How To Change The Color Of Your Facebook Messenger Chat Theme


Facebook recently announced several new features for Facebook Messenger, along with a new logo. These features include vanish mode, selfie stickers, bespoke emoji reactions, and the cherry on top, the ability to alter the chat theme color. Isn't this news exciting? Would you like to alter the theme color in Messenger chats? Learn how to do so in this post.

Dark/light mode and chat themes are the two types of themes available in Facebook Messenger. One can apply a dark theme to the entire Messenger background, including all chats. The light mode is reserved for one-on-one conversations. Themes in a chat affect the color of the conversation's background as well as the color of the chat bubbles.

This is a quick tutorial on how to change the color of the Facebook Messenger chat theme on Android.


Random conversation participants have the ability to modify the Messenger theme. The same will be true for all participants.

When a theme is altered, it is announced and the other participants are told.

Participants should be aware that changing the Messenger chat themes for all messages is not possible. Chat themes are only applicable to individual talks. If a participant wants to apply the same theme to numerous chats or all messages, you may need to repeat the instructions for each chat separately. The light or dark theme will be applied to the Messenger interface as a whole.

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