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Welcome back to 9jaedublog, if you have not bookmarked this blog, kindly do that and always pay us a visit, today I will be teaching you how to solve the various AdSense problems we have regarding approval. 

Google AdSense says “We found some policy violations on your site, We can't serve ads on your site until you fix these issues.” How do I find out what is wrong with this site?

Most applications for Adsense are unsuitable, and the generic refusal message says that there are policy violations. That doesn’t necessarily mean serious violations - it’s just that the site is not suitable for Adsense.

They are looking for high quality well-maintained and well-established sites that offer something new and original, which attract visitors from search engines, and which are not in overdone niches. If yours doesn’t fit that, then it will be turned down.

Today I will show you how you can easily fix Adsense problems from what ever response they give to you. I will also teach you what each response is and then lastly you can comment your site url and the response you've been getting and I help you review if it is complaint with Adsense requirement in getting your website or blog ready for approval.

I have got 3 websites approved in a month so it's not really going to take you much time anymore to get that your website/blog approved trust me as long as you follow my instructions on this blog.

How many articles should my blog have before I apply for Google Adsense?

As a beginner I also searched the question a lot.. But frankly I want to say that the number of posts or articles on your blog/website does not always matter.

But it is important to write about 15 to 20 posts of your own. If you write 20 quality posts not plagiarised but unique, you will get accepted by Adsense. Try to write longer articles about 1000 to 2000 words.

One more thing, be consistent. Post 2 or 3 articles every week. Write like you are talking to someone, so that the person can relate to you. 

How do I solve Google AdSense’s low value content issue?

Have your website or blog be rejected for low value content issue, then here are some few steps and things to consider to fix this issue and get approved:

  • Change your site logo.
  • Change the theme of your site.
  • Increase the size of the title of each of your posts.
  • Use tags on every post on your site.
  • Index all posts on your site to Google.
  • Categorise your post.
  • Use the categories in your Navigational menu.

1. Change your site logo

Google looks forward to seeing the quality of your blog or website, so if it's not quality enough, Google marks it as underdeveloped site. Change the logo of the blog or website to look more professional and matches the theme of your blog/website.

2. Change the theme of your site

If the template of your blog is not good enough, shows much information, easy to navigate and has those tags and categories that makes it easier for your readers to easily find your contents or search engine to easily crawl and follow through your blog posts, then I guess you are far from getting approved by Adsense.

3. Increase the size of the title of each of your posts

Increasing the length and size of your titles, considering using long tail keywords and make it simple at sam time for search engines.

4. Use tags and categories your posts

I already explained this, for good user experience and optimization for search engines.

5. Index all your posts on Google search engine

Please do ensure all your posts are showing in Google search page, I mean at least 20 posts at minimum is displaying on Google search page. You can do this via using the search console tools provided by google to index your posts. Just have it in mind this are the posts google is only seeing on your website or blog.

You might have up to 20 posts on your blog and only one post or your index page is showing on Google, just consider Adsense seeing your blog as having only one post.

So use the search console tool to manually crawl your post and give it more time for them to start ranking.

You can use this method to see how many of your post is been seen on google search. 
  1. Go to
  2. Search using this tag "" 
  3. Replace yourdomain in above search term with your website domain/url and search
  4. or Use search Console to check your site coverage

Make sure among the posts showing on Google search if you search the title or any query to your post title, your post will show up on Google search page? Yes, you have to rank for about 3 posts. Ranking shows that post is quality enough and mostly more valuable to readers.

How do I fix policy violations in Google AdSense?

The team has now reviewed it but unfortunately your site isn’t ready to show ads at this time. There are some issues which need fixing before your site is ready to show ads.
Most times, when Google rejects your AdSense application with such replies, the logical thing for you to do is to work on your site.

Its Easy to Fix this, Follow the Followings:

  • Remove all the copy and paste content from your website (plagiarised).
  • Remove all the software or copyrighted materials from your website.
  • Remove all the copyrighted images from your website.
  • Movies, Songs, Torrents Sites, Copyrighted Materials are the Reasons for Policy Violations.

Once You remove all those copyrighted materials from your website.

Do The Following:

  • Add the Following Pages into your website
  • Privacy Policy
  • Disclaimer Page
  • Contact Us
  • About Us
And when you do all these important things, You must also know that You should have pretty quality content with few articles.

  • You must write quality 25 articles with 500 words each article.
  • No copy paste
  • No copyrighted materials, Images, Videos, Softwares ETC.

Once you do these, Reapply and you will get approved.

There should be no spam words, insultive or offensive texts!

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