How to modify your AdSense account for High CPC Ads only

Hello webmasters, this post is to teach you all how to set up your AdSense blocking control to block ads which are not responsive or doesn't works well on your website.

So many webmasters has come across this settings and don't know the importance of it, or how to set it up. I will explain the functionality and meaning of this all and how best you can set it up for good and high CPC ads.

Let's get started

Log on to your AdSense account, click on 'Blocking Controls' and then click on 'All sites'

We start by clicking on the first option on the list in the screenshot.

Advertiser URLs

Prevent ads from individual advertisers

Use this page to block ads leading to specific URLs from appearing on your site by entering URLs in the box below. Please don't click the ad to find its URL, since that's against AdSense program policies.

Enter the display URL shown on the ad or the destination URL to block new and existing ads.  Below is a document which contains list of ads which are not performing well, you just have to highlight/select all and copy then paste in the below input box on your AdSense page.

450+ High and low cpc ads file

Here you can enter multiple URL, you only have to separate them with a comma (,) of which we already did in the list which you copied earlier.

Gathering the list and chucking out the non-performing advertisers (the ones with very low CPC) can actually be an addition to your overall ad yield. Moreover, you can also block your competitors from showing their ads on your website.

Sensitive categories

Manage the type of ads that appear on your site that are most suitable for your audience.

Use this page to allow or block sensitive categories of ads from appearing on your site.

Here you can see a full analysis of the ads which has the highest impressions and earnings for the past 30 days, now take advantage of this and block ads which have low earnings. There are some ads which have high impressions but low earnings, they are just occupying the ads space of those ads which have high earnings to appear. 

Note: Do not block too many Ads. This is because if the geography of your website change or you changed niche, those ads which were not having high earnings might start bringing you revenue. Once your traffics language and interests change your ads too can change so be careful why blocking ads.

General categories

Block more general groups of ads. Note, this can harm revenue. Use this page to allow or block general categories of ads from appearing on your site.

If it hasn’t been said enough already, ad relevance and revenue go hand in hand. The showing ad may serve a good number of impressions. However, if it is at the cost of a very low CPC/CPM, consider leveraging the blocking section in your AdSense account and put the category on hold.

Ad serving

Block certain types of ads from appearing on your site.

Use these settings to allow or block certain types of ads from serving on your web pages.

You should be very careful why setting this up, because what might work for me, might not work for you, so you have to check on your earning report page and make use of experiment to see which opportunity and settings works best for you.

Let me briefly explain the settings in the picture above.

User-based ads

Choose whether or not you want to display ads based on users’ interests, demographics, and Google Account information. Keep in mind that by opting out, you might decrease the number of ads competing to appear on your site, which may decrease your potential earnings. Note that you can't opt out of remarketing.

Show ads based on users’ interests, demographics and Google Account information, and allow Google to collect visitation information from my site to create interest categories. Note that this control doesn't affect re-marketing.

If you are a self/VPN clicker, make sure you deactivate this settings because, you just changed your demography recently and to avoid issues with ads serving, you don't want ads to be shown based on your google account information which doesn't match with your new demography.

Deactivating this will prevent google from rendering ads based on your history, or past activities carried out from your google account, which includes your recent places, and searches.

Additional ad technology vendors

This control expands the list of third party ad technology vendors that are allowed to show ads via your AdSense account.

These vendors use technologies, like cookies and pixels, to show users personalized ads, and are used by advertisers for targeting and reporting. This control doesn't override EU user consent, California Consumer Privacy Act or other privacy regulatory settings.

Allowing this settings means you are allowing ads that use additional third party ad technology vendors through your account this is totally a bad idea if you are clicking with a VPN. Ads will be served based on User's past history and cookies saved from other sites which the user has previously visited. Since you want fresh ads to display for VPN clickers (ads according to the new location of the user) you should deactivate this.

Display ads

This setting is for Similar sized display ads, when activated it helps increases competition for a particular ad size, we might substitute a similar-sized display ad to appear within an ad unit. When this happens, the size of the similar ad is modified if needed (using advanced imaging techniques) and then served in the ad unit.

Mostly this similar sized display ads are of small revenue, and if they appear mostly instead of your actual ads, you might have a drop in earning. Although it increases competition for Ads serving and this makes Advertisers with very good ads bid for this space.

Animated display ads

Choose whether or not you want to show non-static display (e.g., image) ads, such as ad creatives created using Adobe Flash or animated GIF formats.

Mostly, I deactivate his ads because, Its usually a download ads and not all of your visitors will be able to download from the ads page and they have low CPC. You can try it out to see if it works out best for you. 

 How to try it out? If you are a self clicker then you have no problem with this, but if you are not, then just go to your earning report page and check out for revenue you got from the ads type to see how much CPC you get as average from it.


Choose whether or not you want to display interactive VPAID video ads. VPAID is a standard that allows advertisers to create interactive video ads, e.g., overlays, galleries, etc. Note that this opt out does not apply to non-VPAID interactive video ads, e.g., TrueView video ads.

Just same as the previous one, it has low CPC and also has to do with downloading or going to google playstore. I recommend disabling this, but you can try to see what works best for you. Mostly ads like this on my website doesn't have clicks because my users don't waste time watching the videos or animations because it exhaust more data for browsing.

EU User consent

California Consumer Privacy Act

Watch video below: 

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