Prophet TB Joshua released video showing citizens and residents of China confirming his Prophecy about the end of Coronavirus

Emmanuel TV has released a video on their YouTube channels which actually shows Citizens and residence of China confirming Prophet TB Joshua earlier ‘Controversial Prophecy’ on the end of the pandemic ‘Corona Virus’ which is to end on the 27 March, 2020 in Wuhan, China.

One of the residents explained, “I have been hearing about TB Joshua since I was a kid, but I never believed in him”.

However he heard the prophecy on social media where the prophet prophecies “rains will all to wipe the fears of the unknown”, indicating it would fall in Wuhan, China – the focal point of the corona virus flare-up – and referencing the date of March 27th 2020. He quickly excused it as a “phony prescience” yet became confused when overwhelming precipitation fell over the locale from 23rd to 26th March 2020

Inside that time allotment, Wuhan proclaimed it had no new affirmed instances of the sickness, driving the occupant to change his view of Joshua's credibility. “On March 27th 2020, the administration pronounced China free of corona virus; everything has since returned to ordinary,” Sun, a Chinese resident proceeded to affirm, including that the couple of cases being overseen now emerged from outside explorers yet residential cases had totally stopped. 

“Walk 27th was the latest day for the infection to complete in the focal point” a Chinese specialist further authenticated, clarifying that the overwhelming ‘lockdown’ forced by the Chinese government has now been lifted. 

“We began chipping away at March 27th,” a Chinese resident in Shanghai similarly expressed. “95% of our workplaces are currently working” Joshua went under investigation via web-based networking media after clasps of his prescience with respect to corona virus were taken outside the realm of relevance, segregated sound bites intensely shared and cites wrongly ascribed to the pastor broadcasted. 

Be that as it may, the full clasp of the prediction plainly shows Joshua's message on March first and second was coordinated explicitly towards Wuhan, China. 

In his prescience for 2020, Joshua had announced it “the time of lowliness”, indicating that “God would utilize provokes, for example, distress to humble us” – driving huge numbers of his supporters to connection such phrasing with the continuous episode and its phenomenal overall consequences.


Coronavirus: The Conspiracy of APC led government of Muhammadu Buhari and Chinese government against Nigerian lives


Coronavirus: The Conspiracy of APC led government of Muhammadu Buhari and Chinese government against Nigerian lives
Photo of Buhari meeting... | Africanews.com

In order for the APC lead Government to clear approach to make sure about the “$22.7Billion Loan” from the Chinese Government, the credit as endorsed in March 2020, by “Sen. Ahmed Lawan (Nigerian Senate President),” Gen. Muhammadu Buhari has acknowledged the idea from Chinese Government to manage the “Chinese Anti-Corona Virus Vaccine” on Nigerians.

The “Chinese Vaccine, Test-Kits & Face Mask” has been confirmed by international communities which include; Holland, Germany, France, Britain etc. to be “CONTAMINATED” with the “COVID-19 Virus” already.


1) Buhari receives first set of Chinese Doctors (Chinese Government Agents) as they arrive in Nigeria, despite the efficient protest by “Nigerian Medical Association (NMA)”, against the agenda.

2) Buhari has finalize plans to employ over 775,000 (Seven Hundred and Seventy-Five Thousand) Nigerians at 1,000 (One Thousand) persons per Local Governtment Area in Nigeria.

These 1,000 people employed in each LGA, will be trained to administer the “Corona Virus Vaccine” on innocent Nigerians in the pretext of “IMMUNIZATION”. Millions of US Dollars has been given by the Chinese Government to encourage this plot.

We advise all Nigerians, Local Health Providers and Nigerian Medical Associations to safeguard their lifes, by rejecting the “Chinese Deadly Vaccine”.

The primary group of "Chinese Vaccine, Test-Kits and Face Mask" arrived in Lagos International Airport on the 3rd of April. They came to Africa with a cargo flight containing over 6 million medical items including face masks, test kits, face shields and protective suits on Sunday, March 22, 2020. The supplies arriving from Guangzhou, China for fighting the spread in Africa of the COVID-19. 

Mr Ehanire had earlier announced the medical experts would be coming into the country to support the fight against COVID-19. He said the experts would be sharing their experience after making progress in the fight against Covid-19, after being isolated for 2 weeks.

The Nigerian Medical Association (NMA) earlier disclosed its dissatisfaction with the medical experts coming.

The affiliation depicted the move as "a thing of shame to the enrollment of the Association and other wellbeing laborers who are giving their best in the battle against COVID-19 pandemic under despicable working conditions."

The Trade Union Congress of Nigeria (TUC) likewise exhorted the central government against the arrangement, saying it was superfluous to welcome Chinese specialists as Nigeria was at that point taking care of the emergency successfully. 

Nigeria presently recorded 305 confirmed cases with 7 deaths and 58 discharged.

Nigerians are "Set apart" to be "GUINEA PIGS" for Chinese Corona Virus Contaminated Vaccine.

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New Scam Alert: Investment Platform scam, How to identify and prevent them

There is a new internet scam method used by fraudsters to lure individuals who are not familiar to these scams into extorting money from them in the name of Investment and having huge profit from investing.
It is really important for anyone to be aware and be able to keep one's funds and private information safe. Let us add a couple of useful tips which can help users to detect a scammer who tries to cheat people on company's behalf and how to safe someone or your self from being dupe by these fraudsters.

New Scam Alert: Investment Platform scam, How to identify and prevent them


Firstly, these scammers uses different Facebook profiles to post screenshots of fake alerts from banks which is all edited work, once this pictures get engagements and someone fall for it, they will ask the person how much is he willing to invest and also give him some payment methods to make his investment.

When the victim pays, there will be no reply from this predators. If you contact them and ask them about it, you will be told to send your details for confirmation, they will ask you who referred you to them and if you say Facebook, you will be asked to submit your Facebook login details for them to review your account. You will be told your money is ready and at this stage you are not in your right senses because you will be desperate in getting the money not knowing all what is happening.

Once you give to them your Facebook Login details, thats a ‘BYE-BYE’ to your Facebook account and next thing, your contact with them as been compromised.

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Secondly, since they have gotten your Facebook account, they will save your profile picture or any of your picture you earlier uploaded and use it on their phone wallpaper, go to google and search for sample bank sms credits alert, copy it and do slight changes on it to look real, then they'll get another phone and text their number the message, before doing this, they have saved the number as a bank name e.g First bank, UBA, GT Bank. etc.

New Scam Alert: Investment Platform scam, How to identify and prevent them
Example of credit alert screenshot with victims profile picture and custom texts from an iPhone

After getting the alert they sent from the other phone on their lock screen they will screenshot it and head to your hacked Facebook account and make a post on your wall in the below format.

Good evening my lovely friends, I thank God almighty for making this great platform (NAIJA GET HELP INVESTMENT) real for me.
When I was told, I was thinking it was a scam or MMM, but when I gave it a try of 30k, I was credited double 60k under 45 minutes, I make a try of 50k again surprisingly I received my credit alert of 100k again between 30 minutes... I don't know how to thank God for this... LORD I say thank you.
I will love each and every of my friends to make a try of it and real.see, it's really genuine and this is credited alert I got from my first payment this evening

When a post like this is made from a person who you are familiar with, you will be made to believe that it's really a legitimate platform. They might chose to inbox you telling you they have gotten their own payment or sometimes you will be the one to inbox your friend (the scammer) asking him how he or she did it, he/she should introduced you too to the same platform he used and how it works.

He (the scammer) will send to you a link or their WhatsApp platform to contact them. Just have in mind that the same person chatting with you will still be the same person chatting with you on that platform.

When you text them on WhatsApp, they will reply in a formal way as if they haven't met you before, asking for how you know their platform and who referred you to them.

You will be ask to give some details and your amount for investment and tell you some minute or hours you will get your payment. The person who introduced you will also say its the same process he or she went through. He will telll you not to screenshot his/her account details which you are to pay the money to for the investment. He will ask for your account details to process the payment for you. The whole process starts all over again as I earlier said in the first technique.

Let's take a close look at the pictures below, study it carefully.

New Scam Alert: Investment Platform scam, How to identify and prevent them
This is a screenshot from Blessing Bitrus Facebook profile testifying how she got paid from an investment platform

New Scam Alert: Investment Platform scam, How to identify and prevent them
This is a comment from Mary Asiko under Blessing Bitrus Testimony requesting to join the same platform her friend got paid from

New Scam Alert: Investment Platform scam, How to identify and prevent them
This is a screenshot from Mary Asiko Facebook profile who earlier requested on how to join posting a testimony too to her feed in the same words of the earlier post from Blessing Bitrus with just slight changes

The above picture tells us that the same scammer using Blessing Bitrus account has finally scam and hacked her friend profile who commented on her post.

COVID-19: Money in the office of Accountant General was not burnt

A huge fire of obscure source tore through Nigeria's treasury office on Wednesday, authorities stated, devastating two key divisions, including the one that procedures merged income sharing among the three (3) tiers of government —the federal government, the state governments, and the local government authorities (LGAs).

COVID-19: Money in the office of Accountant General was not burnt
Fire guts Accountant General unit’s office - from punchng

The Office of the Accountant-General of the Federation, otherwise called Treasury House only southeast of Abuja, Downtown area, endured the burst not long before 11 a.m in the morning, PREMIUM TIMES learnt. Recordings shared via web-based networking media demonstrated thick smoke surging from the structure, which was to a great extent void in the midst of an across the country shutdown of exercises over the seething coronavirus pandemic.

"The fire began at the fourth floor where bureaucratic, state and neighborhood government distributions and other vital installments are prepared and afterward discovered its way up to the fifth floor where the bookkeeper general has his office" an authority said.

Not quite long 9jaedublog gathered some info from tweets made. Dr Joe Abah with twitter handle @DrJoeAbah put to his tweet on 08 April 2020, he disclose that No money is kept with the accountant general, all money is kept in CBN.

“In case you didn’t know, no money is kept in the Office of the Accountant General. Monies are kept in the Central Bank and the OAGF’s electronic data is backed up offsite in one of the states. Don’t worry about #COVIDー19 money. Worry instead about the safety of fellow Nigerians” - He said.

He also said, “All government payments are done using the Government Integrated Financial Management Information System (GIFMIS). GIFMIS is backed up real time offsite. No payments are made by paper”.

Another twitter account labelled Femi Fani-Kayode (@realFFK) said and quoted ministry of finance.
"Explain how you distributed 2 trillion naira to the poor. We need names, how u arrived at ur database & the demographic spread"- NASS to FGN.
"We have the records. They are with the Acc. General"- MIN. OF FINANCE.
9 hours later office of the Acc-General is engulfed by fire!
So with all these corruption in the country, we will not be surprised when the government will come out and say they lost important documents and they are no backup.  I just remembered that at a very critical time on our democracy, a whole INEC denied having a server, not to talk of back ups.

The Office of the AGF runs sophisticated platforms like IPPIS, GIFMIS and the likes,  and anyone would come out to say evidence were burnt. What about out E-GOV.

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Lil Smart Biography: Real Name, Net worth and Age

Lil Smart Biography: Full Name, Date of Birth, Home Town, Net Worth in 2020
LilSmart – full name Idowu Smart Emmanuel – is a Trap Dancer , Skateboard Actor, Comedian, Model, Actor, and a Song writer. He first gained popularity in 2019 mainly because he not only has a close resemblance to the 'Tesumole' merchant NairaMarley, but also because he mimicks his dance steps so accurately.


Full Name
Idowu Smart Emmanuel
Date of birth
March 5, 1998
22 years old
Home Town
Ifo Abeokuta, Ogun State
Ikeja, Lagos
Maiden Name
Bukkie Veria Babatunde
Religious View
Net worth
Around N2 million
Dancer, Actor, Song writer, 
Comedian, Model

Lilsmart is one of the top Entertainment influencer in Nigeria with 208,854 audience and 3.34% engagement rate on Instagram. Check out the full profile and start to collaborate. He is ranked 7043 globally and 4th in Nigeria as influencing rate. 

Lilsmart doesn't currently have a girlfriend, he is the owner of a shoe brand called SMARTWORK, he also has a gang named NSSG (No Same Shoe Gang). Lilsmart is a fast rising star who has grown so much with his instagram page.

Lilsmart is currently one of the richest and the most influential dancers in Nigeria Entertainment Industry, with an estimated net worth of $7500.

Lilsmart is the creator of reverse shaku shaku, reverse zanku, reverse kupe, reverse dead drop, reverse soappy, reverse legwork, reverse tesumole, reverse mafa mafa, smart work. He Is a multi-talented reverse god. Idowu smart Emmanuel aka Lilsmart social media is as follows;

Instagram: Lilsmart_

Twitter: Lilsmart0

Facebook: LilSmart Marley

Email: Lilsmart69@gmail.com

Nel Kassy: 5G is not Antichrist or Connected to Corona Virus

Nel kassy put to his Facebook page about how Christianity regard the New release 5G network as a result of ignorance. He said “Africa, which way?.
The world has left us behind, religion have dealt with us. Christianity wasn't originally ours. It was sold to us by Europe.

Nel Kassy: 5G is not Antichrist or Connected to Corona Virus

Why link every technology advancement as a fight (anti-christ) against borrowed religion?.
The world didn't end in the year 2000. We are still alive till date. The world isn't going to end now. The day you die is the end of the world to you. Why do we always give in to fear. We all must eventually die some day.

I could vividly remember when there brought GSM to us, we call it mark of the devil, 666. We call SIM card satanic identification number. But we are using it today.

We once didn't conform with medicine and therapeutics but today, we can't do without it. Corona Virus is here. We are waiting for the vaccine. We are waiting on scientists to develop it but our thinking is of ape age. Don't you think those scientists are using 5G to fasten their research? Will they encrypt 666 mark (5G) into the vaccine when discovered?

Stop believing shit!
Our belief system(Christianity) is against anything technology advancement but will be the first to rush to the market to buy its products.

If 5G phones starts selling today in Nigeria, you will all rush to the market to buy it. If I get you the current 4G phone then, I know you will reject it. But you initially called me names; Anti-Christ, devils incarnate, agent of China against the blacks just because of my defense on 5G.

I know you won't remember me again, you won't remember you once called me all sorts of names. But I forgive you.

Ignorance is a great disease. We need to cure ignorance in Africa. It's more deadlier than Corona Virus.

The same church that once called TV devils box now uses it in live-streaming. It's no longer the devils box.

The pastor who went on air to say all sorts of things in trying to juxtapose Corona Virus with creation of 5G uses iPad in preaching instead of Bible. His Bible is in his phone. I bet you, when 5G products start selling in Nigeria, he'll be the first to use it.

The same people that were once against blood transfusion now rely on it to save lives. It's no longer a sin against their God.
Just the same people. Organ transplant was against their believe and propagated by illuminati. They suddenly changed. It's now the bedrock of life in time of need.

I know they're same people. They kicked against mobile phones. They said it causes brain cancer. They're now using the highest iPhone 11 pro max, Samsung galaxy M21, S11, etc. They enjoy the fastest technology. We use computer too.

When internet came newly, they were against it, they said it was a formation of world government but they now use it in gathering of tithes and offering online. BVN was a mark of 666 too. I think, about 40 million Nigerians already has the mark. Ignorance is a big disease in Nigeria. IVF was evil. They accepted immediately their pastors started using it to solve their infertility. It saved marriages.

We don't develop anything. We are always fast to took to criticism after which we enjoy it the most. Ignorance is a disease. It thrives greatly in Africa.

We have two types of radiation; ionizing (higher energy) radiation and non ionizing (lower energy) radiation. 5G network falls under electromagnetic frequency that are non-ionized i.e radio wave or radio frequency (RF).

It doesn't have the ability to cause harms to human cells except in rare case of high and constant exposure.

MTN recently launched 5G. 5G has come to stay. There are no two ways about it. Forget the ongoing conspiracy theories. Forget Donald Trump's noise making. It is just a power tussle between America and China. They're struggling for world power.

Every technology advancement poses a threat to human. Electricity poses a great threat but we're still using it. Car poses a threat and people die by road accidents. Have we stopped using it.

Make your research about 5G and get enlightened while we wait on world scientists to come up with a proof about its health implications. Stop believing mere conspiracies”.

He said.

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Lil Smart Net worth and Source of Income in 2020

Lil Smart (Idowu Smart Emmanuel) is a young talented dancer who is widely known for inventing the REVERSE SHAKU SHAKU dance. Much is not known about him but he is currently NAIRAMARLEY's dancer. They are both seen to be performing on shows together and he was also featured in nairamarley latest hit track TESUMOLE.

Lilsmart started off as a street dancer who regularly post videos of his impressive unique trap dance steps online in order to gain attraction and he rose to prominence when Tesumole dance step was trend.

As of time we posted this, April 7, 2020, Lilsmart estimated net worth should be around N2 Million approximately $5,512,  he is a professional dancer and has been found on so many trending videos, which include, G-spread "Man Like", Nairamarley "Tesumole", Davido "Mafa Mafa" Nairamarley "Aye", Lilfrosh "Kolere body" Nairamarley x Cblavk "Tingasa", Nairamarley x Mohbad "Komajesun".
He is also a MC, Hypeman and an actor and has shot many comedy skits. Lil smart source of income is Music show, Music promotions, Video appearance. As an influencer on Instagram, Lil smart has a high engagement of about 1M engagement and 300k profile visits weekly.

He was with Nairamarley all through his tour in Marian fest, and has traveled with him to so many states in Nigeria to perform. He is paid for adverts and promotions.

He was awarded best dancer for many dance concert and challenges. Our estimated net worth might not be accurate, but calculated according to the time he started dancing as profession and when he came to limelight.

Social media platform of Lil smart

Instagram: @lilsmart_

Twitter: @lilsmart0

Facebook: Idowu Smart Emmanuel

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Tesumole: Is Lil Smart related to Nairamarley?

Tesumole: Is Lil Smart and Naira Marley Related, are they brothers?
Lil Smart 2020

So many asking these questions all over the net and social media, “Who is Lilsmart to Nairamarley?”, “What is Lilsmart real name?”, “Is Lilsmart related to Nairamarley?”, “Is Lilsmart Nairamarley's brother?”. The answer to these questions is NO Lil Smart is not NairaMarley brother, they are not related.  Today I will be writing on the biography of both parties, so you could be able to see their biological background.

Who is Nairamarley?

Azeez Fashola (born 9 May 1994), known professionally as Naira Marley, is a Nigerian singer and songwriter. He is known as the president of his controversial fan base, "Marlians". 

Naira Marley was born in Agege, Lagos State, Nigeria. At the age of 11, he moved to Peckham, South London, England. He studied at Porlock Hall before attending Walworth School, where he obtained his General Certificate of Secondary Education. Naira Marley graduated with a distinction in business from Peckham Academy. He also studied business law at Crossways College (now Christ the King Sixth Form College).

Next, I will be discussing about Lilsmart, his real name, how his career started till he gets famous, how he met with Nairamarley.

Who is Lilsmart?

Lilsmart known as the Tesumole Dance Creator, real name is Idowu Smart Emmanuel. He is/was a Trap Dancer, Model, Actor and song writer. He was born on the 9th of March 1998 and hails from Abeokuta, Nigeria. He is based in Ikeja, Lagos state.

SEE ALSO: https://www.9jaedublog.com.ng/2020/04/lilsmart-net-worth-as-of-2020.html

Lilsmart is a Nigerian of nationality and is aged 22 years, he started dancing from his early age when he was 10 years old. Lil smart has perfect skills for skate boarding and uses this as an advantage to run deliveries for companies at his youth age and also goo for competitions of which he got so many awards from. He truly is a multi talented kid. When he started dancing, his mentor was Ayo and Teo (Ogleloo & Shmateo), he dresses and dances like them. He imitate them by wearing different color shoes and reversing his pants too. He started his NSSG (No Same Shoe Gang) now he has already came into Limelight.

Lilsmart was at 5k+ followers on Instagram trying to maake it to the top, when he came across Nairamarley's Marlian trends, Lilsmart wanted to dress like him and also dance like him. He already started getting the compliment of him having so much resemblance as Nairamarley and being called a marlian.
Lilsmart got so much obsessed with Nairamarleys looks and music, he sworn to be a marlian and vow to do whatever it takes to be a marlian. He started making mimicking videos and pictures of Nairamarley. He gave out his belts and started keeping beards like Nairamarley.

Lilsmart and Nairamarley are not related
Lilsmart mimicking video of Nairamarley
Lilsmart started dancing the viral dance called LEGWORK, which he was very perfect at it, he made a mimicking video of the viral PUTA music video released by NairaMarley and post to his Instagram then asked his followers to re-post till NairaMarley sees it, he wanted to get to the attention of Nairamarley. As of now NairaMarley has not met LILSMART.

Lilsmart and Nairamarley are not related

 He kept on making efforts to ensure Nairamarley gets to notice him. So people kept on tagging and mentioning Nairamarley in Lil smart's videos. He also got reposts from so many friends even on twitter and other social media platforms which brought him so many followers.

Lilsmart and Nairamarley are not related

Finally Nairamarley saw his video and reposted it, which brought Lil smart influx of followers. He got to around 15k followers. Ayo the creator of reverse dance also reposted Lilsmart's trap dance video which brought him followers from all over the world that same day he got to 20k followers on Instagram

Lilsmart and Nairamarley are not related
Viral video of Lilsmart dance at Babcock

The video where he danced in Babcock University Abeokuta went viral. Lilsmart got to 25k followers the following day. He blown over night without even knowing. He got texts from close friends telling him that video where he danced at Babcock University

Lilsmart and Nairamarley are not related
Lilsmart appreciating Tundeednut

Lilsmart is the appreciative type, his video was posted by many popular bloggers and other celebrities that same day he got to 50k followers. Now his DM was filled with "I have a concept I want you to be in'. He danced with other famous dancers e.g Poco Lee, Sydney talker, Destiny boy, fatherdmw, seen pizzle etc.

He met with Nairamarley in November 2019. Nairamarley invited him over and made him his personal dancer, they went on stage several times all through Marlian fests and early this year 2020, they tour around going to many shows and concert. 

Nairamarley is not related to Lilsmart, Lil smart only met with him along the way. Lil smart became very popular as they both launched the Tesumole dance which went viral around the globe. Lilsmart moved from 50k to 100k followers and few weeks later he is at 200k+ followers.

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Biography of Mc Laz Comedian, Net worth, Real Name and Age

Mc Laz at a show preforming 


Who is Mc Laz Comedian? Lazarus Otu Odey popularly known as Mc Laz Comedian who hails from Ogoja, Cross river state was born on the 5th of January, 1995. He grew up in the city of Lagos Ojo local government to be precise. His is the CEO Mc laz Entertainment. He was raised by both parent with seven (7) other children. He is popularly known for his stage name “MC LAZ”

Educational background

Mc laz comedian started as a student of Golden Bee Nursery/primary school. He attended Milbank Hall Secondary School and then finished up Secondary Sessions in Annesson Memorial Secondary School, Iba Estate, Lagos.

He finished his secondary school education in the year 2010, before enhancing to Lagos State Institutions of higher learning, Amuwo.

Biography of Mc Laz Comedian
Mc Laz at another show


Mc laz Entertainment has hosted several events since the year 2016. Mc Laz Comedian is the executive producer of Laz Man Standing (Comic relief with mc laz), he has performed in almost all the Five-Stars Hotels in Lagos. MC Laz is the former sales Executive for Spectranet Limited. He was present at AY LIVE, Expensive Laughter with Akpors, Comedy Century with Babahkay

Biography of Mc Laz Comedian
Mc Las Comedian at event


He worked in several hotels as a bar man in Ausken Royale Hotel at Ojo and Sada Cruze, Festac. He also worked as a sales representative in different organization.

He started is carrier in Comedy because his friends founds him funny and encouraged him to check out comedy line. Although few never allowed him to hold up the stage.

He started Acting in movies in the year 2010 with Tu unique Entertainment, Which led him into acting comedy.

He was presented on Stand Up Comedy. He later on because personal assistant to some celebrities.

He sees Comedy as a very good way of reaching out to the masses in a comic manner so they don't feel offended.

He said, “It relives pain from most human and it's a good means to cure internal stress
It relives human stress.. Also it makes the ability of an individual to portrait the lives in human joy”.

To him, Comedy is a very big business, which can yield good fortune in a period of one minute. Its a method of income, depending on your commitment and perseverance.

You can reach him up with the following
Instagram: Mclaz comedian
Facebook: Mc laz comedian
Gmail: Otulazasneh@gmail.com


Maj General Olusegun Adeniyi, dismissed after asking for weapon and welfare to fight Boko Haram terrorists

Femi Fani-Kayode a Nigerian politician, essayist, poet and lawyer has alleged that the Theatre Commander, Operation Lafiya Dole, Major General Olusegun Adeniyi has been sacked after a video of him complaining about troops welfare went viral few days ago.

Maj General Olusegun  Adeniyi, dismissed after asking for weapon and welfare to fight Boko Haram terrorists
Twitter.com Image of Gen. Adeniyi

Lafia Dole is the the operation set up by the Nigerian Army to Fight the Boko Haram insurgents in the North East.

Read also:- See Who is behind the insurgency and deaths of thousands of soldiers - An aggressive soldier cries out loud

Mr Femi alleged in a tweet that General Adeniyi was relieved of his duty two days ago after the video went viral.

He tweeted, “Gen. Adeniyi, the gallant commander who led our troops in Operation Lafia Doyle & who appeared in a video that went viral 2 days ago complaining about the conditions that his troops were facing on the war front with BH was relieved of his appointment yesterday. What a pity!

Maj General Olusegun  Adeniyi, dismissed after asking for weapon and welfare to fight Boko Haram terrorists
Twitter image of Maj General Olusegun  Adeniyi

Gen. Adeniyi disclosed on the 29th of March 2020 that the Boko Haram terrorists have been fighting with more ammunition than before. According to the him in the viral video, he said “We have been met with very strong resistance from Boko Haram since yesterday. They are more than pockets of insurgents. Today morning, and from every flank, not less than 15 gun trunks faced us. The Boko Haram terrorists fired more than 100 RPGs and mortars on us,

The latest development comes after General Adeniyi had yesterday said their morale have been high even though the insurgents have pushed back with so much resistance.

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