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Straight draw matches odds

This are the list of draw odds on virtual football league.

1. 3.03.
2. 3.01.
3. 3.20.
4. 2.96.
5. 3.19.
6. 3.29.

This are the matches that can result to draw below

1. ARS vs TOT.
2. LIV vs MNU.
3. WOL vs SHU.
4. BOU vs BUR.
5. BRI vs NOR.
6. LIV vs CRY.
7. LEI vs TOT.
8. BUR vs CHE.
9. ARS vs LIV.
10. CRY vs MNU.

You have to be observant when playing virtual and be watchful when these two teams match and their straight draw odds match with the above list of draw odds then the result may lead to draw, but if you play it and it didn't result to a draw? Just wait for another time they are going to meet and if their draw odds is still the same, just play it straight draw and this time double your stake in order to recover your previous lost and also earn some more extra profits, it is 100% sure.

Team with big odds to win and weak teams that can beat MNC and the match week in bet9ja league where it happens will be updated very soon.

Cheats/tricks for the below Bet9ja Leagues will be added soon:
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  • Bet9ja Color cheat and tips (49ja).
  • Bet9ja Horse race cheat & tips.
  • Bet9ja Dog race cheat & tips.
  • Keno & Lucky Number cheat & tips.

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In any week that the draw odds is given like thus, then 4 or 5 matches will draw and it's 100% sure.

    Teams                        odds
1. BOU - WOL             3.19.
2. ARS - LIV                3.03.
3. MNC - NWC            3.10.
4. TOT - CHE               3.03.
5. EVE - CRY                3.03.
6. WHU - BRI               2.96.
7. SHU - MNU              2.97.
8. SOU - BUR               3.01.
9. LEI - WAT                3.10.
10. NOR - NWC           3.03.

Just select number 2, 3, 4, 5, 8, 9, 10 and play three to come or all five to come, or single only the sure odds in the above tips, it is 100% sure.


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