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May 11, 2021

How to modify your AdSense account for High CPC Ads only

Hello webmasters, this post is to teach you all how to set up your AdSense blocking control to block ads which are not responsive or doesn't works well on your website.

So many webmasters has come across this settings and don't know the importance of it, or how to set it up. I will explain the functionality and meaning of this all and how best you can set it up for good and high CPC ads.

Let's get started

Log on to your AdSense account, click on 'Blocking Controls' and then click on 'All sites'

We start by clicking on the first option on the list in the screenshot.

Advertiser URLs

Prevent ads from individual advertisers

Use this page to block ads leading to specific URLs from appearing on your site by entering URLs in the box below. Please don't click the ad to find its URL, since that's against AdSense program policies.

Enter the display URL shown on the ad or the destination URL to block new and existing ads.  Below is a document which contains list of ads which are not performing well, you just have to highlight/select all and copy then paste in the below input box on your AdSense page.

450+ High and low cpc ads file

Here you can enter multiple URL, you only have to separate them with a comma (,) of which we already did in the list which you copied earlier.

Gathering the list and chucking out the non-performing advertisers (the ones with very low CPC) can actually be an addition to your overall ad yield. Moreover, you can also block your competitors from showing their ads on your website.

Sensitive categories

Manage the type of ads that appear on your site that are most suitable for your audience.

Use this page to allow or block sensitive categories of ads from appearing on your site.

Here you can see a full analysis of the ads which has the highest impressions and earnings for the past 30 days, now take advantage of this and block ads which have low earnings. There are some ads which have high impressions but low earnings, they are just occupying the ads space of those ads which have high earnings to appear. 

Note: Do not block too many Ads. This is because if the geography of your website change or you changed niche, those ads which were not having high earnings might start bringing you revenue. Once your traffics language and interests change your ads too can change so be careful why blocking ads.

General categories

Block more general groups of ads. Note, this can harm revenue. Use this page to allow or block general categories of ads from appearing on your site.

If it hasn’t been said enough already, ad relevance and revenue go hand in hand. The showing ad may serve a good number of impressions. However, if it is at the cost of a very low CPC/CPM, consider leveraging the blocking section in your AdSense account and put the category on hold.

Ad serving

Block certain types of ads from appearing on your site.

Use these settings to allow or block certain types of ads from serving on your web pages.

You should be very careful why setting this up, because what might work for me, might not work for you, so you have to check on your earning report page and make use of experiment to see which opportunity and settings works best for you.

Let me briefly explain the settings in the picture above.

User-based ads

Choose whether or not you want to display ads based on users’ interests, demographics, and Google Account information. Keep in mind that by opting out, you might decrease the number of ads competing to appear on your site, which may decrease your potential earnings. Note that you can't opt out of remarketing.

Show ads based on users’ interests, demographics and Google Account information, and allow Google to collect visitation information from my site to create interest categories. Note that this control doesn't affect re-marketing.

If you are a self/VPN clicker, make sure you deactivate this settings because, you just changed your demography recently and to avoid issues with ads serving, you don't want ads to be shown based on your google account information which doesn't match with your new demography.

Deactivating this will prevent google from rendering ads based on your history, or past activities carried out from your google account, which includes your recent places, and searches.

Additional ad technology vendors

This control expands the list of third party ad technology vendors that are allowed to show ads via your AdSense account.

These vendors use technologies, like cookies and pixels, to show users personalized ads, and are used by advertisers for targeting and reporting. This control doesn't override EU user consent, California Consumer Privacy Act or other privacy regulatory settings.

Allowing this settings means you are allowing ads that use additional third party ad technology vendors through your account this is totally a bad idea if you are clicking with a VPN. Ads will be served based on User's past history and cookies saved from other sites which the user has previously visited. Since you want fresh ads to display for VPN clickers (ads according to the new location of the user) you should deactivate this.

Display ads

This setting is for Similar sized display ads, when activated it helps increases competition for a particular ad size, we might substitute a similar-sized display ad to appear within an ad unit. When this happens, the size of the similar ad is modified if needed (using advanced imaging techniques) and then served in the ad unit.

Mostly this similar sized display ads are of small revenue, and if they appear mostly instead of your actual ads, you might have a drop in earning. Although it increases competition for Ads serving and this makes Advertisers with very good ads bid for this space.

Animated display ads

Choose whether or not you want to show non-static display (e.g., image) ads, such as ad creatives created using Adobe Flash or animated GIF formats.

Mostly, I deactivate his ads because, Its usually a download ads and not all of your visitors will be able to download from the ads page and they have low CPC. You can try it out to see if it works out best for you. 

 How to try it out? If you are a self clicker then you have no problem with this, but if you are not, then just go to your earning report page and check out for revenue you got from the ads type to see how much CPC you get as average from it.


Choose whether or not you want to display interactive VPAID video ads. VPAID is a standard that allows advertisers to create interactive video ads, e.g., overlays, galleries, etc. Note that this opt out does not apply to non-VPAID interactive video ads, e.g., TrueView video ads.

Just same as the previous one, it has low CPC and also has to do with downloading or going to google playstore. I recommend disabling this, but you can try to see what works best for you. Mostly ads like this on my website doesn't have clicks because my users don't waste time watching the videos or animations because it exhaust more data for browsing.

EU User consent

California Consumer Privacy Act

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Apr 30, 2021

How to get $50 daily from AdSense using self click trick

Do you want to get a very good and high CPC from AdSense Ads displaying on your blog/website? this easy step by step tutorial is for you and bloggers who can't get a high CPC or lots of traffics and clicks. 

There are many factors affecting how your AdSense CPC is which includes, Quality of your traffics, Ads placements, Geography, Cookie data, Device types, Niche / topic, Click through Rate (CTR).. etc. The above factors are what we are going to make use of in order to get a high CPC for clicks.

Quality of traffics

There are some countries which their Advertisers/buyers pays higher bid for quality traffics, this includes the amount of traffics you get in your blog/website, geography and language of your traffics, English speaking countries tend to have higher CPM rates compared to non-English speaking countries. Apart from that, the average CPM also depends on the spending power of the people in a country and how developed the online advertising industry is in those countries. You need to get traffics from countries like Luxembourg, United States, Australia, United Kingdom, Austria, Canada etc. to get a very high CPC.

Ads placements

Where you place your Ads matters a lot, so for this trick to work for you, you have to have a good viewability, make sure your page loads faster and your ads units are seen, reduce the number of ads displayed so your demand will be bigger than your supply and the competition for displaying ads will increase and then give a very high CPC because the Ads display will be the most suitable.

Cookie Data

Advertisers bid more when they are confident that a user will convert and the cookie trail created by a user as they browse through a website helps provide the data for better ad targeting. For instance, cookie data might show that the user has an affinity for technology. So this is very important because because you are making clicks from a particular device and thus, you have to clear history and cookies (browser cache) before making next click in other to avoid detection and been penalized for invalid clicks. You must set your AdSense to prevent showing ads based on users interests because you aren't targeting ads from that user (you) country.

Go to your AdSense page and click on Blocking controls > Ad serving > personalized ads > User-based ad > Show ads based on users’ interests, demographics and Google Account information, and allow Google to collect visitation information from my site to create interest categories. Toggle off

Clickthrough Rate (CTR)

Payout depends on how many ads were clicked along with revenue generated per click on average, making CTR an important factor when it comes to determining AdSense revenue. This is to be considered when clicking, try as much to give up to ten page views before clicking on an Ads and make your clicks from a loaded page, this means when you get to your blog and you clicked on a link, allow the link to load completely, scroll down to the bottom of the page to ensure all the ads are loaded. This increases impressions and then make your next click from the loaded page and so on.

So below I will briefly explain how to click on your ads considering the above mentioned factors, I didn't explain the device type and also niche, I will do that in the tutorial on clicking, so sit tight and read carefully!

How to make a fake click on your own ads and earn up to $20 daily from AdSense

This tutorial works on any device that accepts tweaking of proxy, IP and location. Go to your playstore using an android device, download and install this two applications. Fake GPS and NordVPN.

Launch the downloaded Fake GPS  and make it the mock location app for your android device.

Go back to your Fake GPS application and choose a state in the USA as your location, this will change the location of your device and make your clicks look like it's coming from a USA traffic.

Then open your NordVPN application and then login, then connect to a USA server, if possible to the same state you selected in your Fake GPS. 

To confirm your settings kindly go to to check your anonymous level if it's above 80% otherwise, visit and search for any keyword, scroll down to the bottom of your search result page to where you can see your location and confirm if it's same as the country you selected in your Fake GPS and Nord VPN (USA), or you can search on google with the keyword “My location” to check your country.

Go to and search for a keyword which your blog rank for. and make your click into your blog from google search result. Clicks are noted as referrals, direct, and organic clicks, so you have to ensure your clicks are from organic search. This will make google believe you didn't give out your link to be clicked.

In the above factors, I briefly explained the CTR and how you make page views, so you have to give a minimum of ten page views before clicking on an Ads.

Locate an Ads which has a very high CPC, you can check for the list of high CPC ads, then you have idea on the type of ads you are to click on. After clicking on the ads, please allow it to load completely then scroll down slowly to the bottom of the ads page as if you are a real user reading from the ads page, then make a click on any internal link on the ads page to increase the CTR. You have to make a minimum of three inner clicks in the ads page and you have to spend at least five minutes in the ads page to avoid suspicious activity.

Clicking on your Ads on Google Custom Search Engine (CSE)

I believe you know about Google custom search engine and the Ads displayed on it. To set up a custom search engine, go to your Google AdSense dashboard and click on ads from the left menu and select search as your ads type then you will create a custom search engine, configure it and generate code. Add the code to your blog and you are done with creating and applying search engine to your blog.

The Google Custom search engine is a very useful tool when doing self click, basically your blog might be of different niche and Ads shown on your blog are related to your blog niche and visitors who comes to your blog are of interest related to your blog. The Ads displayed are of users interest and related to your blog. The search made by visitors on your blog are keyword related on your blog and might not be a high CPC keyword

The Google CSE can be use to search any keyword of your choice, since you are the one clicking on your ads. So go ahead and search for those high expensive keywords with a very high CPC in USA since this is the country we are connected to on our VPN and Spooling App. In my private group, I will give you a very high CPC keyword to search for.

So let's proceed on making ads click, just search for a high CPC keyword and on the result the first top search results are Ads, it will be labelled as Ads so you have to click on any one which is more relevant to your keyword you searched for. Once the ads page is loaded, you have to follow the previous steps in opening ads link, make sure you scroll to the bottom of the ads page and ensure the ads are fully loaded and then proceed in making at least three inner clicks in the ads page. Make sure you spend a minimum of five minutes on the ads page

Highest Paid AdSense Keywords in 2021

  1. Health $37 CPC
  2. Software $35 CPC
  3. Online Classes $35 CPC
  4. Cryptocurrency $34 CPC
  5. Trading $33 CPC
  6. Rehab $33 CPC
  7. Hosting $31 CPC
  8. Telecom $29 CPC
  9. Travel $27 CPC
  10. Real State $25 CPC

Low Competition AdSense Keywords With Highest CPC

  1. Home décor $17.8 CPC
  2. Leisure $12.3 CPC
  3. Beauty and Skin Care $9.3 CPC
  4. Fashion $9 CPC
  5. Resorts $6.4 CPC
  6. Pet Foods $5 CPC
  7. Retail $4.8 CPC
  8. Fitness $3.8 CPC
  9. Jewelry $3.6 CPC
  10. Golfing  $2.3

Mesothelioma Keywords With High CPC & RPM

Mesothelioma is a type of cancer that occurs in the thin layer of tissue that covers the majority of your internal organs. This type of cancer can’t be treated and there is no cure for it. But better treatment can reduce the feeling of pain and help the patient feel better for a while.

People who are exposed to radiation or asbestos exposure mostly contract mesothelioma. About 8 out of 10 people with mesothelioma have been exposed to asbestos. People that contracted mesothelioma mostly get exposed to asbestos on their jobs.

Those who contract mesothelioma often get compensation from the company if that company is responsible. That is why you see searches like “mesothelioma attorneys”, “mesothelioma law firms” and “mesothelioma compensation”.

  1. Compensation mesothelioma $190.27 CPC
  2. Mesothelioma attorney Houston $169.84 CPC
  3. Mesothelioma attorney California $190.08 CPC
  4. Mesothelioma compensation $290.85 CPC
  5. mesothelioma litigation $118.44 CPC
  6. Mesothelioma lawyer directory $190.34 CPC
  7. Mesothelioma lawsuit settlements $176.44 CPC
  8. Statute of limitations on mesothelioma claims $174.07 CPC
  9. Lawyers for mesothelioma $165.92 CPC
  10. Mesothelioma settlement fund $57.12 CPC

Click here to join my AdSense C4C group, in this group we have visitors who have set their mobile devices to have a high CPC ads via the above tutorial. In this group we exchange clicks and earn revenue from each other support, so if you are a blogger who monetize through AdSense, get in here ASAP.

Note: this tutorial has been tested for weeks and revenue has been balanced, no ads limit problem or suspicious activity. You can repeat clicks in the next 24 hours because while using the fake GPS location app, you are to adjust your location a bit from the previous one, and also connect to another state in USA for next click in the next 24 hours. You can connect to other top countries with high CPC too.

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Apr 16, 2021

How to easily transfer your WhatsApp chat to a new phone. Everything you need to know

One of the few challenges a smartphone user faces when switching or upgrading to a new smartphone is moving data from the old phone to the new phone, such as chats from the previous phone. The WhatsApp messaging app owned by Facebook is one of the most widely used and is considered essential for communicating with contacts. So, here's an easy way to transfer your WhatsApp chats from your old smartphone to your new one.

{tocify} $title={Table of Contents}

Two main ways to avoid losing messages and other data, including chat 

  1. Backup and restore to Google Drive or iCloud. 
  2. Second comes another option called manual backup. Backup and restore in Google Drive or iCloud. This is an easy way to transfer your WhatsApp chat history from one device to another with the same operating system.

Steps to transfer your WhatsApp chat to new phone

In Android

  1. Open WhatsApp on your old phone and tap on the three dots in the top right corner of your phone. Open the Settings option, go to Chats, and then select Chats Backup. 
  2. From here you can choose whether to back up your chats manually or automatically. When you open WhatsApp on your new phone, it will ask you to recover old chats and media from Google Drive. 
  3. Chats, photos, and videos are instantly visible on your smartphone.

In iOS

  1. For iOS, you need to go to your Apple ID and turn on iCloud before going into WhatsApp settings. 
  2. Open WhatsApp and tap on the 'Settings' option in the bottom right corner. Go to Chats and then click on 'Chat Backup'. Decide whether to backup chat history yourself or turn on automatic backup and click on the option. You have the option to include or exclude videos from the backup history. 
  3. When you install WhatsApp on your new iPhone again it will ask you to restore the chat history from iCloud.

Manual Backup (Android) 

  1. This is an option for those who do not have Google Drive update or do not want to keep chat history online. 
  2. Connect your smartphone to PC / Laptop via USB cable. 
  3. Search the WhatsApp database in internal memory. Copy the file "MSGistore-2020-07-10.DB Crypt1".
  4. You do not need to open the app before installing WhatsApp on your new smartphone. Copy the recovered file to your new smartphone 'Databases' folder. If the 'Databases' folder does not exist, create one and add the file to it. 
  5. Now, open WhatsApp on your new smartphone. The app notification will display that a messaging backup has been detected. You click on the 'Restore' option. Chats will start appearing shortly thereafter.


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Apr 11, 2021

How To Unblock Yourself On Whatsapp If A Contact Blocks You in 2021

Have you ever been blocked on WhatsApp messenger before and you just cant figure out a way to unblock yourself on WhatsApp in 2020/2021?

If yes, 9jaedublog Technology has provided a simple step by step guide on how to safely unblock yourself on WhatsApp in 2020/2021 when blocked by any contact.

{tocify} $title={Table of Contents}

There might possibly be a reason a contact would have blocked you, either you are disturbing or the person is definitely a scammer and you are scammed, he or she will further block you so you don't keep in touch with him/her. 

Or are you wooing a girl and she decides to restrict you from texting/contacting her so she further blocked you? Lol, here is what to do to unblock yourself on WhatsApp when blocked by any contact. 

This simple trick provided by will teach you how to automatically unblock yourself on WhatsApp if a contact blocked you. Simply ensure to follow the procedures provided below.

How To Unblock Yourself On WhatsApp When Blocked By Any Contact In 2021:

Before proceeding to how to successfully unblock yourself when blocked by a contact on WhatsApp, kindly ensure you follow steps accordingly.

  • Ensure you Back up your chats. If you would like them restored back after the process. You can easily learn how to backup and restore WhatsApp chats by clicking here
  • Easily backup chats by going to WhatsApp Menu Settings
  • Chats
  • Chat backup. (Either Back up using Google Drive or simply backing directly to your sdcard). 

If You are backing up using your gmail, you will be prompted to select a Google account to be used for backup. If you do not have an active Google account already on the phone, tap Add account when prompted and input your details. {alertWarning}

Note: Backing up over cellular results in additional data charges. {alertInfo}

  • Now completely delete your WhatsApp account by going to account settings on your WhatsApp account/privacy
  • Now hit delete your account and proceed to other prompts.

Note: By taking these steps, it simply means you no longer have an active WhatsApp account any longer (You have deleted your WhatsApp account) and a contact who is not on WhatsApp cannot be blocked on WhatsApp. Therefore all those who blocked you can no longer and will not have you on their blocked list again.

  • Now, After successfully deleting your WhatsApp account, you will be logged out and now have to register again into WhatsApp. Here is the main thing achieved!

Note: You don't need to clear your WhatsApp data or even uninstall your WhatsApp, just go straight to reactivation. 


WhatsApp Reactivation Process After Successfully Deleting Your Account To Unblock Yourself On WhatsApp:

  • Open your WhatsApp and register your number on WhatsApp again. Fresh account, but before then you should know how to recover back all your backed up chats.

How To Restore WhatsApp Backup Chats/medias:

For those who did a backup before now can get all chats and medias back. If you used a Gmail for backup make sure you have the gmail active on the phone.

For those who made sdcard backup or internal storage WhatsApp backup, here is what to do. 

  • Go to file manager
  • Open internal storage or sdcard storage (depending on the backup location you used). 
  • Now locate WhatsApp folder and copy the complete backup folder and paste it on internal storage WhatsApp. If you don't need the chats, just ignore and move over. 

Upon successful verification of number, you will be prompted to restore your messages and media from Google Drive, sdcard or internal as the case may be. {alertSuccess}

Once completed, all chats and medias will be available like nothing happened.
Simply go to chats and refresh contact list and search for the person that blocked you. 

Note: All WhatsApp groups you were in will be gone, but when chats is been restored, you will have to private chat the Admin to kindly add you back into the group.

Now Send a shocking message and boom, the person remains in shock and is marveled.

NOTE: If he or she blocks you again, continue steps again. They will get tired 😂😂😂
Now you don't have to get a new sim card to message blocked contacts, now do it yourself and enjoy.

Note: This thread ( how to unblock yourself on WhatsApp when blocked by someone) is for educational purpose only!

Thank you
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Mar 15, 2021


To be honest with you, a lot of men are really insecure about the size of their penis, so kings get in here, I want to show you some natural exercises you can use in fixing your penis size.

Doing these exercises on a daily basis (day in and day out) will help you to enlarge your penis naturally.

And It is advisable to practice them at least 3 times a week to obtain results.

{tocify} $title={Table of Contents}


Jelquing refers to penis massage with a hand-over-hand motion to push blood from the base of the penis to the head.

They serve to enlarge the penis. If you want to make it grow naturally is a basic part of the routine.

To do the exercise correctly, 

you must:

With jelqing exercises to enlarge the penis, what is done is to increase blood flow in a semi erect state, bringing blood to all parts of the penis, causing it to flow, enlarging the tissues, and enlarging the entire penis.

(1a) WET JELQ:

Try to be consistent in your routine to get the results. If you do it right, you’ll see the results. Before starting each jelqing session make sure your penis is warm and not completely erect to avoid injury.

See this too: Exposed: Nikki Fe Fe streams her client intimate session with her live on Instagram (video)


(1b) V JELQ:



This exercise is simple & can be done while sitting or standing. Not only are you stretching ur penis, u are also forcing blood into the shaft for additional expansion.



This exercise combines stretching & bends. It flattens the top and bottom portions of the penis while it pushes the sides out.


Unlike jelqing and stretching, flaccid bends are truly girth-focused exercise. 

They expand both the corpus cavernosa & tunica albuginea, two tissues that run along the sides of the penis shaft. 

As the name suggests, this exercise has to be performed on a flaccid penis.

Read also: Keys to Achieve a Sustainable Romantic Relationship


Like bends, squeezing is focused on increasing girth. When you squeeze, the pressure between squeeze

points increases dramatically. This pressure build-up is what makes shaft tissues expand along the sides

Perform it right by following these steps:


Kegels are an excellent exercise for d pelvic floor muscle. Combined with squeezes, it can pump more
blood into the penis. As a result, d combination builds more blood pressure & brings more expansion
to the squeezed area.

Here are the steps:

There are other methods like:
6. The flexing girth exercise 
7. Horse squeeze 
8. Uli exercise 
9. Edging 
10. Penis Argumentation surgery 
11. Kegel exercises
12. Penis pump & penis extenders:

This thread is unable to carry out all explanations on these exercises. So bookmark this blog now and stay tune for our next article on how to naturally increase your penis size with this easy self techniques.


Kindly drop your comments below, feel free to ask questions and also drop your number to be added to our WhatsApp group. Endeavor to share our posts using the below share buttons across all social media.

Feb 10, 2021

Latest Bet9ja Virtual Cheat for 2021 - Tested and working

Bet9ja Virtual Football League Cheat 2021, Use this VFL Hack Tips to Win Everyday.

Today, I will be giving you 100% sure and accurate Bet9ja Virtual Tricks, Tips, Patterns, Techniques, Algorithms and Strategies to win Bet9ja League every time. As you all knows that this is the best and reliable site that provide bet9ja virtual football cheats with the help of our VFL Software and Calculator.

{tocify} $title={Table of Contents}

Virtual football league was programmed with RNG (Random Number Generator) which comprises of 3 disc such as RNG Cord, RNG Multi-Cord and RNG Bank disc.

After long-run research made in 2018 on "How to win Bet9ja Virtual Football League", I got a powerful strategy for winning (Over1.5 and Over2.5) goals which is working perfectly and I post it on website for free.

In 2019, I got more hacked tricks and strategies then I decided to create an eBook PDF called "How to Win 500k on VFL - Part 1" when I notice that many people are selling my tricks online. This ginger me to improve on my strategic and I also introduce new patterns after becoming expert on GG&2.5 predictions.

Now, I create a new PDF eBook called "VFL MENTOR 2" which contains signal and indicator of 4 Major teams such as MNC, LIV, ARS, and EVE with their targeted teams including

  • Trading with Odds
  • VFL Calculator Slots
  • Trading as a Calculator
  • VFL Correct Scores Cheat
  • Signal Vs Indicator
  • Expert Advice.. and so on.

Thousands of bettors started making use of VFL MENTOR 2 because it is working perfectly and as you all know that good contents advertised itself. Bet9ja virtual cheat is still working now in 2021 but I also introduce  FORMULA 101 that contains 100% strategies to beat the bookies and everyone with this book are making profits everyday.

This 101 Formulas was used to cracked down all the virtual football algorithms while everyone with this book can play and win virtual football league on all bookmakers in the world. Make sure you read this post to the end.

Firstly watch this Videos to see how the Virtual football cheats PDF works

Virtual football have 3 teams categories

Strong teams, Balance teams, and Weak Teams category.

Strong Teams List

  • MNC
  • LIV
  • MNU
  • CHE
  • ARS
  • TOT

Balance Teams List

  • EVE
  • LEI
  • CRY
  • SOU
  • WHU
  • WOL
  • BOU
  • BUR
  • WAT

Weak Teams List

  • BRI
  • NWC
  • SHU
  • ASV
  • NOR

If you want to play and win Bet9ja league, you need to calculate the league season algorithms by pairing each teams with points they need to be in their mandated position on the league table.

FORMULA 101 PDF has 5 criteria's for predicting virtual football including 101 Formulas that will make you win big money quickly, such as TRIO, EDGE, PERIOD and other formulas.

Let's get down to business, but before we proceed, kindly check out all this winning tickets.


4 Major Teams              Best Targeted Teams

MNC                              CRY + NWC + MNU

LIV                                  BOU + NOR + TOT

ARS                                NWC + WOL + NOR

EVE                                 BRI + SOU + CRY

To see the full list, check out: VFL MENTOR 2.

Now, let's pair the VFL algorithms from week 1 to 38, let's say WEEK 5, 6, 7, 8 & 9 fixtures are this below.

    WEEK 5                 ODDS

1. MNC - TOT               1.71

3. CHE - LIV                  1.75

6. EVE - SOU                 1.83

7. ARS - LEI                   1.89

Making use of the 5 criteria's inside SHARPEST FORMULA 101, the game you will play is the number 6.

Play EVE - SOU over2.5

It is 100% sure to win because its the one of the four major team and with their best targeted team.

    WEEK 6                    ODDS

2. EVE - BRI                   1.70

3. MNU - ARS                1.75

5. WOL - LIV                  1.88

8. MNC - NOR                1.55

Making use of the 5 criteria's inside SHARPEST FORMULA 101, the game you will play is the number 2.

Play EVE - BRI  over2.5

It is 100% sure to win because its the one of the four major team and with their best targeted team.

    WEEK 7                     ODDS

2. CRY - EVE                  1.88

4. BRI - MNC                  1.61

5. TOT - LIV                    1.75

6. ARS - SOU                  1.90

Making use of the 5 criteria's inside SHARPEST FORMULA 101, the game you will play is the number 2.

Play CRY - EVE = over2.5

It is 100% sure to win because its the one of the four major team and with their best targeted team.

    WEEK 8                     ODDS

1. EVE - NWC                 1.83

2. WHU - ARS                 1.88

6. MNC - BUR                 1.55

8. LIV - ASV                    1.53

Making use of the 5 criteria's inside SHARPEST FORMULA 101, the game you will play is the number 6.

Play MNC - BUR = over2.5

It is 100% sure to win because its the one of the four major team and with their best targeted team.

    WEEK 9                     ODDS

4. BOU - LIV                   1.75

6. MNC - WOL                1.77

7. CRY - ARS                   1.87

9. EVE - NOR                   1.70

Making use of the 5 criteria's inside SHARPEST FORMULA 101, the game you will play is the number 4.

Play BOU - LIV = over2.5

It is 100% sure to win because its the one of the four major team and with their best targeted team.


As a matter of fact, the EVE team will selected in "week 5" to play over 2.5 goals, will play over2.5 again in "week 6" once they meet their best targeted team and they play over2.5. EVE is still capable to play over2.5 again in "week 7" because they we still meet with a targeted teams as mentioned above and their odds too is still in Media. You need to get VFL MENTOR 2 if you want to know how to calculate for Media Odds.

MNC we selected (Scoring Form) in "week 8" above will surely play over 2.5 or after playing few Under2.5 and then have the chance to play over2.5, will surely play over 2.5. 

Secondly, BUR is an (Activator) for MNC which means the match will result to over2.5. You will learn more about Activators inside our PDF ebooks.

LIV we likewise selected (Scoring Form) in "week 9" because they are meeting their (Activator) which is BOU and their odds is in Media. This simply means that LIV is going to play over2.5.

That's exactly how the Bet9ja League Cheat above works and it also works for Betking, Betpawa, Sportybet, Odibets, Betway, Betika, 1xbet and others.

No matter how Bet9ja makes new update, you will always win if you have SHARPEST FORMULA 101 eBook PDF because it has explained all the virtual football algorithms and programming patterns, the book has covered all the future updates that can be made by Betradar and 1x2 Gaming Software themselves.

Who are Betradar?

Who are 1x2 Gaming Software?

Betradar and 1x2 Gaming Software are the 2 most popular virtual football league programming company that offers VFL to all Bookmakers in the world.

Comment below if you need the e-Books and I will refer you to the right source.
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Feb 6, 2021

You can still withdraw your crypto funds into your account with Binance P2P

Earlier, CBN released a new policy on cryptocurrency, which made funding of account on Binance difficult as they have disabled Naira transaction on their platform but you can still make withdrawal.

Do not panic your coins are safe, now here is a trick to leverage on. We all know Binance uses a third party payment gateway and those parties are regulated by the finance body of Nigeria, so this is the reason why they disable all transactions in Naira.

With or without the CBN's Crypto policy you can still withdraw your crypto fund into your account with Binance P2P.

P2P (peer-to-peer) is a trading market where you can safely trade cryptocurrency in exchange.

{tocify} $title={Table of Contents}

How does Binance P2P escrow service work

Step 1: Place your order

Place an order to buy or sell cryptocurrency. The cryptocurrency will be held by Binance P2P temporarily until the the operation is successfully completed.

Step 2: Start a conversation

Start a conversation with the seller and buyer. When you are trading with a counterpart that you do not know, we recommend that you use the chat to communicate with him/her. The chat history will be essential if there is a dispute with your counterpart and you, make an appeal.

Step 3: Make the payment or release the cryptocurrencies

If you are a buyer, make the payment and notify the seller that you completed the payment. Click the ‘confirm’ button to notify the seller that you made the payment. If you are a seller, wait for the buyer's payment confirmation before releasing the crypto.

Step 4: The transaction was successful or the counterparty was not responding

In most cases, when everything goes smoothly, the buyer pays and the seller releases the crypto, but what happens if to counterpart was not fair? In other words, the buyer do not transfer the money or thw seller did not releases the crypto after the buyer made the payment. 

In these case you need to open an appeal, click on the “appeal” button. Now is when the escrow service comes into play and this is why the crypto was temporarily held.

How does Binance P2P escrow service help crypto sellers? 

If the cryptocurrency buyer did not make the payment, Binance P2P's escrow service will return the cryptocurrency to the seller when the time for negotiation is over.

How does Binance P2P escrow service help buyers?

If the buyer made the payment but the seller did not release the cryptocurrency, the buyer can open an appeal to notify Binance's customer service that the counterparty did not release the crypto. If you are the buyer, please provide as much evidence as you can, receipt of payment, or screenshots of the conversation you had with the seller, and once our customer service confirms the payment is made, we can release the crypto to your account. 

Why is the escrow service so important?

The escrow service protects Binance’s users from scammers. If a user tries to convince you to make a deal outside the Binance P2P platform, ignore the suggestion and open an appeal. If you make a deal outside the platform we cannot protect you.  

Imagine that you want to buy cryptocurrency and you find an offer at a competitive price but the seller seems new to the platform, with zero completed orders. How can you be sure that the seller will transfer the cryptocurrency to your wallet? 

The escrow service aims to solve this type of situation, by holding the cryptocurrency in a deposit. When there is no agreement and the counterpart opens an appeal, Binance’s customer service will analyze both the buyer's and the seller's stories. If the buyer wins the appeal, the cryptocurrency will be released to his wallet. However, if he loses the appeal, the cryptocurrency will go to the seller’s wallet. 

While the cryptocurrency is in the deposit, users can trade safely without the risk of losing money. Whatever amount of money you trade, all amounts are important to Binance P2P. 

Frequently Asked Questions about the Binance P2P escrow service 

What happens if, after making the payment, the seller does not answer and does not release the cryptocurrency?

The buyer can file an appeal if the seller is not responding to chat messages or not releasing the cryptocurrency. Our customer support team will evaluate the situation, contact both the parties, and release the crypto to the fair party. 

When an appeal is opened, how long will the funds be frozen?

Our customer service works 24/7. The funds will be unblocked as soon as the dispute between the parties is resolved and this depends on the complexity of each case and the verification of the evidence provided by both parties. The waiting time can range from a couple of hours to days.

What happens if the buyer marks the transaction as paid but the seller has not received the funds?

If the buyer marks the order as paid without actually making the payment, the seller can appeal and our customer support team will cancel the transaction after verifying with both the parties. Upon cancellation, the seller will receive the cryptocurrency back in the wallet.


Its not a must to have money in your Binance account to make transfer to a buyer account. A bank transfer to the buyer's account will work and when you are transferring the money from your bank during P2P don't type anything crypto related in the description. Kindly talk to a binance representative for clearer info.

2-Minutes video on using P2P


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