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How to set Fake GPS as Mock Location App

In order to use Fake GPS application you have to set it up as a mock location developer on your device. Our previous post on making revenue from self click on Google AdSense requires this application for the trick to work out. So read carefully and understand how to setup Fake GPS and a mock location app.

Enable Mock Location on Android: A How-To Guide

In order for location-aware apps to have access to the more accurate position of the Arrow, Mock Location must first be enabled on your Android device. Fake GPS will take care of populating the Android Location Service with the Arrow position. The way you enable mock location on Android is fairly simple, and in this article, we’ll show you how to achieve it.

  • Mock Location is available in the “hidden” Developer Mode menu on your device:
  • Go to your “Settings”, “Systems”, “About Device” and tap multiple times on “Build number” and activate the Developer Mode. 

  • A new “Developer Options” menu will be available under “Settings” / “Systems”

  • In the “Developer Options” menu, scroll down to “Debugging” and activate the “Allow mock locations”.

  • Then select mock location app and choose Fake GPS in the list that show up on the next screen.

  • You are done, now go back to your Fake GPS application and make use of the features on the app, now you have successfully made Fake GPS and Administrator to your mock location on your android device.

How do I install a Fake GPS application

Step 1: Go to Play Store and search for a spoofing app on the search bar. 

Step 2: From the list, you can download any free or paid spoofing apps on your device. Some other free apps are Fake GPS and GPS Emulator. 

Step 3: Tap on the icon of the app of your choice and install it on the mobile Phone.

Download Fake GPS Application 

Can mock location be detected?

Ever struggled with users mocking locations in your Android apps? Mock location apps have gained popularity amongst app users on the back of Pokemon GO and an increasing number of location-aware apps. 

A large number of users have discovered the power of mock location apps in order to fake their locations and game the system. Ironically mock location apps were created by developers as a tool to test location features. 

What started off as a solution for app developers has now become a widespread problem for them. We ended up creating a monster!

Detecting Mock Location Application;

On Android 17 (JellyBean MR1) and below mock locations are detected using Settings.Secure. The app can detect that users have enabled ALLOW_MOCK_LOCATION but has no easy way to determine whether locations received are mock or real.

Solution: The general pattern with mock locations is that bearing speed, accuracy, altitude and time interval (between consecutive data points) are hard-coded values. The HyperTrack API server detects these patterns in order to discard such locations.

On Android 18 (JellyBean MR2) and above mock locations are detected using Location.isFromMockProvider() for each location. The app can detect that the location came from a mock provider when the API returns true.

Solution: The HyperTrack SDK filters out mock locations on the device in order to prevent them from reaching the HyperTrack API server.

HyperTrack removes Mock Locations by default. Developers may enable them using HyperTrack.enableMockLocations(boolean) for testing.

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Apple Got Criticized for Not Plugging the USB Type-C port on the iPhone 12


Apple officially launched the iPhone 12 to consumers. There are many differences that occur in these phones, from design to features.

However, there are things that have not changed at all from the new iPhone, which is still using the Lightning port. In fact, many expect the iPhone 12 to use the USB Type-C port which is widely used by cellphones today.

Launching by CNET, Apple retained the Lightning port and added a wireless charging device for the iPhone 12 called MagSafe. Lightning has been around since the iPhone 5 in 2012, replacing the 30-pin charger used for the iPod to the first iPad.

In its era, the Lightning port has a number of advantages, namely its small size and allows faster data transfers. But, Lightning port on the iPhone 12 looks old school if maintained.

In fact, Apple is increasingly confusing iPhone 12 consumers after only providing a USB-C to Lightning Cable in its new cellphone box. So, like it or not, consumers have to buy a special adapter.

Apple sells a 20W USB-C power adapter for US $ 19 and a 30W USB-C power adapter for US $ 49. If the cable is damaged, Apple sells a 1 meter long Lightning to USB-C cable for US $ 19 and US $ 35 for the 2 meter one.

Apple actually has started to switch to the USB-C. However, it’s only found on the iPad Pro and iPad Air, as well as the MacBook. With the transition, users can charge the device with the charger cable belonging to another mobile phone vendor that has a USB-C.

Launching by 9to5mac, Apple also omitted the 20W USB-C power adapter into the iPhone 12 box. At the same time, Apple also removed the device from the iPhone SE, iPhone XR, and iPhone 11 boxes which it still sells to this day.

Apple delivers a 20W USB-C power adapter that is sold separately offering fast and efficient charging at home, in the office, or on the go.

Although the power adapter is compatible with devices that support USB-C, Apple recommends iPad Pro 11-inch and 12.9-inch Pro iPad (3rd generation) to use Apple’s adapter in order to get the optimal charging performance.


WhatsApp with voice and video call system is now available on WhatsApp Desktop App


Video and voice calls are now available on Facebook's WhatsApp's desktop app. However, group video calling is not available on the WhatsApp desktop app. It is reported that group voice calls and group video calls will be available soon. Company officials said the new system would ensure complete customer privacy. The company said the new system will be highly reliable and of high quality for all.

You can use this service by installing the WhatsApp desktop app on your computer. This feature will enable you to make video calls with your contacts through WhatsApp. Users who have access to WhatsApp Web Voice and Video Call feature will find the new WhatsApp Voice and Video Call buttons next to the chat head. Regular users of the WhatsApp web include a large segment of users engaged in office work.

Only two people will be able to make calls under the current system. In the future, it will include facilities for group calls, company officials said. The decision to include call facility on desktop comes in the wake of a significant increase in WhatsApp calls over the past five years.

At present it is convenient to make calls between two people. It will be developed into group calls in the future. Over the past year, there has been a huge increase in WhatsApp calls. Users can connect the computer's microphone to the camera. 

Newer versions of the WhatsApp are now available for desktop users. Under the latest updates, WhatsApp users will now be able to access video and voice calling features on their computers. New WhatsApp updates for Android users WhatsApp.


You can use WhatsApp web on Computer without an internet connection on your phone


The web version of the WhatsApp can now be used on a computer without an internet connection on the phone. The company has introduced a new feature that meets the long-term needs of the users.Until now, WhatsApp Web could only be run when the phone had an internet connection. This crisis is being addressed through multi-device support.

WhatsApp can be run on the phone without internet; The long awaited feature of the web version is coming soon WhatsApp can be run on the phone without internet, the long awaited feature of the web version is coming soon. This was revealed in a blog post by WABetaInfo, which provides the latest information and updates related to WhatsApp. This feature allows you to use the web version of WhatsApp on your computer even when the phone has internet off. It will be offered through the beta testing program as a test phase. Users of the beta version of WhatsApp on Android and iOS platforms will be updated soon.

Those who join the beta program can run their WhatsApp simultaneously on up to four desktop devices. But if you want to be able to chat or call someone like that, they also need to update WhatsApp. Although there are currently millions of beta testers, only a handful of them have access to the beta program. An update including new web features may reach more people in the coming days. WhatsApp has given a similar feature to the business app.

As a test phase, the new feature will be available to users through a beta testing program. Users of the beta version of WhatsApp on Android and iOS platforms will soon be able to access this feature through an update. This was revealed in a blog post by WABetaInfo, which provides the latest information and updates related to the WhatsApp.It is reported that an update including new web features will reach more people in the coming days. WhatsApp has given a similar feature to the business app.

Although WhatsApp has recently introduced a number of new features to its web version, the company is now looking at a solution that users point to as the biggest flaw in the web version of WhatsApp and the desktop app. Until now, WhatsApp Web could only be run when the phone had an internet connection. This is the multi-device support that is brought to solve that crisis.

How to secure your WhatsApp account from being hacked


WhatsApp provides customers with a number of security features that will allow them to use your account without being hacked. It runs on an encrypted (secret) backup feature. So you can use it with existing features. Recently, the WhatsApp account has some features for the security of those who link to the computer. A message will be sent to your mobile the moment you log in to your computer. Other features of WhatsApp are as follows.

1. Two-step verification

Two-step verification gives WhatsApp users more security. It asks for a six-digit PIN number to check and reset. There is a two-step verification system that allows you to access WhatsApp via e-mail even if you lose your phone or SIM. Even if you forget the six digit PIN, you can still go through the two-step verification via email.

For two-step verification ----> Open WhatsApp ----> Go to WhatsApp Settings ----> Account on the new page - Two-step verification ---> Enable ---> Confirm with a six digit pin.

2. Lock your WhatsApp with Touch ID or Face ID

WhatsApp provides additional security for users by providing Touch ID, Face ID (iPhone) and fingerprint lock for Android. It will be locked automatically even if the app closes even after entering the WhatsApp settings and giving allow.

To enable Face ID - Open WhatsApp> Go to Settings> Tap Account> Privacy> Screen Lock.

--Select Touch ID or Face ID and select the time limit for standing in standby mode.

Block or report spam:

If you feel insecure about a particular contact or business, you can block that account. This will not only hide your profile picture, it will also hide your last scene, even if it is online.

Group setting

WhatsApp settings can prevent you from adding relatives or friends who are bothering you to groups. To do so, open the WhatsApp> Go to Settings in your App> Tap Account> Privacy> Groups and Exclude Me from All My Contacts (Except)

Disappearing messages

If you enable this feature, messages sent to WhatsApp chat will disappear after 7 days.

To make WhatsApp messages with individuals disappear

Open WhatsApp - Messages with whom it should disappear, select that contact ---- Click the three dots on the right ---- Go to View Contact --- Select the messages that should disappear --- On

Thus WhatsApp provides customers with a number of security features that will allow them to use your account without being hacked. It runs on an encrypted (secret) backup feature. So you can use it with existing features. Recently, the WhatsApp account has some features for the security of those who link to the computer. A message will be sent to your mobile the moment you log in to your computer. Other features of WhatsApp are as follows.

WhatsApp allows users to do two-step verification, link to the WhatsApp Web, and block accounts. WhatsApp allows users to enable the ability for messages sent to chat to disappear after 7 days. WhatsApp gives users extra security by giving them Touch ID, Face ID for iPhone and Fingerprint Lock for Android.


What should I do if my WhatsApp account has been hacked?

WhatsApp is a messaging platform owned by Facebook has over 2 billion users worldwide. Additionally, it offers end-to-end encrypted chatting experiences.However, it is a fact that there is a possibility of hacking into another account. These kinds of swindlers are active among us too.

Fraudsters will apply various tricks to the OTP number required to access your account. This way, if we pass the verification code, the account can be hacked easily.

WhatsApp 2 step verification

Two-step verification protects your account even if someone interferes with your SIM card or verification code. This is an additional security step that works just like the password for your WhatsApp account. This type of hacking can be prevented by two-step testing. People who use this system can recover even if your account is hacked.

What should I do if my WhatsApp account has been hacked?

You will need to login to WhatsApp again with your phone number to get your hacked WhatsApp account back. WhatsApp will automatically read and log you in and you will receive a six digit verification code via SMS. Once you are logged in, the hacker will be automatically logged out of your account.

If the hacker activates two-step verification after gaining access to your WhatsApp account, you will be asked to enter that code. In this case, you will have to wait up to seven days to recover your account. But during this period the hacker will not be able to access your account.

How to secure your WhatsApp account?

Do not share your confirmation code with anyone to protect your WhatsApp account from hackers and other issues. Also, don't forget to enable two-step verification to safely manage WhatsApp.

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How to change my WhatsApp mobile number without losing my old chats

Majority of smartphone users rely on WhatsApp for messaging. Messages on WhatsApp are often lost when the number is changed and a new account is opened. But with the change number feature, you can change your phone number without losing WhatsApp messages. This will automatically notify those on the contact list that the number has changed. Let us see step by step how to use this feature.

How to change WhatsApp mobile number without losing chats?

Make sure that the new SIM card is able to send and receive messages after inserting the SIM card with the new number in the phone. You also need to make sure that the old phone number is still registered on WhatsApp. You can find out the registered number by clicking on your profile in WhatsApp settings. Once this is done, the number can be changed according to the following methods.

  1. Open your WhatsApp 
  2. Go to Settings against iPhone users. If you have an Android phone, you can see Settings by clicking on the three dots above. 
  3. Then click on the Account option and then click on Change Number. After confirming it, click on the Next button.
  4. On the page that opens, the question of whether you can receive calls or messages from the new number will appear. After confirming it, click on the Next button.
  5. Type the new and old number in the appropriate places 
  6. Click Next to proceed to the final procedure 
  7. WhatsApp will ask if you can notify your contact list about the change of number. There will be options for all contacts, contacts in chats, and selected contacts, but WhatsApp will automatically notify member groups about the change of number.
  8. Select the appropriate one and click on Done.
  9. The procedure will be completed as soon as a six digit code reaches you via SMS or Phone. You can use WhatsApp without losing old chats once registration is complete.
  10. At the same time, if you change the phone along with the number, you need to back up the chats in Google Drive or iCloud. Restoring this backup will make the old chats available on the new phone as well

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How to easily transfer your WhatsApp chat to a new phone. Everything you need to know

One of the few challenges a smartphone user faces when switching or upgrading to a new smartphone is moving data from the old phone to the new phone, such as chats from the previous phone. The WhatsApp messaging app owned by Facebook is one of the most widely used and is considered essential for communicating with contacts. So, here's an easy way to transfer your WhatsApp chats from your old smartphone to your new one.

{tocify} $title={Table of Contents}

Two main ways to avoid losing messages and other data, including chat 

  1. Backup and restore to Google Drive or iCloud. 
  2. Second comes another option called manual backup. Backup and restore in Google Drive or iCloud. This is an easy way to transfer your WhatsApp chat history from one device to another with the same operating system.

Steps to transfer your WhatsApp chat to new phone

In Android

  1. Open WhatsApp on your old phone and tap on the three dots in the top right corner of your phone. Open the Settings option, go to Chats, and then select Chats Backup. 
  2. From here you can choose whether to back up your chats manually or automatically. When you open WhatsApp on your new phone, it will ask you to recover old chats and media from Google Drive. 
  3. Chats, photos, and videos are instantly visible on your smartphone.

In iOS

  1. For iOS, you need to go to your Apple ID and turn on iCloud before going into WhatsApp settings. 
  2. Open WhatsApp and tap on the 'Settings' option in the bottom right corner. Go to Chats and then click on 'Chat Backup'. Decide whether to backup chat history yourself or turn on automatic backup and click on the option. You have the option to include or exclude videos from the backup history. 
  3. When you install WhatsApp on your new iPhone again it will ask you to restore the chat history from iCloud.

Manual Backup (Android) 

  1. This is an option for those who do not have Google Drive update or do not want to keep chat history online. 
  2. Connect your smartphone to PC / Laptop via USB cable. 
  3. Search the WhatsApp database in internal memory. Copy the file "MSGistore-2020-07-10.DB Crypt1".
  4. You do not need to open the app before installing WhatsApp on your new smartphone. Copy the recovered file to your new smartphone 'Databases' folder. If the 'Databases' folder does not exist, create one and add the file to it. 
  5. Now, open WhatsApp on your new smartphone. The app notification will display that a messaging backup has been detected. You click on the 'Restore' option. Chats will start appearing shortly thereafter.

Source: https://coding-spider.blogspot.com/2021/04/how-to-transfer-your-whatsapp-chat.html

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How To Unblock Yourself On Whatsapp If A Contact Blocks You in 2021

Have you ever been blocked on WhatsApp messenger before and you just cant figure out a way to unblock yourself on WhatsApp in 2020/2021?

If yes, 9jaedublog Technology has provided a simple step by step guide on how to safely unblock yourself on WhatsApp in 2020/2021 when blocked by any contact.

{tocify} $title={Table of Contents}

There might possibly be a reason a contact would have blocked you, either you are disturbing or the person is definitely a scammer and you are scammed, he or she will further block you so you don't keep in touch with him/her. 

Or are you wooing a girl and she decides to restrict you from texting/contacting her so she further blocked you? Lol, here is what to do to unblock yourself on WhatsApp when blocked by any contact. 

This simple trick provided by www.9jaedublog.com.ng will teach you how to automatically unblock yourself on WhatsApp if a contact blocked you. Simply ensure to follow the procedures provided below.

How To Unblock Yourself On WhatsApp When Blocked By Any Contact In 2021:

Before proceeding to how to successfully unblock yourself when blocked by a contact on WhatsApp, kindly ensure you follow steps accordingly.

  • Ensure you Back up your chats. If you would like them restored back after the process. You can easily learn how to backup and restore WhatsApp chats by clicking here
  • Easily backup chats by going to WhatsApp Menu Settings
  • Chats
  • Chat backup. (Either Back up using Google Drive or simply backing directly to your sdcard). 

If You are backing up using your gmail, you will be prompted to select a Google account to be used for backup. If you do not have an active Google account already on the phone, tap Add account when prompted and input your details. {alertWarning}

Note: Backing up over cellular results in additional data charges. {alertInfo}

  • Now completely delete your WhatsApp account by going to account settings on your WhatsApp account/privacy
  • Now hit delete your account and proceed to other prompts.

Note: By taking these steps, it simply means you no longer have an active WhatsApp account any longer (You have deleted your WhatsApp account) and a contact who is not on WhatsApp cannot be blocked on WhatsApp. Therefore all those who blocked you can no longer and will not have you on their blocked list again.

  • Now, After successfully deleting your WhatsApp account, you will be logged out and now have to register again into WhatsApp. Here is the main thing achieved!

Note: You don't need to clear your WhatsApp data or even uninstall your WhatsApp, just go straight to reactivation. 


WhatsApp Reactivation Process After Successfully Deleting Your Account To Unblock Yourself On WhatsApp:

  • Open your WhatsApp and register your number on WhatsApp again. Fresh account, but before then you should know how to recover back all your backed up chats.

How To Restore WhatsApp Backup Chats/medias:

For those who did a backup before now can get all chats and medias back. If you used a Gmail for backup make sure you have the gmail active on the phone.

For those who made sdcard backup or internal storage WhatsApp backup, here is what to do. 

  • Go to file manager
  • Open internal storage or sdcard storage (depending on the backup location you used). 
  • Now locate WhatsApp folder and copy the complete backup folder and paste it on internal storage WhatsApp. If you don't need the chats, just ignore and move over. 

Upon successful verification of number, you will be prompted to restore your messages and media from Google Drive, sdcard or internal as the case may be. {alertSuccess}

Once completed, all chats and medias will be available like nothing happened.
Simply go to chats and refresh contact list and search for the person that blocked you. 

Note: All WhatsApp groups you were in will be gone, but when chats is been restored, you will have to private chat the Admin to kindly add you back into the group.

Now Send a shocking message and boom, the person remains in shock and is marveled.

NOTE: If he or she blocks you again, continue steps again. They will get tired 😂😂😂
Now you don't have to get a new sim card to message blocked contacts, now do it yourself and enjoy.

Note: This thread ( how to unblock yourself on WhatsApp when blocked by someone) is for educational purpose only!

Thank you
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How do I disable internet access on any Android application 2021

Do you know you can actually prevent any Android application from having access to your internet connection? This helps to save data consumption on your android device. This article will explain How to Prevent /disable /stop/restrict any application from having internet access and save data in 2021.

This is not a hacking method, It's simply a feature present in most Android devices and it is always neglected because people don't really know the uses and advantages of it.

So today I would like to teach you how you can easily disable any Android application from having internet or data access in 2021.

Before I proceed, for those using Snapchat Application for selfies and videos only, have you ever loved a particular filter and all of a sudden it disappears because of unnecessary update of filters, or have you try to take a quick selfie and you tried opening snapchat just to get bored with the slow loading as a result of active data connection?

With this tutorial it will be a story of the past because you now decide what consumes your data, and when you want any application to use you data.

This also helps in saving your data bundle, imagine getting an internet data of 50MB only to send a message to a contact on one of your social media and then, Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, Google Playstore etc, exhaust your data bundle without you even knowing. This is because background apps still consume data and you have made internet access enabled on all these apps.

How To Disable App internet Access Using Phone Manager

Just follow steps and you can take charge of your data.

  • Open your application menu and search for Xmanager
  • Open Xmanager
  • Click on bandwidth manager
  • Open network manager
  • Now you can ON or OFF any application you want to have internet access or not.

Source: https://www.droidvilla.com/2020/08/disable-internet-access-on-any-android-application.html

Another Feature: Set data usage

This enables users to control their data usage.

This mostly helps those who likes minimizing their data, imagine if you have a sub of 1000mb and you are tasked to make use of it for a week.

You can easily create a data usage of 200mb per day to enable you know when you are about to reach the limit and also when you have reached.

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Latest Bet9ja Virtual Cheat for 2021 - Tested and working

Bet9ja Virtual Football League Cheat 2021, Use this VFL Hack Tips to Win Everyday.

Today, I will be giving you 100% sure and accurate Bet9ja Virtual Tricks, Tips, Patterns, Techniques, Algorithms and Strategies to win Bet9ja League every time. As you all knows that this is the best and reliable site that provide bet9ja virtual football cheats with the help of our VFL Software and Calculator.

{tocify} $title={Table of Contents}

Virtual football league was programmed with RNG (Random Number Generator) which comprises of 3 disc such as RNG Cord, RNG Multi-Cord and RNG Bank disc.

After long-run research made in 2018 on "How to win Bet9ja Virtual Football League", I got a powerful strategy for winning (Over1.5 and Over2.5) goals which is working perfectly and I post it on 9jaedublog.com.ng website for free.

In 2019, I got more hacked tricks and strategies then I decided to create an eBook PDF called "How to Win 500k on VFL - Part 1" when I notice that many people are selling my tricks online. This ginger me to improve on my strategic and I also introduce new patterns after becoming expert on GG&2.5 predictions.

Now, I create a new PDF eBook called "VFL MENTOR 2" which contains signal and indicator of 4 Major teams such as MNC, LIV, ARS, and EVE with their targeted teams including

  • Trading with Odds
  • VFL Calculator Slots
  • Trading as a Calculator
  • VFL Correct Scores Cheat
  • Signal Vs Indicator
  • Expert Advice.. and so on.

Thousands of bettors started making use of VFL MENTOR 2 because it is working perfectly and as you all know that good contents advertised itself. Bet9ja virtual cheat is still working now in 2021 but I also introduce  FORMULA 101 that contains 100% strategies to beat the bookies and everyone with this book are making profits everyday.

This 101 Formulas was used to cracked down all the virtual football algorithms while everyone with this book can play and win virtual football league on all bookmakers in the world. Make sure you read this post to the end.

Firstly watch this Videos to see how the Virtual football cheats PDF works

Virtual football have 3 teams categories

Strong teams, Balance teams, and Weak Teams category.

Strong Teams List

  • MNC
  • LIV
  • MNU
  • CHE
  • ARS
  • TOT

Balance Teams List

  • EVE
  • LEI
  • CRY
  • SOU
  • WHU
  • WOL
  • BOU
  • BUR
  • WAT

Weak Teams List

  • BRI
  • NWC
  • SHU
  • ASV
  • NOR

If you want to play and win Bet9ja league, you need to calculate the league season algorithms by pairing each teams with points they need to be in their mandated position on the league table.

FORMULA 101 PDF has 5 criteria's for predicting virtual football including 101 Formulas that will make you win big money quickly, such as TRIO, EDGE, PERIOD and other formulas.

Let's get down to business, but before we proceed, kindly check out all this winning tickets.


4 Major Teams              Best Targeted Teams

MNC                              CRY + NWC + MNU

LIV                                  BOU + NOR + TOT

ARS                                NWC + WOL + NOR

EVE                                 BRI + SOU + CRY

To see the full list, check out: VFL MENTOR 2.

Now, let's pair the VFL algorithms from week 1 to 38, let's say WEEK 5, 6, 7, 8 & 9 fixtures are this below.

    WEEK 5                 ODDS

1. MNC - TOT               1.71

3. CHE - LIV                  1.75

6. EVE - SOU                 1.83

7. ARS - LEI                   1.89

Making use of the 5 criteria's inside SHARPEST FORMULA 101, the game you will play is the number 6.

Play EVE - SOU over2.5

It is 100% sure to win because its the one of the four major team and with their best targeted team.

    WEEK 6                    ODDS

2. EVE - BRI                   1.70

3. MNU - ARS                1.75

5. WOL - LIV                  1.88

8. MNC - NOR                1.55

Making use of the 5 criteria's inside SHARPEST FORMULA 101, the game you will play is the number 2.

Play EVE - BRI  over2.5

It is 100% sure to win because its the one of the four major team and with their best targeted team.

    WEEK 7                     ODDS

2. CRY - EVE                  1.88

4. BRI - MNC                  1.61

5. TOT - LIV                    1.75

6. ARS - SOU                  1.90

Making use of the 5 criteria's inside SHARPEST FORMULA 101, the game you will play is the number 2.

Play CRY - EVE = over2.5

It is 100% sure to win because its the one of the four major team and with their best targeted team.

    WEEK 8                     ODDS

1. EVE - NWC                 1.83

2. WHU - ARS                 1.88

6. MNC - BUR                 1.55

8. LIV - ASV                    1.53

Making use of the 5 criteria's inside SHARPEST FORMULA 101, the game you will play is the number 6.

Play MNC - BUR = over2.5

It is 100% sure to win because its the one of the four major team and with their best targeted team.

    WEEK 9                     ODDS

4. BOU - LIV                   1.75

6. MNC - WOL                1.77

7. CRY - ARS                   1.87

9. EVE - NOR                   1.70

Making use of the 5 criteria's inside SHARPEST FORMULA 101, the game you will play is the number 4.

Play BOU - LIV = over2.5

It is 100% sure to win because its the one of the four major team and with their best targeted team.


As a matter of fact, the EVE team will selected in "week 5" to play over 2.5 goals, will play over2.5 again in "week 6" once they meet their best targeted team and they play over2.5. EVE is still capable to play over2.5 again in "week 7" because they we still meet with a targeted teams as mentioned above and their odds too is still in Media. You need to get VFL MENTOR 2 if you want to know how to calculate for Media Odds.

MNC we selected (Scoring Form) in "week 8" above will surely play over 2.5 or after playing few Under2.5 and then have the chance to play over2.5, will surely play over 2.5. 

Secondly, BUR is an (Activator) for MNC which means the match will result to over2.5. You will learn more about Activators inside our PDF ebooks.

LIV we likewise selected (Scoring Form) in "week 9" because they are meeting their (Activator) which is BOU and their odds is in Media. This simply means that LIV is going to play over2.5.

That's exactly how the Bet9ja League Cheat above works and it also works for Betking, Betpawa, Sportybet, Odibets, Betway, Betika, 1xbet and others.

No matter how Bet9ja makes new update, you will always win if you have SHARPEST FORMULA 101 eBook PDF because it has explained all the virtual football algorithms and programming patterns, the book has covered all the future updates that can be made by Betradar and 1x2 Gaming Software themselves.

Who are Betradar?

Who are 1x2 Gaming Software?

Betradar and 1x2 Gaming Software are the 2 most popular virtual football league programming company that offers VFL to all Bookmakers in the world.

Comment below if you need the e-Books and I will refer you to the right source.
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You can still withdraw your crypto funds into your account with Binance P2P

Earlier, CBN released a new policy on cryptocurrency, which made funding of account on Binance difficult as they have disabled Naira transaction on their platform but you can still make withdrawal.

Do not panic your coins are safe, now here is a trick to leverage on. We all know Binance uses a third party payment gateway and those parties are regulated by the finance body of Nigeria, so this is the reason why they disable all transactions in Naira.

With or without the CBN's Crypto policy you can still withdraw your crypto fund into your account with Binance P2P.

P2P (peer-to-peer) is a trading market where you can safely trade cryptocurrency in exchange.

{tocify} $title={Table of Contents}

How does Binance P2P escrow service work

Step 1: Place your order

Place an order to buy or sell cryptocurrency. The cryptocurrency will be held by Binance P2P temporarily until the the operation is successfully completed.

Step 2: Start a conversation

Start a conversation with the seller and buyer. When you are trading with a counterpart that you do not know, we recommend that you use the chat to communicate with him/her. The chat history will be essential if there is a dispute with your counterpart and you, make an appeal.

Step 3: Make the payment or release the cryptocurrencies

If you are a buyer, make the payment and notify the seller that you completed the payment. Click the ‘confirm’ button to notify the seller that you made the payment. If you are a seller, wait for the buyer's payment confirmation before releasing the crypto.

Step 4: The transaction was successful or the counterparty was not responding

In most cases, when everything goes smoothly, the buyer pays and the seller releases the crypto, but what happens if to counterpart was not fair? In other words, the buyer do not transfer the money or thw seller did not releases the crypto after the buyer made the payment. 

In these case you need to open an appeal, click on the “appeal” button. Now is when the escrow service comes into play and this is why the crypto was temporarily held.

How does Binance P2P escrow service help crypto sellers? 

If the cryptocurrency buyer did not make the payment, Binance P2P's escrow service will return the cryptocurrency to the seller when the time for negotiation is over.

How does Binance P2P escrow service help buyers?

If the buyer made the payment but the seller did not release the cryptocurrency, the buyer can open an appeal to notify Binance's customer service that the counterparty did not release the crypto. If you are the buyer, please provide as much evidence as you can, receipt of payment, or screenshots of the conversation you had with the seller, and once our customer service confirms the payment is made, we can release the crypto to your account. 

Why is the escrow service so important?

The escrow service protects Binance’s users from scammers. If a user tries to convince you to make a deal outside the Binance P2P platform, ignore the suggestion and open an appeal. If you make a deal outside the platform we cannot protect you.  

Imagine that you want to buy cryptocurrency and you find an offer at a competitive price but the seller seems new to the platform, with zero completed orders. How can you be sure that the seller will transfer the cryptocurrency to your wallet? 

The escrow service aims to solve this type of situation, by holding the cryptocurrency in a deposit. When there is no agreement and the counterpart opens an appeal, Binance’s customer service will analyze both the buyer's and the seller's stories. If the buyer wins the appeal, the cryptocurrency will be released to his wallet. However, if he loses the appeal, the cryptocurrency will go to the seller’s wallet. 

While the cryptocurrency is in the deposit, users can trade safely without the risk of losing money. Whatever amount of money you trade, all amounts are important to Binance P2P. 

Frequently Asked Questions about the Binance P2P escrow service 

What happens if, after making the payment, the seller does not answer and does not release the cryptocurrency?

The buyer can file an appeal if the seller is not responding to chat messages or not releasing the cryptocurrency. Our customer support team will evaluate the situation, contact both the parties, and release the crypto to the fair party. 

When an appeal is opened, how long will the funds be frozen?

Our customer service works 24/7. The funds will be unblocked as soon as the dispute between the parties is resolved and this depends on the complexity of each case and the verification of the evidence provided by both parties. The waiting time can range from a couple of hours to days.

What happens if the buyer marks the transaction as paid but the seller has not received the funds?

If the buyer marks the order as paid without actually making the payment, the seller can appeal and our customer support team will cancel the transaction after verifying with both the parties. Upon cancellation, the seller will receive the cryptocurrency back in the wallet.


Its not a must to have money in your Binance account to make transfer to a buyer account. A bank transfer to the buyer's account will work and when you are transferring the money from your bank during P2P don't type anything crypto related in the description. Kindly talk to a binance representative for clearer info.

2-Minutes video on using P2P

Source: https://www.binance.com/en/blog/421499824684900825/How-Does-Binance-P2Ps-Escrow-Service-Work

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Favorito by Erno Ybañez free DNG file download - Free Lightroom presets

Hello, today I will be discussing on Favorito effect DNG by Erno Ybanez, how to use the presets on Lightroom, where to download the free lightroom presets and passcode to get the Favorito preset for free by Erno Ybanez.

Before you proceed kindly read this post: How to Download, Use, and Install Lightroom presets .dng files for free 

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Who is Erno Ybañez

Erno Ybañez is a Philippine video creator who has a great skills in setting up some Lightroom Presets and sells them on his Youtube channels, Instagram and Facebook page at a cheaper price. 

He also has a platform which is passcode protected you need his password in pin code 5 digits number to access his page. Today we will be giving out presets for free.

Free Lightroom Mobile Presets by Erno Ybañez

Erno Ybañez has over 300 presets made by him which he shares and sell on his platforms, which include the Favorito Presets which got popular. This effect was used by so many, some people were introduced to Lightroom through this effect. 

Favorito is just one of the over 300 presets by Erno Yba!ez, and mind you we have so many presets makers who are good in editing and fine tuning of photos and videos. In this case, we have over 200,000 presets. You can make a preset of your own.

What is a Preset?

For beginners, or photo editors that don’t have a lot of time or designers that want to create a consistent visual style for imagery, a Lightroom Preset can be a get alternative to editing everything manually.

A preset is a free (or paid) add-on that comes with pre-determined settings for some of the different features in Lightroom. A preset has all the setting ready to create a certain type of visual with just one click. They can save photographers, editors and designers a lot of time while helping maintain a consistent visual style.

How to download favorito dng file for free

To download Favorito DNG file for free, click here to download, this is the platform created by Erno Ybañez which is passcode protected, you need his password in pin code 5 digits number to access his page.  To get the passcode kindly click here.

Once you get the pin and entered correctly, your download will start right away. Another alternative was to get the preset for free, is to join our telegram channel where the direct file is being posted.

How to apply preset on mobile

After downloading the preset, you have to copy the settings which you will be applying to your pictures and videos. Presets are predetermined or already created settings saved in a file. 

Presets already got all the settings and adjustment done already by a professional e.g the brightness, RGB, sharpness, color effects, temperature, vibrant, tint, saturation, exposure, contrast, highlights, shadows, texture, clarity, vignette, smoothness etc.

All you have to do is follow the explanatory pictures below to add and copy presets settings.

Step 1

Download and install lightroom app on your mobile, then launch the app. On the next screen after setting up everything (signing up and signing in) click on the add button to add your preset file(.dng format) which you downloaded earlier just like we have done in the above picture.

Step 2

After clicking on the add button on the next screen, you will see directories on your phone, locate the directory where you saved your preset file. If downloaded, go to downloads. In the above picture, my preset (.dng) is been collected on WhatsApp as document, so i locate it and then click on it.

Click on the add button to add the selected favorito file or any preset file you selected.

Note: On the lightroom app, the files are been displayed as pictures with an indicator at the top (RAW). Files are in .dng extentions and not like your normal pictures which are in .jpg, .jpeg, .png, .mp4, .mpeg etc. 

Step 3

Go back to the main page, where you see all your directories on Lightroom like in the above picture and then click on all photos to see your recently added preset.

Locate the preset file and then click on it to open it on lightroom app just like in the above picture.

After clicking on the preset file, on the next page look at the top and ensure it is in edit mode, if its in info mode where you can see the info of the preset you just added click the top to change from info mode to edit mode.

Note: check the description/info of the file you opened and see if its a DNG file, if you saved the same file as picture it will be processed and saved as .jpg or .png. So this is an unprocessed raw file and only these files settings can be copied.

Step 4

After switching to edit mode, click on the menu button on the top right to copy the settings.

After clicking on the menu button click on copy settings to copy the preset settings.

Step 5

After you copy the presets settings, repeat step 3 but this time when you get to your picture directory locate the picture you want to apply the effect on. Click on the menu button at the top right just as it is in the picture.

Click on "paste settings" to add the already copied preset settings which we copied earlier. Once you click on paste settings, the effect will automatically be added to the image immediately, you are done.

Save the picture

Click on the share button at the top right screen close to the menu button and then click save to device.

Note: This saved picture has been saved as a raw file on the Lightroom app and the exported image which you saved earlier will be exported as .jpg, jpeg, png etc. This processed image can't be copied unless you have a saved backup of it on your lightroom app. 

Lightroom tends to save a draft or backup of previous work which you just finished adding presets to, so its a raw file and the settings can be copied without the original Favorito presets.


This above guides work on all presets, thats how to add preset to your Lightroom application. If it doesn't copy and paste the settings, check the info of the picture or preset you are copying from to see if its a raw file (.dng).

Please drop your comment below if you experienced any problem while using ts guide and also make use of the share button to encourage us and reach out to others too, one share from you makes us happy. 


WhatsApp Sparks the Privacy Debate, But Is That All There Is?

The world is not where she used to be, thanks to technology, with every passing year and technological advancement, though, there seems to be the monkey’s paw at play. Of course, we are getting a better quality of life – but what are we giving in return? Most of the time, that is the very privacy that we should be fighting to hold onto.

The constant attack on user privacy by the big tech firms has been going unnoticed for some time now. More user awareness on the topic has stirred up consciousness and these tech firms cannot do as they used to anymore. 

But then, that does not mean some backhanded processes are not going on in the background.

WhatsApp Opens the Privacy Debate

The year 2021 was off to a slow start in some quarters before WhatsApp decided to break the ice. The Facebook-owned company has been making moves to let users know where it is coming from for a while now. One of such moves is with the total rebranding of the app such that users now see the ‘from Facebook’ tag anytime they launch the app on their devices.

To cement the parent company’s hold, WhatsApp’s new privacy policy hinted at sharing user data with Facebook. This means that even WhatsApp users who did not have a Facebook account will have their data shared back to the parent company.

The issue here is what kind of data will be shared. Knowing Facebook and the fair share of privacy issues that have plagued them in the past, it is not totally out of place to assume the worst here. Little wonder Brian Acton, co-founder of WhatsApp, left the brand after he could not stand some of the privacy policies that Facebook was starting to implement.

Fortunately, we are not stuck with only WhatsApp. Other amazing IM options on the market keep the user very safe. Of these, we have;
  • Viber
  • Telegram
  • IMessage
  • Signal and
  • Threema, among others.

Other Ways to Protect Your Online Privacy

If you thought that instant messaging apps like WhatsApp are the only ones out for your data, then you are wrong. Almost every app you interact with – especially if such apps interact with the internet too – is out for your data.

This does not mean you should take yourself back to the cavemen era, though. Following tips as simple as the ones below will keep you better secured whenever you’re online:

  • Use safe browsers. Consider options like Tor, Mozilla Firefox, Brave browser, Chromium, etc.
  • Download and install a VPN app to encrypt all of your internet data when online.
  • Never connect to free/ public WiFi networks.
  • Always choose secure and reliable passwords. Enable 2FA where possible.
  • Monitor your accounts for breaches.

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How to remove the trending silhouette filter red effect from videos

Hey guys, my name is Detty and I am the CEO of 9jaedublog, today I will be teaching you an easy step-by-step guide on how to remove the trending red filter (silhouette) from any picture/videos, stay tuned. If this is your first time here, kindly bookmark this blog as we bring to you the most trending and thrilling news and tutorials around you.

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Firstly I will like to explain what the silhouette filter is, this is the dark shape and outline of someone or something visible in restricted light against a brighter background.

What Is The New Silhouette Challenge?

The silhouette challenge involves a user to pose in a doorway in a way that the camera takes only a black silhouette. The black silhouette has to be against a red background. A number of users add the silhouette challenge song, Put Your Head on My Shoulder by The Platters.

A silhouette is the image of a person, animal, object or scene represented as a solid shape of a single colour, usually black, with its edges matching the outline of the subject. The interior of a silhouette is featureless, and the silhouette is usually presented on a light background, usually white, or none at all.

Few days ago, on Tiktok and Twitter, the #silhouettechallenge took social media by a storm and was flooded with users posting snaps and videos with a red filter.

As the challenge evolved, a number of users started creating videos where they posed against the red background then the video would transition and show the background as normal. 

Many other users were left wondering how to remove red light in the silhouette challenge? While there is not a way to remove red filter after it has been applied, there are some tricks that a user can use to give a similar effect.

How can I turn a photo into a silhouette

Remove Image Background and Turn It Into Silhouette (for Free!)

Step 1: Choose Your Image & Download the Software You Need.

Step 2: Open Your Image With Gimp.

Step 3: Select Your Foreground Object.

Step 4: Remove the Background.

Step 5: Optionally Fill the Image in Black.

Step 6: Touch Ups and Saving.

Step 7: You Are Done!

I believe with the above mentioned steps you can easily reversed it and get back to almost the origin state of the image. 

We have so many apps which can be used in making the red filtered silhouette and snapchat has made that easy by simply exploring lens and search for "Vin Rouge" on snapchat and there you go.

How to do the silhouette challenge on TikTok

TikTok challenges vary in degrees of difficulty but luckily this one is fairly easy once you know how.

How do you do the Silhouette Challenge on TikTok?

The Silhouette Challenge is usually someone posing in front of a doorway and then suddenly turning into a silhouette when the lights go off.

This normally happens to the sound of "Put Your Head on My Shoulder" by Paul Anka.

Lots of people use Doja Cat's song "Freak" in which she sample's Anka's song from the 1950s.

There's a few TikTok Silhouette Challenge explainer videos on the app but one of the best is from a user called @nurseswilling.

Here’s a tutorial for anybody wanting to do the #silhouettechallenge

  • Open Snapchat, go to filters and then click Explore.
  • Then search for "vin rouge".
  • Then prop your phone up ready to film, turn off the lights in your room but leave a door open to the hallway and make sure the hallway lights are on.
  • You should see on screen that this creates a silhouette look.
  • That means you can then perform your dance or whatever style of TikTok you were hoping to make in this silhouette form.
  • If you're created a sudden contrast from normal pose to silhouette then you'll need to film the clips separately as one will need the filter and one won't.
  • Then just edit them together.
  • Of course, this does mean you'd be filming the video outside of the TikTok app.
  • Then you'll need to upload it to TikTok once done.
  • You could always try the same steps but without a snapchat filter and put a coloured light in your hallway.

How To Remove Red Light In The Silhouette Challenge?

Firstly, download Adobe Lightroom app on your mobile device and import the video to the app.

Step 2. Go to the color settings, understanding that red is the primary color that can be removed via balancing your temperature of the video (RGB) balancing. Just play around with this.

Another method is using Inshot video editing app, go to your google playstore or app store and download then install Inshot video editing app....

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Techoragon Beta Lite VPN MTN 0.0kb Unlimited Free Browsing Cheat For November/December 2020

Techoragon Beta Lite VPN MTN 0.0kb Unlimited Free Browsing Cheat For November/December 2020

So, for those who are already browsing the internet for free using the latest Techoragon Lite Beta VPN MTN 0.0kb Unlimited Free Browsing Cheat November and December 2020, can now share data connection to their system using pdanet.

We decided to share the latest MTN unlimited free browsing article today for a reason and that reason been that, we prefer getting facts and updates of every free browsing cheats and updates that we find working before it is been published here on 9jaedublog. 

{tocify} $title={Table of Contents}

We are sorry for not posting earlier on, but don't want to miss an update again, do join us on our telegram beta tester channel where we shall first update every latest, glo, airtel, 9mobile and mtn unlimited free browsing cheat for free and when confirmed working by majority, would be published on www.droidvilla.com for visitors and viewers to enjoy the unlimited free browsing cheat.

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About the latest mtn 0.0kb unlimited free browsing cheat 2020 for the month of November/December using Techoragon Lite VPN.

The latest MTN unlimited free browsing cheat 2020 using Techoragon Lite VPN is totally free and it's unlimited. You don't need any activation, no airtime, no data  for free browsing, just your MTN sim card alone and enjoy free unlimited data and browsing.

Techoragon Lite Beta VPN MTN 0.0kb Unlimited Free Browsing Cheat November/December 2020

So, for those who are already browsing the internet for free using the latest Techoragon Lite Beta VPN MTN 0.0kb Unlimited Free Browsing Cheat for November and December 2020, can now share data connection to their PC system using PdaNet.

Download Techoragon Lite Beta VPN

How to Activate the latest mtn 0.0kb techoragon unlimited free browsing cheat 2020 

To enjoy unlimited free browsing with you r mtn simcard, simply follow steps below accordingly.

  1. Migrate to mtn beta talk, YafunYafun or mpulse 
  2. Ensure to delete the previous version of the techoragon lite vpn you have
  3. Download Techoragon Lite Beta VPN directly from Google PlayStore 
  4. After installation, open Techoragon prime vpn and select from the list of available Techoragon mtn unlimited server (server list)
  5. Now select mtn unlimited tweak (tweak list)
  6. Lastly press connect and enjoy unlimited browsing and download till God knows when, if possible till 2021. Cheers  

Note: To enjoy this latest Techoragon Prime VPN unlimited mtn free browsing cheat 2020, do ensure to have Zero (0) data, and airtime. {alertInfo}

To share your VPN internet connection to your Laptop, PC or System, try using PdaNet as it is tested and confirmed working and super fast.

All credits to Driodvilla, the brain behind this tutorial. 

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How Do I Disable Private Number Or Enable Caller ID on MTN, Glo, Airtel and 9mobile On Android and iOS

How To Disable Private Number Or Enable Caller ID on MTN, Glo, Airtel and 9mobile On Android and iPhone

Welcome once again to 9jaedublog.com.ng, we shall be showing you how to disable private number or caller id for MTN, Glo, Airtel and 9mobile on your android or iphone (ios) device for free without having to worry about going to meet a phone doctor in today's article.

{tocify} $title={Table of Contents}

There was a time in which you can make a phone call and the receiver questions you why you are calling him/her with a private number, putting you in a confused state as you actually have no idea on what they are talking about. The receivers most times will see unknown number calling and might end up rejecting the call!

There are options to disable caller ID or enable ID and also to set as default base on the network providers, and this can also be enabled via USSD code for a particular caller of your choice.

Many Android devices will for sure let you disable caller ID on your line so your number won't be displayed when you make all outgoing calls.

Reject or answer

According to the today's modern world, many people will one way or the other prefer to hide their identity for some selected contacts, in other for the receiver not to know the person calling. In cases like this you might forget all outgoing calls are private number and might get you confused just when you intend calling a business partner and he or she gets to see unknown number or private number calling.

Many android users finds it real difficult to answer phone calls showing Unknown Number or Private Number, so you have to be careful enough while making use of this feature or trying to trick someone.
We have got two options to disable private number for MTN, GLO, Airtel and 9mobile on your android device, of which we shall be discussing them one after the other in this Article.

Before we get to know how to disable private number or unknown number, you might actually want to know how to enable or turn on private number (Caller ID), so lets get to discuss about that first before getting to the business of the day.


How To Turn On or Enable Private Number (Caller ID) Using Private Number Code

Unknown number

Many users who enables private number or hides their caller ID will definitely say it is for privacy's reasons. Yes we know you will say that! When your caller ID is turned off, all outgoing calls will definitely turn out to be unknown number or private number as the case may be. 

Still at that good numbers of individuals still prefer keeping their caller ID open, letting the receiver know who truly the caller is.

In most cases your caller identity is turned off automatically, making all outgoing calls to be private number.

Enable Private Number or Disable Caller ID For A Particular Number Using private Number Code

You can generally hide your caller ID or enable your number as a\ private number specifically on a particular call by simply dialing #31# before the contact number. Eg #31#08130856226

Enable Caller ID or Turn Off Private Number For A Particular Caller Using private Number Code

As earlier discussed above, you can manually turned off your caller identity for a particular number using private number code #31# and now if you wish to disable the private number manually, all you have to do is simply dial the contact number alone without adding the #31#. So easy right? 

Note: Some people block or simply avoid picking up all private number or blocked caller id calls, so you may have to enable caller ID or turn off private number just if you get tons of rejection while your caller ID is disabled. 

How To Permanently Enable Caller ID or Disable Private Number For MTN, GLO, AIRTEL or 9mobile On Android

Disable Private Number On Android

To disable your number as private number, in other words enabling your caller identity on your android device simply follow the steps below.
  • On your Android device, go to settings 
  • Locate and select (Wireless and networks) 
  • Now tap on call settings and you should see your sim options (Sim 1 and Sim 2)
  • On the sim section you wish to disable private number, tap on "Additional Settings."
  • Finally Tap on "Caller ID" and select show number. 
If you wish to enable private number or disable caller identity then you can select on hide number. 

(Automatically it is always set to default, which sometimes becomes private number and visible). So you decide what you want!


You can as well get this settings directly from your android dialer, by simply tapping on the three dotted icon on your dialer app and tap on settings, and navigate to additional settings and then Caller ID.

Locate Caller id to disable private number

Disable caller id on android 

Caller id disable and enable

How To Permanently Enable Caller ID or Disable Private Number For MTN, GLO, AIRTEL or 9mobile On iPhone (iOS)

For my iOS users, to disable or enable private number or caller ID kindly follow steps below. 
  • On your iPhone, open the "Settings" from the home screen
  • Tap on "Phone." and select "Show My Caller ID" and use the toggle button to activate or deactivate this feature.
The major Problem with private number enabled is the fact that all outgoing calls might be ignored or rejected in some cases, since the receiver might feel unsecured to pick up the private number caller. 

Finally, we have come to the end on this article and with this article you should know how to disable private number or Enable Caller ID on MTN, Glo, Airtel and 9mobile on your Android or iPhone.
Just if your number always show on the receivers end as unknown number or private, this article is just a fix for you.

Source: https://www.droidvilla.com/2020/05/how-to-disable-private-number-on-android-and-iphones.html

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