Beginners Guide to Making money online (5 Tried and True ways for a beginner)

Do you want to make money online?
Have you been searching on Google, looking for the PERFECT and EASIEST way to make
moneyonline, STOP and listen Carefully to these.

Beginners Guide to Making money online (5 Tried and True ways for a beginner)

Making money online takes time unless you want to scam someone and get away with it
Please read it again.

If you haven’t started making money online.
Just calm down, and Listen. I have been there before.

Have you found yourself searching for these on google?
"10 ways to make money online"
"65 ways to make money online"
"100 easy ways to make money online"

It's normal, since that time how many have you started working on.
If you have not started working on anyone.
it means you are not ready to put in the work

Are you just reading to memorize it?
Here Are some of the Problems you might face as a NEWBIES when it comes to
making money online

1. You Think Making online should be as Easy as clicking on a button

2. Impatience
This one is a serious issues because it make you always looking for how to make a fast money online without thinking which usually lead to scamming other people and chasing shining lies(invest 10kand get 20k).

3. starting out with the intention to make money rather than to help

4. Unprofessional social media profile
(Except you want to be giving potential clients doubts about how legit you are)
Let me stop here.

Most Newbies think making money online is EASY Or you think you are the only one that wants to make money online.

Read this Carefully
The Internet started in 1983 that is 43 years ago
lest Fast forwards to the year 2000, in the year 2000 it increased to 413 million.
Fast forward it again to 2016 the number rose to 3.4 billion.

Listen to this
According to statista.com the total number of internet users as at January 2020 is 4.5 billion
What does that mean to you?
The world is moving online
more people are trying to make money online everyday, If everybody is doing something, being successful at it gets harder my friend.

Alot of people are trying to make money online but they keep getting it wrong.

If you want to make money online and you are ready to put in the work.

Here are 3 things (tried and true) I highly suggest you start with.

1. Freelancing
Freelancing simply means you are offering valuable services to people online in exchange
for some money that's all.

To start freelancing you need to have a valuable skill you can offer, and you must find where
people need the services you can offer online.

Here are a list of Skills you can offer as a service. SEO writing, data entry, programming, proofreading, graphic design, copywriting, project management etc. you can learn any of these from Udemy, Google.com Sites where you can meet people that need these services upwork, freelancer, Elance,

2. E-book creation
If you want to start with E-book creation. You need to sit yourself down and ask yourself
what you want to write down that would be valuable to the person that will read the book. If
you Ebook does not provide results for people, making sales would be hard.

All you have to do is to decide on what kind of book you want to write, it could be fiction
stories, non fiction stories, how to books, Entertainment or educative books, pick one and
make sure the person that would read the book would derive some value from it.

If you are able to achieve that, you are set to success in the e-book creation space. The only
thing you need to learn is how to market your ebook.

3. Digital training
Don't confuse digital training with online courses, online courses are passive meaning you can create all the videos and resources you want to teach people about and people will keep
on enrolling for the course even if you aren't there.

In the case of digital training you have to be actively teaching people a digital skill, most
people use Whatsapp or Facebook groups to organize digital training.

Hope this article helps.


When Coronavirus Finally Hit You, Your Life Will Cut Short - Man Tells Tacha For Traveling About

Instagram sensation Anita Natacha well known as Tacha or Symply Tacha is an entrepreneur and being a controversial housemate in the popular Big Brother Naija reality TV show. 

She has been out of Nigeria for a while now, and she has also been touring different countries which many thinks this isn't the best time for her to be doing that. Few days ago Tacha was in Dubai, now she had left Dubai for Manchester in United Kingdom. She shared a picture of herself with the caption, "Where's NEXT on my BUCKET LIST? EVERYWHERE!!

See photo below:

Tacha seems not to care about the Coronavirus pandemic which had made someone to react to her post saying if she finally contract Coronavirus that's when she will be herself.

In his words; This one will never listen... Only the stubborn fly follows the corpse to the grave, the same thing you did that got you thrown out of big brother's house, when Corona finally hits you, your life will cut short. Keep posing for the gram on the streets of London, I pity you.

Twitter User Accused Davido's Father For Not Repairing Osun State Bad Roads

Popular Nigerian superstar David Adeleke popularly refer to as Davido aka (OBO). 

Earlier Davido put to his twitter handle talking about the roads in his state of origin (Osun State), that all the roads are bad and it's so sad to see everything the way it was.

While a twitter user has accused his Dad Mr Adeleke for not repairing the roads saying instead of him to give money to repair the roads, he had rather use money to buy private jet. 

In his words; "Your daddy buying Private jets up and down why don't you tell your daddy to channels the money to provide good roads for his people"

See screenshot below:

davido image

Davido has replied him saying why can't he provide money for the roads if the government had allow him to do so.

Which means his dad (Mr Adeleke) has made so many attempt to construct the roads but the government didn't approve his proposal. 

Some also said if you want to construct any government roads, you have to grease somebody's palm to do so. This country is somehow to be honesty, anyone that his willing to do government roads, he/she has to bribe people above before they can. The roads they are supposed to do, someone is willing to, but they won't allow.

Davido a multi-billionaire Nigerian business man who just acquire a new private jet has been attacked again on social media.

Top 5 wealthiest musical artistes within the Nigerian music industry

Nigeria, as a country, is well respected and regarded for several things, one of which is the entertainment industry. 

Top 5 wealthiest musical artistes within the Nigerian music industry

The Nigerian entertainment market has successfully grown rapidly and gain global reception. Comedy, filmin/acting, music, and dance make up the entertainment sector. However, the most revered and thriving aspect of this industry, is 'music'.

Nigerian music is a widely-accepted and recognized entertainment brand, which can be characterized by the huge success of our musical artistes. Although the world adores A-list music stars, such as Beyonce, Rihanna, Chris brown, and others, yet Nigerian artises are still relevant in most parts of the world today.

Owing to the thrivingness of the music industry, Nigerian artistes have been able to acquire immense wealth through this talent that they possess. Based on actual facts, It is no longer uncommon to find billionaires who are musicians in Nigeria. Thus, Nigerian music has been very profitable financially.

There are certain Nigerian musicians who have greatly succeeded in making music, and then generating millions for themselves. This article will enlist Nigeria's top five (5) artistes who are immensely rich, stating their networth and the  properties they have acquired. These artistes didn't just emerged as billionaires suddenly, rather, it entailed years of consistent diligence in their craft.

In a particular order, here are the top 5 wealthiest musicians in Nigeria:
2baba (2face)
Innocent Ujah Idibia, popularly known and addressed as 2baba, remains one of Nigeria's biggest music stars, who was born in jos, plateau state, Nigeria. Due to how consistent, creative and diligent the young man is to the industry, he is ranked among the top five richest musicians within Nigeria. 2baba or 2face is a multiple award winning singer, who has earned great recognition from significant parts of the world. He initially kicked off his career as an artiste together with the plantashun boiz group (an old musical group which later disbanded). 2Face later got signed to kennis music, which was a huge help for the singer as of that time.
Currently, 2Face is a label boss (hypertek music), super wealthy and influential. He owns mansions in Lagos, luxurious automobiles, and also has an estimated net worth of about N5.7 billion.

Zaria-born singer, Daniel Oyebanjo Oladapo, is a Nigerian musician who has spent nearly two decades in the music industry. D'banj, as he is popularly called, began his musical journey when he first met with Don Jazzy - a music producer. Back then, this duo worked cordially and successfully created a record label, Mo'hits records. However, they are both on separate ways today.

D'banj made several hit songs which contributed mainly to his success in the Nigerian music industry. He has acquired a mansion in Lekki, Lagos, and in the United States. This, absolutely shows how wealthy the young man is. Also, D'banj is known to have fleet of expensive cars, which include Rolls-Royce Wraith, Aston Martin Vantage, Mercedes benz SL500, and Bentley.
His net worth is estimated to be about N6.12 billion.

Don Jazz
Don Jazzy, Nigeria's foremost music producer ranks number 3 on the top five wealthiest musicians in Nigeria. He is a native of Abia state, from the eastern part of Nigeria, and he began his musical career about two decades ago, even before he made acquaintance with D'banj.

Don Jazzy is one music art that has contributed greatly to the success of other influential musicians in the country today. His record label, supreme mavin dynasty  is a platform where music stars such as tiwa savage, reekado banks, korede bello and more, all emerged from and rose to stardom.

In spite of how wealthy the 39-year-old producer has become, he is still not resolute in his decision to tie the knot, and be a married man. His main priorities are developing and investing in young talents, and creating great sounds beyond the four walls of his country.

Don Jazz is enormously rich, having at least three mansions in Lagos, and fleet of exotic cars. His net worth is estimated to be about N6.66 billion.

Wizkid, one of the music giants we have in Nigeria, is a revered singer and performer who started his music career with EME records, a record label owned by Banky W. Ayodeji Ibrahim Balogun, as he's originally known, is a Lagos-born musician who became the very first Nigerian artiste to gain recognition in the World Guinness book of record, for the most played song on Spotify. An awesome aspect of Wizkid's career is his acquaintance and collaboration with numerous foreign A-list artistes.

He currently owns a personal record label, Starboy Entertainment, which is also thriving greatly in the music scene. Although he's not married, he has about three biological children from three different mothers.

Wizkid has undoubtedly acquired enormous wealth through making music. He has a mansion at surelere, Lagos, were he was born and bred. Also, he owns another mansion in Los Angeles, California, United States. Amidst the luxurious cars he uses, wizkid usually flies a private Jet and has an estimated net worth of N7.2 billon.

And here we are, finally at the number one spot of Nigeria's richest musicians. David Adeleke, globally recognized as Davido, is a fortunate young man who was born with a silver spoon, unlike some other successful artistes. Davido initially kicked off his music career from his teenage years, belonging to a musical group abroad. He later came over to Nigeria to make music, which he kick started with his very first album release - "omo baba olowo". As of then, he was a co-owner of HKN music, a label that catered for his music career before he had his personal label, Davido Music worldwide.

Davido currently has several artistes signed to his label, who are thriving within the Nigerian music scene. As someone who loves a luxurious lifestyle, Davido possesses a dazzling collection of exotic cars and also owns two glamorous mansions in Lekki, Lagos.

In addition to all these material acquisitions, Davido has a private jet and a gateway mansion in Georgia, United States. His net worth estimate is about N9 billion.


21st century kids are being taught by the 20th century adults, using curriculum of the 19th century and techniques on an 18th century calendar ~ Tom Hierck, Education Consultant.
Let's dig in!


Often times we focus on the wrong thing without knowing and neglect the right thing to do. We find answers where they are not, we do not trend with what is trending, the development with the new age. Remember, Education requires growth, learning, being progressive, adding to one's knowledge, enlightening and reshaping.

The 21st century Education is clearly different from our old ways of teaching and learning.
  • Has the syllabus changed/upgraded?
  • Has the teaching method changed?
  • How do we take preventive measures?
  • How do we take corrective measures?
  • How well do we train our teachers to meet the standard of the 21st century?
  • How focused are we on creativity?
  • How prepared as an institution are we for change?
  • How often do you organize inter/intra competitions?

Globally, Education is speeding up and how are we speeding along. What measures are put in place?
Dear Parents, Teachers, Pupils/Students, Learners and to all who it may concern, know the following measures to speed up Education in the 21st century.

Be Informative: Knowledge is vast. As the saying goes, "no one is an island of knowledge," everyday we learn, we gather new information via the internet, newspaper, radio, television and broaden our knowledge on different topics that can enlighten, teach and broaden what we need to know and the how in the 21st century.

Go Digital: As the world is in the 21st century, everything is basically digital. There are online classes, distance learning, teaching with projectors, downloading courses, online webinars etc to learn and gain knowledge. All of this is as the fact that the world is digital. Hence, learning has gone digital. Lesson notes could be written via Google Notes. There are different applications that could be downloaded to enhance learning and pair students to work together, share ideas and broaden their learning. Journals, articles, project works samples could be found on the internet (digital) and would be of very great help. Be internet accessible and enabled.

Critical thinking: Holding presentations in classes; making students go extra mile to research on a topic and having them bodly present it in class (they gaining knowledge and sharing it). Don't be an old school teacher, have an interactive class, have an engaging class, have a class your learners look forward to. Also be critical in thinking.

Creativity: Yes! This is the new learning. This is a main measure to speed up Education in the 21st Century. Not everything will be given to you on a platter of gold. Get creative, expand the mind of learners, make them enthusiastic, make learning fun. Upgrade your instructional materials, how? Get creative. Fortunately enough the 21st century is digital. Go digital, Be creative.

Collaboration: Remember Collaborate, don't compete. Collaboration will make you understand more what you think you understand, broaden your knowledge, make learning fun and easy.
Dear Teachers learn new courses on the internet. Upgrade. Take professional courses. Attend training, seminars and workshops. Learn also, and then teach what you have learnt.

Has the syllabus changed/upgraded? Don't teach the 21st century child with the equipment, syllabus, materials of the 19thing century. Make sure what you teach is what's in line with the present century. Upgrade the syllabus, go in line, don't be behind.

Has the teaching method changed? Montessori way of teaching or the olden days of teaching. Learners are smarter now, they can quickly learn formally, they understand more of what they see. What are your Instructional materials and how improved are they. Don't forget to go digital.

How often do you organize inter/intra competitions? This act exposes the learners to the outside world, make them understand better, pick up from where they need to and brace up.

How do we take preventive measures? How? You could has well prevent something rather than control it. How do you do so? Take for instance you want an orderly class, have you thought your pupils/students how to take permission rather than just barging out.

Have you prevented disorderliness rather than trying to control it? Take Class management classes, just maybe.

How do we take corrective measures? Do you scold, beat, abuse, compare rather than show love, care or make the learner understand.

How well do we train our teachers to meet the standard of the 21st century?
Training is very important. It's one measure that shouldn't be looked down on. Have teachers attend training, seminars and workshops. A better trained teacher is an effective, efficient and upgraded teacher for the 21st century.

How focused are we on creativity? Remember earlier how I laid emphasis on creativity as a measure to speed up Education in the 21st century. Let's get creative and Go Digital.
Thank You.


Keys to Achieve a Sustainable Romantic Relationship

From the beginning of time till date, relationships have been an integral part of mankind and the society. 

Keys to Achieve a Sustainable Romantic Relationship

As humans, we have basic needs; food, air, water, clothing and shelter. However, the need for companionship is another unsaid basic need that pertains to us.

For Christians who are conversant with the scriptures, Adam had everything but he was alone. So, God met that need by creating for him, a companion. The need for companionship is an ingrained need. 

Even in the general sense of the word, we, humans crave relationships. No one was meant to be an island. Be it a parental relationship, romantic relationship, platonc relationship, business relationship, professional relationship and so on.

For this article, the focal point of the discourse is a romantic relationship. Romance is as old as the earth itself and it is something we cannot do without because we are sexual beings.

Romantic relationships just like any other kind of relationships require certain factors to thrive and last long. An exclusion of a majority or even minority of these factors can kill a romantic relationship. They are that essential!

So this brings us to some of the keys to a sustainable romantic relationship. We are discussing the following keys; trust, compatibility, understanding, love, romance, financial stability and compromise.

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This is the bedrock of any romantic relationship. A relationship cannot survive without trust, much less, thrive. Partners must have a considerable level of trust as this eliminates insecurity and unnecessary drama. Trust is at work when you don't attempt to peep into your partner's phone to read their messages or monitor their calls and movements.

Sadly, many relationships are dead or dying because of this single factor. Trust is at work when you see your partner with the opposite sex and though, you may get jealous (which is perfectly normal), you don't make a scene or assume your partner is cheating on you. Trust needs to be earned and built for a sustainable romantic relationship.


This is another crucial key. Trust isn't enough. If you aren't compatible with your current partner, the future of that relationship is bleak. Just as people apperances are different, so are their hobbies, temperaments, passions and interests.

Just imagine two hot tempered people in a relationship, disastrous, right? It will be filled with constant arguments and possibly, violence. 

Imagine a relationship where one partner is extremely boring and reserved and the other person is vivacious and outgoing, do you think such relationship will work? It will take a miracle. 

Its ideal to be with someone you are compatible with. By that, I mean someone your passions and interests complement theirs.


Just as life is in stages, so should be relationships. A great romantic relationship is possible when both parties know and understand each other very well. Friendship should come before and should still take place during the relationship. Get to know and really understand the person you want to be in a relationship with. 
Another dimension of understanding is tolerance. Knowing your partner's fault and tolerating them is an essential part of understanding in a relationship. It also involves being considerate and not being selfish.

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Love is the primary key to a sustainable relationship. True love makes up and covers other keys. This is because other factors goes along with true love. Love comes with trust, understanding, compromise and so on.

However, it is possible to love someone and yet not be compatible with the person. So even love isn't enough on it's own to keep a relationship.


While love and trust is the bedrock and pillar of a romantic relationship, romance is the life and the spice of a relationship. It is what keeps it exciting.

Contrary to what many people thinks, romance isn't just about sex. Romance are those little but important things you do for your partner that shows how much you love and value her. Saying I love you doesn't hold much weight if not backed up by actions.

Take it upon yourself to surprise your partner with gifts, play with them, tease them, make passionate love, defend them in public, give them a shoulder to cry on, check up on them. Such things will constantly remind your partner that you love him or her.

Financial Stability

Money makes things sweet. A relationship won't be enjoyed if money isn't involved. Finance is an important part of any romantic relationship. It is better enjoyed if there is a balance, that is, both partners have a reliable source of income.

Usually, its the male partners taking the brunt of the financial responsibility but the relationship will be better off if both partners are involved in the finances. It creates a balance and mutual respect between them.


This sometimes can be the only thing that saves relationships. If neither partner is willing to compromise for the other, that relationship won't work. It takes two to tango.

Compromise is involved when a guy who doesn't normally appreciate kitchen chores, takes it up to assist his partner because she is busy with something else. Or a partner who isn't into movies, making that sacrifice to go out with his or her partner to the movies just so the person can have a good time. Similar scenarios like that also.

Relationships don't make themselves work. They involve efforts on both parts and of course, the above mentioned keys. They are tested and proven keys for a sustainable and long lasting romantic relationship.

Bobrisky: I Am The Most Talked About Instagram Celebrity

Controversial fashion personality and Nigerian cross dresser Idris Okuneye popularly known as Bobrisky has taken to his Instagram account again to brag about being the most talked about celebrity on Instagram.

Who is Bobrisky?

Bobrisky is a Nigerian internet personality who is known as a transgender woman in Nigeria, a country with no LGBT rights. She is also known for her presence on the social media app Snapchat.

Bobrisky - I Am The Most Talked About Instagram Celebrity
Bobrisky Nigeria internet personality

Bobrisky became famous for dressing in a female outfit and claiming to be a girl. Stories about him often trend on social media most times for the wrong reasons. Bobriksy dominated news headlines towards the end of 2019 after claiming to have had a body enhancement surgery at an undisclosed hospital.
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His claim of being the most talked-about Instagram personality in 2020 is strangely true because even though he has done very little in terms of innovation and contribution to society, everyone seems to be talking about him.

For instance, the President of the Agency for Arts and Culture in Nigeria Chief Olusegun Runsewe had personally criticized Bobrisky calling for relevant agencies to curb his excesses. Other high profile personalities such as Tonto Dikeh among others have also talked for or against Bobrisky.

Bobrisky - I Am The Most Talked About Instagram Celebrity

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His desperate attempts to seek attention in 2020 has paid off; Bobrisky dolls out cash rewards to loyal fans ranging from N10,000 and above.
   What bothers many people is that despite claims that he is appearing controversial to sell his beauty and fashion business, Bobrisky is more popular for his controversies than his fashion business.

Recently, he told his fans that he has concluded plans to have a face surgery to aid his sex change from a man to a woman. The news generated as much controversy as it did when he first went for a body enhancement surgery.

He thrives on these controversies and would-be happy to make the news all the time and dominate discussions among members of the public. This is evident in his very high social media followers.


It is becoming  more unlikely for anyone to ignore or fail to appreciate this moving trend that is ever increasing and becoming ceremoniously contagious.

Image from pexels.com

The come back to reign of the black melanin skin and the natural hair among black women has left us all amazed, some ladies who we used to know to be dark skinned, we woke up one morning only to find out that they are now white, as the result of bleaching.

Lately, some of this same ladies are now going back to their normal skin, some even proudly taking to their social media with hashtags #blackIsBeautiful, #blackSkinRocks etc.

The act of skin bleaching as having being misreported in most media, did not originate with Africans bleaching dates back to the Queen Victorian era, though nobody viewed it as  demeaning when the whites do these, but with the blacks it is different, to shed more light on this concept let's go back history lane;

The popular natural hair and black skin, a trend which was so great in the 1960's and 1970's, The African Afro and black skin, was the full emblem of African originality associated with pride and 'race confidence'. But the glow of this emblems seemed to fade out in the 1980's as the once emblem of pride was now a new symbol of  shame, the natural state was abandoned. The skin bleaching  gained momentum and the pressing comb for straightening the Afro hair was replaced with chemical relaxer.

In Nigeria,  from the 90's  to the early 20's was a time for the artificial fair skin beauties to reign, and they did! everyone wanted to be tagged an oyibo, the whole definition of a beautiful woman was fair skinned and straight hair, and the dark women were edged to a very small spot.

The natural afro hair did not die out completely though, it was still donned mostly by some religious sect although in a less attractive manner, making it easier for the growing generation to stick to fair skin and straight hair.

For some following this trend was to build confidence, for some others it was simply "following the train of trend".

But in recent times these trend have taken a different twist ,the black skin and natural hair is back, the once prevalent view of lighter skin women having it easier is now pushed behind, these black skin beauties are everywhere, bursting every single door of opportunity, popping melanin radically and donning that coiffure that defies gravity! Recently Lira molapo, south African singer became the first black woman to have a Barbie doll in her image, Zimbabwean Vimbai Chapungu was crowned Miss London, first black to win the title, she wore her natural hair. 

Zozibini Tunzi won Miss South Africa with her natural hair and of course popping melanin! Like before some will join this trend either to regain lost confidence, free themselves from the shackles of white Supremacy or just to follow trending fashion, either way this is a trend you can't afford to miss, Pop that melanin and don't forget to show off that gravity defying hair!!


Things you should know about Atelier YTO Products

Templatesyard image
Templateyard.com image


It is no news that Atelier YTO products are simple and purely natural. Our skincare products are aimed at not only protecting the skin, but also in its restoration to its best glow. Our method of oil development is mainly traditional - looking to the earth for remedies. Moreover, this skincare is an homage to the excellence of organic skincare in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco, an inspiration of the luxury in North African aesthetics.

These luxury skincare products of Atelier YTO possesses the savoir-faire of natural beauty, with minimal beauty essentials. They are beauty solutions that are natural, pure, chemical-free, highly concentrated, and efficient with no unnecessary fillers. We make unique oils that are essential additions to every woman’s beauty collection. Our products are straightforward, tested by millions of individuals through centuries.

The Argan Oil and Prickly Pear Seed Oil are important discoveries of Atelier YTO. They are treatments built from traditional, rare, and completely natural ingredients, which are also free from any harmful chemicals. Our skincare products is basically about purity and clean beauty. The facial oil and eye oil has produced great results over the years.

Are you a well-educated and international woman in the Europe, USA, Asia or Middle East, aged 16 to 60? If yes, we say Congratulations! You have been chosen to enjoy our luxury skincare products. You can purchase our products in luxury skincare boutiques, luxury department stores, natural skincare boutiques and shops, high street chains, e-commerce websites, and also on our website - Atelier YTO website.


Luxurious Beard Oil (Conditioning and Growth)

About the Beard Oil
The Beard Oil is perfect for the conditioning and growth for a smooth, shiny and healthy beard. It is a nutritious plant based oil, and a secret recipe of the North African beard. It is a non-sticky oil with the lightweight blend of organic Argan oil, Almond and Nigella oil. Argan and sweet almond are multitasking ingredients for grooming beard hair, alongside with vitamin E. It is made with Argan oil to promote growth, softness and strength of the beard.

Highlighted Contents
It leaves the beard smooth, shiny and soft.
It promotes an healthy beard growth.
It improves complexion.

A completely pure and natural Argan (argania spinosa kernel) oil, Olea Europaea oil, Sesamum Indicum Seed Oil, Prunus dulcis almond oil, Nigella sativa seed oil, Vitamin E, Opuntia ficus indica Seed Oil, Glycerol, Fragrance

How To Use
On getting out of the shower, put 2-3 drops of the beard oil in your palms. Rub your palms to make for an even distribution. Then, brush your beard with your oily palms; starting from the sides of your beard, down to the front, and to the bottom of the beard.

Suitable for all skin types.

Luxurious Tanning Oil (Tanning and Moisturising)

About the Tanning Oil
The Tanning Oil is a lipid complex combination of natural tanning actives like the Argan oil, Carrot oil, Sweet almond oil and Sun-flower oil. It is enriched with essential vitamins for a healthy skin, as it provides a rich shade of bronze while the oil conditions the skin for remarkable softness. It is a non-sticky oil that is rich with moisturising and soothing properties, and also protects the skin from sun damage.

Highlighted Functions
Tans and also moisturises the skin
Protects the skin from sun damage
Conditions the skin for remarkable softness
Provides soothing abilities to the skin
Provides a rich shade of bronze for a healthy skin glow

Olea Europaea (Olive) oil, Sesamum Indicum Seed Oil, Argania Spinosa (Argan) Kernel Oil, Helianthus Annuus Seed Oil, Nigella sativa Seed Oil, Daucus Carota Sativa (Carrot) Oil, Vitamin E, Fragrance

How To Use
Pour little amount of oil on your hands, and spread it around evenly. Apply it on the skin, and absorb it completely into the skin.
Suitable for
All skin types. Also, the face and body

Hair and Body Lotion (Strength and Shine)

About the Hair and Body lotion
The Hair and Body lotion is completely cold-pressed and naturally pure from the seeds of the rare Argan fruit of the native Moroccan Anti-Atlas tree. It is a head-to-toe moisturising oil that is rich in vitamin E and renowned for anti-aging properties. It helps neutralize free radicals and prevent skin damage. It is perfect for all types of skins, and skin conditions including psoriasis Keratosis, eczema, dry skin. This non-sticky oil gives the hair strength and shine. Due to its refreshing nature, it provides relief from stress, depression, headache and mental exhaustion, providing the skin with a kind of lush softness and glow.

Highlighted Functions
Rich in Vitamin E that is renowned for its anti-aging properties
Has anti-oxidant that helps to neutralize free radicals
Prevents skin damage
Minimizes scar tissue
Has anti-inflammatory properties
Provides fresh sensation during summer time
Gives the hair strength and shine
Provides a lush softness to the skin
Prevents and reduces stretch marks
Provides relief from stress, depression, headache and mental exhaustion

How To Use
As skincare: In the morning and night, apply 2 to 4 drops to a cleansed and toned skin. Before applying you moisturiser, dab it into face, lips, eye area, neck and décolletage. It can also be applied freely to problematic areas on the whole body.
As a hair product: It is safe for color-treated hair. It can be applied to damp or towel-dried hair. To treat, split the ends of the hair. Safe for color treated hair.

Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil, Peppermint Essential Oil
Suitable for
The body, Nails, hair. All skin types; solution to skin conditions including psoriasis Keratosis, eczema, dry skin.

Ghassoul Mask (Soothing and Tightening)

About the Ghassoul Mask
The Moroccan Ghassoul clay mask is hypo-allergenic, sourced from the Atlas mountains. It is rich in potassium, iron and magnesium that provides restorative properties. YTO’s Moroccan Ghassoul is effective in soothing Eczema and Psoriasis. It is antioxidant-rich, and mineral-rich it absorbs sebum, excess oil, dust, and dead skin cells. It protects the skin, giving it a smooth, luminous and radiant look, and ultimately a fresh glow.

Highlighted functions
Makes the skin smooth. Luminous, and radiant
Absorbs sebum, excess oil, dust, and dead skin cells
Provides restorative properties
Effective in soothing eczema and psoriasis
Tightens pores
Stimulates elasticity.

How to Use
As Skincare: To be used on the face and body. Add Ghassoul and equal amounts of warm water into a bowl and let it rest for 3 - 5 minutes. Mix until it turns into a creamy paste, adjust if the paste is too thick. Apply mask to face and allow it to dry for up to 10 minutes. Keep hydrating the mask with a mist. Rinse off with warm water and moisturise your face with our Pure Argan Oil. Use once a week to achieve best results.

As a hair product: Use once a week to achieve best results as a facial mask, this Ghassoul is also a shampoo and conditioner and is best left on your hair as a mask for 15 - 20 minutes to achieve maximum radiance.

Red clay
Suitable for
The body, Face, hair. All skin types

Measures to Encourage Education in 21st Century

Good day, i would like to write broadly On Education in the 21st century, I hope someway somehow this will touch lives and i would have contributed to the positive development of someone or more than one person.

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This is a read for Parents, Pupils, Students, basically everyone.
Endeveaour to read to the end. Thank you
Education we say is the key.

I remember growing up and what Education meant to us. It wasn't just about going to school. It was very much more than that. The discipline instilled in us and how we respectfully learn and put into practice?

How much we appreciated our teachers?
How much we valued Education and still do?
We did not just go to school because it was necessary , we did because we knew the value and worth of Education.

Fast forward to children (students) of nowadays, I must say Kudos to the purpose driven and empathetic teachers these days for never giving up, for regardless of the everyday challenges they still push harder, for loving their pupils/students everyday no matter what, for preparing everyday not just for themselves but for the positive development of the pupils/students.
For giving it all it takes and defying great odds

Teachers are;
Role models
The list could go on.

Unending applause for the great teachers.
Kudos for job well done.
Now to be all of that and still face all the challenges we face everyday.

Students nowadays are not ready to learn, they are being influenced by a lot of things which I would come to later, but first let's talk about parents. The burden and responsibility of being totally involved and teaching your children/ward doesn't fall on the shoulders of the mothers alone, fathers too should help. Some parents pay little or no attention to their children academics, forget the exorbitant fees you pay to the school to take care of your wards. You should be first your CHILDREN'S TEACHERS,
Do not leave all of the work to the teachers alone. I repeat, do not leave all of the work to the teachers alone.

Stop thinking I pay so they need to do their job /all of their duties, remember your duties too.
If as a parent before your child enters the four walls of the school and you go like:

Hey Prince / Princess , please be of good behavior in school, be kind to your teachers and colleagues and pay attention in class. Remember you are going to teach me all that you will learn today. When we get home, you’ll be the teacher, and I’ll be student.
You have already set a good mind and day for the child. He/She will be enthusiastic, looking forward to learning and putting it to into practice.

Parents listen to your children , we are the leaders of tomorrow, okay am not going to end with try to pay our school fees *smiles* but try to always be there for us, educate us, do follow up on our academics.

Some parents are guilty of
Not checking their children books/bag
Not asking how school was and every other important questions
Not checking their kids communication book
Not calling the teachers to say thank you for being a wonderful parent to my children also
Not visiting the school at least once in a while to learn about their wards.

NOTE: some of your children exhibit characteristics you do not even know about, you'd be surprised.
Teachers would continue to do their best but at the same time if parents their best possible to put in more effort, it will yield better result.

Some Students nowadays are disrespectful to their teachers probably because some of them are being indulged their parents, they know that any small thing their parent is coming to confront their teacher about it.

Some parents do not want to hear that their wards are not doing well and listen to teacher’s advice on measures to be taken in order for the child to improve, they'd rather accuse the teacher of not doing their job.

Some parents give their children too much to school that on days they have little they resort to begging or stealing.

Some parents have no time for their children. It’s no NEWS that the economy is hard and everyone is hustling to make ends meet combined with the huge stress, but still let's place our children as priority so that our sweat over them will not be in vain.

Parents are advised to mind what they say in front of their children.

Parents should see to;
The kind of hair cut boys of young age to school with these days is alarming, you see them with hair-cuts that doesn’t make them look like responsible students

Parents should take their time to teach their children respect for elders, friends, teachers and everyone they have opportunity of coming in contact with Social media

This...... Agreed that internet has a lot of advantage but students should be closely monitored when given phones with internet,
do not leave them with an internet device unmonitored, and to put your mind at rest and be sure they are surfing the web safely, you can as a parent put restrictions to the kind of content they can access on the world wide web, the chance they get they go ahead and use it destructively.
Also, do well to delete any videos,pictures or any other file that should not be seen from your phones or make sure there is a password restriction, they might want to carry out or inquire more about what they see.

Parental guidance also when watching the television, send the kids to their room when seeing contents above their age. Children tend to learn more from what they see.

To Children(Pupils/Students), always remember to;
Pay attention in class
Listen and take advise
Refrain from corrupt communication and practice
Respect and be kind to your teachers and friends
Be contended
Study hard
Be determined
Obey your parents and teachers

You are the leaders of tomorrow,
Thank you.