SHOCKING: Soldier narrates how the attack that killed 4 soldiers happened in Bwari


A voice record that is going viral on the net by an unknown source is a soldier whose identity is hidden narrating how the Bwari attack killed about 4 soldiers happened on 24th July 2022. He happens to be one of the witnesses as he is one of the soldiers at the attack. He is currently hospitalized in the Bwari General Hospital, Bwari, Abuja, FCT.

This incident happened on Sunday, 24th July 2022. In his voice note, he narrated the full information of every action that took place on that day and what triggered the attack and the number of casualties they had, and who the enemy is.

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In his voice record, he narrates, 

"No be small matter o, the issue be say them write one school of law wey dey this Bwari road. There is one particular school of law there. So they wrote the school that they are coming to attack the school.

So when the school received that letter, they informed our battalion, which is the guard brigade. Instantly we went there and we started all-around defense deployment. They were now contemplating that these people that say they are coming to the school of law, may have a plan B to attack another place. 

So we then look for a nearest prominent target that they might come for as well and that happens to be one Veritas University very close to that place like 3.2 km away from here. So we went there as well to create an all-around defense. 

So we've been there for over two weeks now before this attack came up on Sunday. We were there, in night we normally observe some torch light reflection in the bush at that Veritas University. We said, ah who are these people in the bush? We asked those security men in that School, Is this how you people normally observe torch light and they responded No.

So when it was daybreak we had to advance into the bush, it was on Sunday. I went there together with them, I was there. When we got there we saw where they were smoking, we saw where they killed goats, their heat source, we saw their drugs (tramadol). That was when we confirmed that these people are in these bushes.

We then re-enforce, and called for re-enforcement with backup, they brought APC, Gun truck, and artillery team. We then further advanced into the bush. We kept on advancing searching for them until we got to a place where we found water and rock that our gun trucks can't channel through. So we parked there and this is one of the reasons we had casualties to be sincere. 

We parked the AA, GPMG, and the Gun trucks, and went into the bush with just our riffles alone, which was the AK-47 we held. We didn't even carry RPG because we thought they will only be a bucket of enemies, that they will be around 20 to 30 or thereabout.

The moment we went into the bush, they sighted us from a very far distance when we have not seen them, they further lay down and created an ambush waiting for us to penetrate. They flagged us from left and right. The moment we get to their own AOR (Area of responsibility).

It's a long story to tell, they killed us, engaged us, and really really engaged us. We lost four soldiers in my own unit. It was three units that went there, 177, and 102 from Keffi, including my own unit 7 guards battalion.  They dislodge us because they are fully prepared, their shell mutter, their IUD, explosive devices, they shelled it but we still tried and killed almost 12 of them.

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They succeeded in killing one captain, one lieutenant, and two soldiers in my unit. The other unit lost about one soldier each. We did engage them to some extent. This was the situation in the case. We have been dislodging them since that day with re-enforcements, I don't think any of them still remains in that bush again.

They all went through Kaduna road, we also followed them, no be small attack oh, we followed them bombarded that place. All those places wey gun truck no fit follow, we go carry the gun truck go turn go meet them for front. No be small wahala oh but we just bless God for life.

As I speak, I am in the General hospital, I'm in the National hospital rather, but we just bless God for everything. It's not that they have the mind to face soldiers, they knew we are the outside reason why they couldn't come outside. Had been there no soldiers in that School of Law, they would have come to scatter that school a very long time ago but they had to wait because they knew soldiers are outside.

We mounted there like it was our barrack, we turned it to duty, many soldiers there with riffles and gun trucks, that was how we've been doing it till this very moment before we agreed on advancing since we've seen torch lights rays. Let's meet them and clear their doubts, but because they already know we are coming, they already get prepared and they did their worst.

So this was the situation, aside from what I am explaining being a lie, people are just gathering information to say things that are not real, I just explained the whole situation. As I speak, I am in the General Hospital with some soldiers and they are communicating with me. You guys should just include us in prayers, may God help us all."

So in the above-quoted statement was what happened on that day the attack took place, explained by one of the soldiers who is an eye-witness of the whole scene. 9jaedublog cannot say this is authentic because we have not confirmed if this source is real and the whole truth of what happened that day. So we won't be held responsible for this information.

Kindly share this information and drop your comment below if you have an objection or contribution to the above passage. Thank you



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