Disabled adsense account. How to participate again in the program?

Please google and type" Adsense software udemy", in case failed to learn what I'm trying to tell you below. But please let me get started, I'm going to explain you quickly.

Forget about the account. Go and open another one because adsense account banned for TOS violation can never be re-opend. Create a new site and do the following:

1. make sure you as well monitor the type of visitors that come to your site. If they are the type of visitors just clicking ads without buying, it could be assumed that you are carrying out adsense click fraud. Your site visitors can be monitored through Google analytics installed on your site.

2. Monitor your CTR. A sudden increase in CTR could raise an alarm that there is a strange activity on your site with respect to adsense ads. If you get a sudden increase in CTR, send a mail to adsense support (this can help in case of future investigation on the adsense ads on your site)

3. Check the placement of your adsense ads. Did you place images too close to the ads? This could draw too much attention for your visitors to just be clicking on the ads for fun

4. Check the way you promote the site. If you buy traffic from just any source, this could lead to high adsense clicks by people who never had the intention of buying or knowing about the adsense ads offers

5. If your friends or family know about your site, tell them not to click the adsense ads. Family and friends usually visit sites of a known person and lack of understanding of adsense ads make them to click those ads the way they like. It could be that Google discovered that some the adsense clicks on your site were coming from some specific IP addresses. This is enough reason to investigate and conclude that click fraud is going on.

What I have said may not be all. But make sure you take your site visitors seriously. Do not just be concerned about receiving visitors to your site. You should also be concerned about what they are doing there.

Will Google Adsense pay me after suspending my account?

If you are asking, will you be paid if your account is disabled, the answer is “no”. The funds are returned to the advertisers. Google doesn’t profit from account disablings.

Thirty-day account suspensions are a different story. While it is likely that funds will be returned to the advertisers and you won’t be paid during or because of the actions you took to lead to the suspension, you should continue to earn money after it is over (assuming you took measures to solve and prevent the problem that led to the suspension — otherwise your account will be disabled.

The account disabling process is brutal, I realize, as I belong to an exceptionally small minority — someone who has experienced the dreaded account disabled email twice (once totally justified), and ended up as a Google Help Forum Top Contributor who now receives annual expense-paid visits to the mothership.

It is generally not helpful to argue whether you are “innocent” as this isn’t a court of law; it is a commercial transaction/arrangement and Google is fighting some nasty, organized click fraud rings. 

So I expect sometimes, if the account traffic and behaviour comes close to these rings, “innocent” publishers may be nailed, but there really isn’t anything you can do about it, except to use the appeal mechanism, document your case with factual data (not “I did nothing wrong”) and prove to Google there is a false positive. This is I agree generally very hard to do.

(In my second “account disabled” event, a saboteur didn’t like my answers when I called him out on the help forum, so unleashed virtually every trick in the book to make it look like I was cheating the system. 

Although I immediately took measures to protect advertisers from harm by denying monetization, some revenue seeped into the account, and I received the dreaded email — but by then the existing Top Contributors (I wasn’t one yet) had noticed my problem, alerted Google staff, and so I had some human help when the problem blew up. 

My account was restored within 24 hours and within a week I received the invitation to Top Contributor (help forum moderator) status. Quite a rise from the dead!)

One final thought: The best solution to this issue is not to worry about blame or innocence, but to think about how you can effectively serve the paying clients/advertisers in a business-like manner. 

If you achieve this mind-set and then set out to build an advertising supported business with several direct-paying clients, you might be able to return to the program with a business account (but you won’t need the AdSense account to be viable). 

This answer isn’t helpful if all you want to do is file videos to YouTube, but provides a much deeper and more meaningful cure to the issue. It certainly worked for me

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