPECT ERICA I Stan for Erica I cherish Erica after Kidd had finished fingering her on National tv And call Nengi that has self control names”

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BBNaija Lockdown 2020: Ka3na and Praise caught having sex in the Big Brother Naija house

Big Brother Naija 2020 housemates, Praise and Ka3na were on Friday night caught having sex.

The two housemates who are not love birds were caught having sex after a truth or dare game on Friday.

Ka3na, who is married to a 64-year-old man, was spotted counting condoms in the house before engaging in the act.

She had claimed that she was not attracted to young guys but was caught on camera having passionate sex with Praise who is engaged and has a son.

Big Brother Naija 2020 housemates, Praise and Ka3na were on Friday night caught having sex.

The two housemates who are not love birds were caught having sex after a truth or dare game on Friday.

Ka3na, who is married to a 64-year-old man, was spotted counting condoms in the house before engaging in the act.

She had claimed that she was not attracted to young guys but was caught on camera having passionate sex with Praise who is engaged and has a son.

Praise and Ka3na are the first lockdown housemates to be caught in the act.

The development has stirred reactions from Nigerians on Twitter.

Some have condemned the act, especially since both BBNaija Lockdown housemates have children and are engaged.

Here are some reactions gathered by DAILY POST from Twitter:

@Holardarmola “Ka3na had alway crushed on Praise though.Even the first two days showed it but I never expected sex though.”

@Dora “Shameless people .. Married bosslady vs Engaged Praise ..

@facelessXO “Praise and Ka3na doing the August entanglement.The first August entanglement of 2020 is here!Praise shipping a four year old relationship to the Bottom of the ocean because of ka3na big ass.”

@Emekaagara “They really fuc*ked up they both have kids outside the house praise is even engaged.”

@Heistatic “Of all people to be having sex in that house, nobody, i repeat nobody would have thought it would be praise and ka3na, I don die.”

@prettyquite “Common ka3na had always had a crush on praise.”

@TessySmitha “I’m curious as to how praise and ka3na would act around each other henceforth.”

@Krissfrancis1 “But what conversation did Praise and Ka3na have to come to this agreement? When did they talk? Chai konji is nobody’s mate.”

@Bolavicxx “Praise and ka3na already had the talk .Ka3na said if she wants to have sex in the house it will be Praise because they both have a child. It’s a mutual understanding.”

@Lizmate1 “This is the reason I have respect for Nengi, she has not even kissed anyone now look at the judges.”

Big Brother Naija housemate, Ka3na, has revealed that she is married to a 64-year-old British.

The 27-year-old said she got married when she was 22 and was married for four years.

She said she met her husband in Port Harcourt, Rivers State and went through IVF to have a child for him.

“My husband being 64 was not that strong anymore and I really wanted to have a child for him, so I decided to go for IVF.

“The first one failed but thank God for the second one. I now have a daughter, she is 1-year plus.

“I’m not separated and not divorced. I am not divorced yet because I am not ready to remarry. I’m Strong, passionate and a boss lady. I have my life all planned out. I just want fame to sell my business.

When asked what her guilty pleasures is, Ka3na said she masturbates.

She also revealed that she did liposuction after having her baby.

“In relationship, I have to be with an older man. I don’t have time to date young guys. I need someone that can advise me

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FG Declares Mosques And Churches To Reopen In Lagos On August 7 & 9 Respectively

Worship centres to reopen in Lagos on August 7

Lagos State governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu on Saturday announced that worship centres in the state will be opened from Friday, August 7.

Sanwo-Olu announced the reopening of worship centres at a press conference where he gave updates on how the state is managing the global pandemic.

“Places of worship in Lagos will now be opened from Friday, the 7th of August for our Muslim worshippers, and on Sunday, the 9th of August for our Christian worshippers,” Sanwo-Olu said.

Worship centres and other social gatherings were banned in the state since March as part of measures to curb the spread of coronavirus.

Although the Presidential Task Force on Covid-19 had approved the reopening of churches and mosques in the country, the Lagos State government said the centres will remain shut as it is the epicentre of COVID-19 in Nigeria.

Currently, Lagos State has 14,983 confirmed cases of COVID-19 with 2,200 discharged and 194 deaths recorded.

While the government is gradually easing the lockdown, Sanwo-Olu, however, stated that persons of 65 years old and above are advised to stay at home.

He noted that places of worship are to have their “regular once a week service at designated days. For the avoidance of doubt, there will be Friday worships for our Muslim followers and Sunday worships for our Christian followers.

“We will monitor this for the next couple of weeks and see how the observation and compliance get as we move along. They are encouraged to have multiple services on those days but they should restrict it to those designated days of worship.”

The governor announced that the gatherings should not exceed 50 persons from the previously announced 20 people limit per social gatherings.

Sanwo-Olu stated that restaurants, social clubs who have met the conditions are permitted to open from Friday, August 14 for in-dinning but did not permit reopening of night clubs.

Buhari Donates Two Cows To Corpers In Katsina State For Sallah Celebration

As part of his yearly Sallah celebration, President Muhammadu Buhari has donated two cows to Corps Members serving in Daura Local Government Area of Katsina State to enable them celebrate Eid-El-Kabir.

The representative of the President, Alhaji Lawal Buhari Daura, while making the presentation expressed satisfaction with the performance of Corps Members in Daura.

In particular, he commended them for selflessly contributing towards the socio - economic development of Katsina State and the nation at large for which he is grateful, admonishing them to continue on that positive stead.

Speaking on behalf of the Corps Members, NYSC Katsina State Coordinator, Alhaji Ahidjo Yahaya expressed gratitude to the President for the donation, as well as his fatherly care to all Corps Members which is a great source of motivation.

He restated the commitment of Corps Members towards nation building.

It would be recalled that President Muhammadu Buhari celebrated this year's Eid-El-Kabir at the State House Abuja.


How to Bypass Opera Free 50MB Daily Data and Browse Unlimitedly

How to Bypass Opera Free 50MB Daily Data and Browse Unlimitedly

bypass opera mini daily 50mb limit

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 How To Bypass The Daily Opera Free 50MB on MTN
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Second Method: How to Bypass the Opera 50MB Free Data Daily

 This is a more tactical and complex method as it requires you navigate to your Phone's Developer Options I believe all Android users know what I mean.
When you go to developer Options,Simply scroll down till you see "Dont Keep Activities" Option, for all Android devices its off. To rock the cheat using this method you just have to enable it by ticking the on button.
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 All you have to do if you are using the second method is to close the app and reopen when you have exhausted the daily 50MB. But I advise anyone reading this post to use the first method as its less technical and won't affect other Applications like the second one would.
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