New method on How to get AdSense Approval with the latest update in June 2022

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Quickest method to get AdSense Approval with the new latest update in June 2022

5. Duplicate Or Plagiarised Content

If your site or blog has duplicate or plagiarised Content (Plagiarised content is defined as any content that was not authored by the writer and does not provide credit to anyone or added information to the first speaker), and you are thinking that Google will accept your site. You are wrong, Adsense will simply reject your application.

It is acceptable to use content from other blogs/websites. However, I do not recommend copying and pasting a full article onto your site. All you have to do is to add more information to it, review or comment to it and make sure you give credits to the original poster just like this article I made, you can compare to the original poster, you will see how I added more information to his/her content and also give feedback to the owner.

It may have a negative impact on your blog in the long run. Google may identify that your content is not original at some point.

Always be genuine with yourself and your site visitor by providing them only original content, this will help you in your journey with Google Adsense and also help you to continue becoming better and better in your writing skills.

Another thing to look into is the description text most website use in their footer or header to describe their blog, please ensure you don't put a long paragraph text there cause this will be duplicating on all pages the footer is applicable to.

6. Poor Navigation In Site

Navigation of a website is an important factor in creating a good user experience (which Google loves the most) as it helps your site’s visitors to easily navigate between different content and in finding the content they want. 

Along with visitors it also helps search engines like google to understand what is important according to the owner. Google always want to inspect that what page plays important role in the whole site.

According to a poll, 50% of internet users could identify where relevant content will be based on a normal website navigation structure.

Think if half of your visitors can’t find the content they want because of the poor site navigation, this will increase your site bounce rate and decrease pageview.

So, always make every effort to ensure that your visitors and search engines can effortlessly browse your content. You have to categories your contents and then:-
  • Make sure this category links are in your menu either in header or footer for easy navigation. 
  • Make sure they loads properly and link to the write pages. 
  • Make sure they are easy to click and not overlapping another text or are too tiny to be visible.

7. Design Is Not User Friendly

The design of a blog is really important as it also has a huge impact on User-Experience and Google is really concerned about it.

Consider this scenario: You’ve visited a blog site and your eyes just don’t want to look at the site due to its design, who would like a dark red background along with white coloured content. 

If you can’t tolerate that type of website design how do you believe that Google Adsense will approve that slummy-looking blog or website?

Make sure that your website is well-designed. If you have used WordPress to build your website, choose a well-designed theme. 

I using a Neve theme for my website. You can consider GeneratePress, Neve and Astra themes for good UI designs. So there are many Adsense optimised theme for Adsense approval but always use a simple and easy to navigate site having good menu in header and footer and is both mobile and desktop friendly.

8. Not Having Essential Pages

Your site must have some essential pages to get approved by Google Adsense. Those essential pages include:

  • About Us: To inform blog readers about the publisher or websites identity and their goals or operation.
  • Privacy Policy: If you are collecting any type of data from visitors then your site must have a Privacy Policy page to aware your visitor of the data you are collecting from them and how it will be used.
  • Contact Us: A webpage that allows visitors to contact the website’s owner or the content publisher, whether it’s an organisation or an individual. 
These web pages provide the impression that you are a professional who follows Google guidelines. Keep in mind that one of Google AdSense’s requirements is that your site or blog must have a privacy policy page.

Don’t worry you can easily create all these pages. Just go to the site listed below and fill in some basic details and the page will get ready in time. Just copy and paste them on your website.

9. Content Policy Violation

Check your content to make sure that it doesn’t violate Google Content Policy.

And also don’t link to any page type mentioned in the Google Content Policy guideline.

Google Adsense does not allow content to show ads that promote:

  • Illegal content
  • Abuse of intellectual property
  • Content that is potentially harmful or negative
  • Animal abuse
  • Content that is false or misleading
  • Enabling dishonest behaviour
  • Unwanted or malicious software
  • Content that is sexually explicit
  • Compensated sexual acts
  • Mail order brides
  • Adult themes in family content
  • Sexual exploitation and abuse of children
Examine every piece of content on the website, to make sure the content is not about any of the listed topics mentioned in Google Content Policy.

Make sure your content should not about any of the above-listed topics or should not link to any of these types of pages.

10. Your Site Has Bad Traffic Traffic Source Issue

The sources of traffic to your website are referred to as Traffic Sources.

Google doesn’t want to show ads on pages that receive traffic from the following sources:

  • Self-Clicked Traffic
  • Manipulated Served Ads
  • Traffic coming from Paid-Click Program
  • Traffic through Generated or Automated Bots
  • Planned accidental clicks
Focus on having a consistent level of visitors. If your site has sufficient organic traffic, it indicates that your site has quality content and provides a good user experience.

If you use the method listed above to lure traffic to your site or blog, you’ll definitively have a high bounce rate. In addition, if you pay for traffic, Google will be aware of it.

Google takes illegitimate traffic very seriously, examining all clicks and impressions to see if they fit a pattern of use that could falsely inflate an advertiser’s or publisher’s cost or earnings. 

If Google determines that an AdSense account is exploiting any Google Ads advertisers, it may disable that account to safeguard the interests of its advertisers.

Be patient as it is crucial here; focus on getting traffic that naturally visit your website.

11. Under construction, Page Is Not Allowed

While finding content who wants an Under Construction page, it is just like falling into a dump hole while finding a way.

Under-Construction pages provide a bad user experience to their visitors.

So, make sure your site does not have any dump hole or a dead end.

12. Know Adsense Eligibility Criteria

There are other things that must be taken into mind while applying for google Adsense to monetize your blog.

As noted in Google Adsense’s Terms and Conditions, You must be over the age of 18 in order to apply for AdSense. They will not approve your application if you are under the age of 18.

If you are under the age of 18, working with your parents or another trustworthy adult is a good method to get your application accepted. This allows you to operate on your website with AdSense enabled even if you are under the age of 18.

Note: If you’re under 18, you may have a parent or guardian sign up for AdSense using their own Google Account. If their AdSense account is approved, all payments will be made to the adult account for the site.”

Also you must make sure that the language you have set up your blog on, must be on the supported languages list of Adsense.

The traffic sources of your blog must be from legal ways.

You can read all the eligibility criteria for getting Google Adsense Approval here.

13. One Account Per Publisher

There is a limit of one Adsense account per individual or corporate entity. If you are caught with more, you will be banned from all accounts, not just one. That is a significant loss of potential revenue, and it is not worth the effort to outwit Google. 

You can have an unlimited number of websites under a single account. While applying with a primary website, you are not limited to adding additional non-related websites later.

Another thing to remember is Google Adsense accounts cannot be transferred, assigned, or resold.

14. Don’t use copyrighted Images and Content

If you are using copyrighted properties like images, graphics, icons and even copied content from other sites, then it would make a negative impact on your Adsense application.

Many bloggers use images downloaded directly from Google in their blog posts. This must be avoided to monetize your blog with Google Adsense.

You can download tons of free to use images for your blog posts from free stock images stores like Unsplash, Pexels and Pixabay.

You can even use professional tools like Photoshop to create images for your blog. If you don’t know how to create images for your image, you can even use free resources like Canva to create amazing images for your articles.

I used images created with Canva and photoshop for my blog.

15. Don’t Use Other Ads

You must remember one thing that when applying for Adsense you must remove all other ad networks from your blog and keep your site clean.

If you have your site crowded with advertisements, then Google Adsense may reject your application.

Once you have got Adsense approval for your site, you can use other ad networks alongside the Google Ads but I would recommend not using any ad networks on your blog at the time of applying for Google Adsense.

16. You’ve already been banned before

Your application will be automatically get rejected if you have already been banned from Google Adsense Program. If this is the case, you should contact AdSense’s customer service for better assistance.

However, your chances of acceptance are minimal because you have already disobeyed the rules of conduct. Nobody loves it, not even AdSense.

Just for once put yourself in the company’s (Google) shoes. You will get the clear motto why Google AdSense want to work with genuine and serious people who can display their advertisements to even thousands, if not millions, of visitors.

With keeping the above two sentences in mind, go through each of these procedures to ensure that you meet all of the requirements before submitting your application.

If you have been rejected by Google Adsense, look for the reasons for your rejection and take steps to resolve the reasons that will help you to get approved the next time.

Some Frequently Asked Question Regarding Adsense Application

Can I get Adsense approval with Blogger?

Yes, you can definitely get Adsense Approval for your Blogspot site.

How long does Adsense approval takes?

There is no right answer, how does it take to get approval from Adsense. But the maximum time is 2 weeks to make the decision whether your site gets approved or get rejected.


How much do I need for Adsense approval?

There is no actual minimum traffic requirement to get Adsense approval. But it is clear that if you do not have enough traffic, you are not going to make much money from it.

Is it hard to get approval for Adsense?

No, not at all just make sure you meet all of the requirements before submitting your application to Adsense.

Why was my Adsense account disapproved?

Your site doesn’t meet the minimum Eligibility requirement for Adsense Approval.

How many times can I re-apply for Adsense?

Don't get mistaken. when I said re-apply, I mean if rejected, to make Adsense team review your site again. 

Until you get accepted.


Can I pay someone to help me get approved?

This is all up to you, it has no effect on Adsense policy but be careful with who you offer to pay for service as they can harm your site or hijack it. I also do Adsense approval service, you pay me and I get you approved. I will optimise your content for Adsense approval. Click here for more information or drop your request in the comment section or visit our Contact Us page.

You may get more information on the Official Google Support website if you want to better understand all of the rules.

Make sure you do all the steps clearly and you will get to the positive ending. 

I hope you have found all the answers you were looking for but still if there’s any query/doubt that you want to clear, the comment box is wide open for you or you can mail us your query at, we will be more than happy to help you.

And thanks a ton for reading along, it means a lot to us. 

But, What if Google Adsense Rejects Your Application?

The methods and tricks for Google Adsense approval that worked for one, may not work for you and you may get your Adsense application rejected even if you think you are doing everything good.

But you won’t have to worry about it. Getting your Google Adsense application rejected is not the end of monetising your blog.

You can earn a lot of money from your blog without even using Google Adsense. Also you can re-apply for Google Adsense to review your site when you think you have solved the problems that caused your rejection.

So I would suggest doing the following things if your got your Adsense application rejected.

  1. Make sure to analyse for the problems that caused your application get rejected on Adsense. Google Adsense also declares the reasons of rejection. You can work on these reasons and re apply again for Google Adsense.
  2. If you want to monetise your blog without Google Adsense, you can do that too. There are many other ways to earn money from your blog without Adsense. You can use Affiliate marketing, use other Google Adsense alternatives like Media.Net, Infolinks or Bidvertiser to earn money from your blog.


If you are someone struggling to get Adsense approval for your blog, I hope this complete guide on how to get Adsense approval in just a month will help you do this.

You must have clean interface with high quality content on your blog before your apply for Google Adsense. Also make sure you have good traffic to earn online from the ads.

How long did you have to wait before getting your Adsense approval?

Don’t forget to share your experience in the comments below and use the below share button to share this post among your fellow bloggers trying to get approval on all social media.


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