How Google AdSense Auto ads helped homify grow their revenue by more than double


Auto ads has helped many website owners grow their income considerably without any extra work - allowing them to focus on their content.

But don’t just take our word for it, learn about the value of Auto ads from website owners like you. Today we’re sharing homify’s success story with Auto ads:

Who is homify?

Homify is a community platform that connects housing and construction professionals with end users in the home & living industry. Here’s their success story with Auto ads:

The Challenge:

In a time of economic uncertainty and with consumer behaviors changing, it was time for homify to find additional ways to build revenue.

The homify team was not intensively focusing on growing traffic or monetizing traffic as the company runs on a premium subscription business model. The website had some AdSense manual ad units set up, but they were not taking full advantage of the full potential the digital advertising ecosystem provides.

The approach: adjusting the business model

"AdSense Auto ads provided us with the efficiency every business dreams - immediate revenue uplift with low effort - which opened doors for even more investment, not to mention a perspective of potential exponential growth"
                                  - Marketing lead, homify

  • The homify team realized they could potentially increase revenue with AdSense Auto ads. homify found it easy to get set up, all they had to do was place one piece of code on the pages of their website.
  • With Auto ads set up, homify saw an immediate revenue increase, which helped them realize they were missing out on some great revenue uplift potential. They restructured the content team and doubled the investment in content creation to take even more advantage of the positive outcomes of Auto ads.

The result: Achieving additional revenue

Revenue uplift
Optimization of Active View

After adopting Auto ads, the homify team’s hard work paid off. They achieved a +107% revenue uplift, and Active View (a metric for the number of times an ad actually appears in front of users) rose to above 50%. As homify found out, being open to trying new ideas can have a big impact on your business.

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