Quickest method to get AdSense Approval with the new latest update in June 2022

Every newbie bloggers have a dream to monetise their blog and earn money from it and Adsense is the first choice for most of them. But most of the time they end up getting rejected for Google Adsense program.

Google Adsense is one of the best CPC ad network to earn money by displaying ads on your blog. Is it that hard to get Google Adsense approval? 

You get the famous depressing mail from google, "Unfortunately your site isn’t ready to show ads. The team has now reviewed it but unfortunately your site isn’t ready to show ads at this time. There are some issues which need fixing before your site is ready to show ads." After waiting for a long period of time setting up your site and patiently waiting for approval.

Have You Applied For Google Adsense For Your Website Or Blog Monetization?………..And you have got rejected! Or had received mail like this from Google Adsense Team? And now you’re confused what are the reasons and want to resolve them?

Yes, you see my friend I was once like you drowning in the sea of my discontent. This article here is the solution to your problems with AdSense approval. There are several reasons why your site may not be ready to show ads. Discover what you need to fix and how to create an AdSense-ready site.

It is not a new thing that Google Adsense rejects applications from most intending publishers to join the program.

That is because there are things you have not put in place before you submit your application, that is why the team of Google Adsense keeps rejecting your applications.

Google Adsense rejection email is one of the most depressing emails in the life of any blogger. But despite all of these, every blogger strives to get an approved Google Adsense account to be able to monetise his/her blog contents.

Google Adsense program is said to be the best paying contextual advertising program for bloggers and website owners.

If Google Adsense keeps rejecting your applications each time you submit; here is 16 steps on what you have to do and start using Google Adsense immediately.

If you still want to use the Google Adsense platform to make money I will reveal to you how they do it in this part of the world.

Google Adsense keep rejecting your application? Here is 16 things on what to do

I recall when the first time I applied to Google Adsense for my website, they rejected my application due to insufficient Or low content. As my website hardly had 10 posts published.

Like low or thin content, there are some other reasons or conditions as well that will decide whether your application would get approved or get rejected.

I’ve seen a lot of new bloggers face this problem when they start their own blog and apply for AdSense.

For good reason, Google AdSense is one of the most well-known advertising platforms in the market.

They provide a wide range of appropriate ads to show on your ads (and these advertisements are completely managed and sorted by Google itself) along with different ads sizes, delivery methods, reporting tools, and, most importantly, quick payments.

Google Adsense is the most effective and dependable way to monetise your blog.

However, it is necessary for publishers (Blog Owners) to obtain Google Adsense Approval before beginning to display advertisements on their websites. Getting Google AdSense approval isn’t difficult if you follow all of their policies.

Because many people and businesses rely on running ads on their websites to make money, it’s not uncommon for them to apply for Google AdSense from the time their websites go live.

Most of the time, though, these applications get refused. But paying attention to this list of common Adsense Rejection Reasons below will help you to understand what is blocking you to get your AdSense approved.

But before that, I strongly advise you to read these Google Adsense approval tricks before applying to Google AdSense; if you do, you will be approved the first time. 

So, now let’s jump back to our main topic and get to know about the 16 reasons why AdSense is rejecting your application.

1. Your Site Ownership Is Not Verified

Supporting Link Google Official Website: Choosing a verification method.

The first thing you must check is your site ownership is verified or not. This should be your first task after your start a blog or going to apply for Google Adsense. Verifying Site Ownership will assure Google Adsense that the website or blog belongs to you, you’re the owner of your site or blog.

There are plenty of ways by which you can verify your ownership like Search Console Ownership login and Implementing HTML code to site given by Google Search Console.

You can check your ownership by reviewing properties in your search console dashboard. You can add a new property or use your property selector to choose an unconfirmed property.

Enter or select the property you want to verify and choose one of the methods of verification mentioned below in the image. The verification page will show you which techniques are available and which are suggested for your site.

2. Improper Implementation of Ad Code on Site (Ad Code Implemented On Thin Or No Content Pages)

When signing in to your AdSense account and adding a website to it for approval, Adsense gives you an ad code (HTML Script) which you have to implement on your webpage on which you want to show ads (Generally on every webpage of the site).

Sometimes there are issues like the Google site is unable to detect ad code on your site or the implemented code is broken or incorrect.

To ensure that the ad code is implemented correctly, We recommend that you check your ad code after you’ve placed it to ensure that they’re working properly. 

Checking the ad code in your browser’s source code view is a useful approach to ensure that you’ve appropriately applied your AdSense ad code:

  • Open your browser to the page that contains the ad code, and then look at the source code of your page (e.g., in Chrome, click View, Developer, and then View Source).
  • Compare the ad code in the source code of your page to the ad code in your AdSense account. Your ad code should be precisely the same as it is in your AdSense account.

You can also check out the complete Code Implementation Guide provided by Google.

You should also check if your ad code is implemented on a thin or no content page. This will give Google Adsense a negative signal that your site has low quality or no content. 

This is very important to note, you know your site is on Google search console, and your sitemap is submitted to google for all your pages and posts, Adsense crawler will follow through there to review and access all your pages and posts except he posts you have drafted. 

Even if you don't use the link on your site for google crawler to visit your site, it will follow through your sitemap.xml and then access it. So you should review all your posts and pages in your website and ensure they have good contents on it.

Adsense says do not place your ads code in pages with little or no value content, since you placed the Adsense code in the head section of your blog, automatically you have applied Adsense ads to all pages of the site the head is applicable to. So you should confirm all your pages on the site and also posts you have.

Now, considering removing ads from 404 page, there are some plugins to do that if you are using wordpress, like Adsfoxly, Advanced Ads etc. while if you are using blogger, considering blocking google ads bot through your robot.txt or go to your auto ads page on Adsense and click on the pencil icon close to your site and edit how auto ads is been display on your blog. Locate the excluding function where you can exclude url you don't want auto ads on. 

404 page not found doesn't have long content on it, so ads should not be placed there, also look for short pages like your category page, tags, label that has probably only 2 post on the list thus making the category, tag, or label page has short content, considering writing more posts to the label or remove it from anywhere it can have a follow through like sidebar and menus, which is not actually possible because inside the post you used the label for, the label is still showing and its clickable. 

When google ads bot comes, they crawl is since it doesn't have a nofollow tag. So you should consider writing more posts in each category like about 5 posts each. The best advice I will give is to use limited category like 3 only and make sure each category or tag or label has up to 5 post in each.

Check out for duplicated label, category or tag. When creating your post, you might choose for example Scholarship as label or category or tag and also on same post choose Schools as category and you do this for all your post relating to that category, when google ads bot comes to these labels, categories or tags, they flag the page as duplicate page because you are having the same list of posts in the categories when visit. 

There is no much different from Scholarship page and Schools page, the only difference is the title, so you should also look out for this things too.

So ensure you haven’t implemented the ad code on low-quality content pages.

Supported Google Article: Google Adsense Help

3. Your Site Domain Is Too New

It is said that the website must be at least six months old before applying for AdSense, But, it is not the complete truth.

Check this official statement from the AdSense team.

In some locations, including China and India, we require publishers to have owned their sites for 6 months. We’ve taken this step to ensure the quality of our advertising network and protect the interests of our advertisers and existing publishers

So you should consider waiting for 6 months or you can buy a six-month-old domain.

However, several Indian bloggers have had AdSense approved on one-month domains. The quality of your blog is the most crucial factor in this situation. So, If you’ve done everything else correctly, you can gain approval even if your domain is only a month old.

This actually not really important because some domains get approved lesser than that but as I said this article is to tell you all the possible reasons why you are not approved yet. New domains really don't actually has a high Domain Authority (DA) or page rank because the contents on your website are still new and you are not yet ranking for them. Google has not sufficiently gather your content on their index, they've crawled your site yes, but has all your posts be indexed? is people searching queries and coming to your website through google. 

You can check your search console to see your impressions and clicks on Google search and also see topics on your blog you are suppose to be ranking for or having much clicks for, you will see the most seen post and the most clicked post and also your position in ranking on Google search.

So all you have to do is to modify those content and add more informations to them and continue creating articles relating to it and then give internal backlinks in the post to the other articles so Google can quickly crawl them.

you can see this is actually going to take you some time, you might apply and they reject you for low value content or thin content or you have not reached the minimum content requirement. You will be wondering you have so many articles and yet still not enough? Just give it more time, even without adding more content. Once they are all indexed and some is ranking, you are good to go but always ensure you study your search console

Supporting Thread: Google Adsense Helping Community 

4. Thin, Insufficient Or Low-Quality Content

Your website lacks sufficient text for Google professionals to examine.

Google is a large company that strives to give excellent service to its clients. They aim to avoid websites with improper or incomplete content, as well as poor content in general.

Before approving a blog, Google gives high value to the site’s content. If the text is badly written and contains grammatical errors, Google will reject the blog right away.

The content must not only be grammatically perfect, but it must also be distinctive and bring value to the blog’s visitors and readers. So the number one reason is that your blog’s content is poorly written.

As you can see in the image above, the reason for rejection is clearly stated that my blog or website has low content quality.

Therefore, make sure that you are creating the best content possible. It will also guarantee that the traffic on your website is going to increase in the future which is exactly what the people behind AdSense want – a broader audience for their ads.

Adsense does not specify a minimum number of posts BUT it is usually best to apply when:

  • You have been regularly posting  for several months (3 to 6 months, at least once/week.)
  • You have around  25 original content posts of about 800+ words each in proper sentences and paragraphs. 
(Do not count Privacy, About, Contact pages as they cannot have ads. Read Placement policies.).

As for inappropriate content (including content for adults, hate speech, etc), it’s simply not acceptable and there’s no way around it.

Just like I earlier mentioned you should check your labels and categories too, the content there are they enough, I know its list and not article yeah but the contents should be long enough, at least the words count on the page should be up to 500 words.

About low value content, make sure your articles gives more value to the readers, it should add value to what is already on the internet and not replicating what someone has already written without giving a contextual information to it.

Just publishing long content is not enough to get approval for Google Adsense. You blog posts must be informativeunique and add value to the users.

If you are using automatically generated content, posting affiliate links without adding any value, using scraped content or low quality blog posts then you will not get approval for Adsense.

If you have a blog filled with low quality content, then you will get your Adsense application rejected. So make sure to post high quality content before signing up and apply for Adsense account.

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