The New WhatsApp features you are missing out on, try this out

We live in a time when WhatsApp needs to be used a lot. WhatsApp, which started as just an instant messaging platform, is now used by business people, professionals and individuals for both work and business networking. WhatsApp has introduced many professional features. You can use WhatsApp features to save time and make tasks easier.

1. You can manage photos and videos coming to the gallery via WhatsApp

You can decide what content is coming to phones through WhatsApp groups. To do so, change the Auto Download option to Media in Settings. You can download and use it when you need it and when you need it. It also helps to prevent phone memory loss.

2. Can be muted and hidden

Until now, the Mute Notifications option has been available to mute messages for up to a year. Instead of it WhatsApp includes 'Mute Always' option .Open the chat you need to mute to take advantage of this feature. Open the menu option at the top right of it, on the iPhone tap on the name of the chat and select Mute Notifications. In it you can select Always. This feature is also available on WhatsApp web.

Chats that need to be hidden from the screen window can be archived. Chats that need to be archived can be archived by long pressing and giving the option to archive in the top three dots. You can then find the contact number, name or spoken words in the search option above.

3. Dark feature

WhatsApp can change the color of the screen by using the dark mode feature. Dark mode is useful for night use and saves battery. It is available for testing to some beta users.

4. Delete messages

Includes the Delete Messages feature. This feature allows you to delete old messages automatically after a certain period of time. Hundreds of messages are received daily, including pictures and videos. This allows you to avoid storing unwanted media files in the phone's internal storage.

5. Disappearing massage

Disappearing message is best feature that introduced recently, Now when you chat with a friend, if you enable those chats Disappearing message, after 7 days all those messages will disappear. It will be deleted after 7 days including media files. It also has the facility to turn it off. This feature is very useful for group admins to manage messages in a group. We can enable this features in groups also, after 7 days the messages will automatically delete from group.

6. Let's run and listen

This is an amazing and expected feature in WhatsApp. Larger audio or voice clips can be listened to by adjusting the speed. To do this, update WhatsApp and then tap the in (x) mark on the voice that came in or sent there. Voice can be heard at different speeds such as 1.5 and 2.

7. Video / audio calling

There are plans to expand Facebook to Messenger Room WhatsApp, a video chatting platform that allows video chat with as many people as Zoom at the same time. Currently up to eight people can be connected to a video call on the phone at the same time. But even if the caller is the caller, WhatsApp must be updated.

WhatsApp Settings has also been updated to enable audio calling without affecting calls. It also offers features like call waiting. This means that when you make a video / audio call with someone through WhatsApp, it will show up even if you see another call. It has all the options to take regular calls, hold and mute WhatsApp calls.

8. WhatsApp back-up

Files and chats on the phone will be lost if not backed up to Google Drive. If you go to settings and turn on Gmail using WhatsApp, you can turn on automatic backup.

Go to Settings> Settings> Chats> Chat backup> Back up to Google Drive. Enter the intervals at which you want to back up.

9. WhatsApp Pay

Like Google Pay, the Facebook company has also introduced a payment option through WhatsApp. Open WhatsApp on an Android phone and click on the three dots that appear at the top right of the app. In iOS, click on the 'Settings' option in the lower right corner. Select the 'Payments' option. Select 'Select Payment Type'. You will be asked to accept WhatsApp payment policies. Click 'Accept and Continue'.

You will get a list of banks; Select the bank from which you want to make payments. Also, if you have two bank accounts in one bank, select the bank account you want to make payments to. When selecting the bank, select the WhatsApp linked to your savings bank account.

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