WhatsApp with voice and video call system is now available on WhatsApp Desktop App


Video and voice calls are now available on Facebook's WhatsApp's desktop app. However, group video calling is not available on the WhatsApp desktop app. It is reported that group voice calls and group video calls will be available soon. Company officials said the new system would ensure complete customer privacy. The company said the new system will be highly reliable and of high quality for all.

You can use this service by installing the WhatsApp desktop app on your computer. This feature will enable you to make video calls with your contacts through WhatsApp. Users who have access to WhatsApp Web Voice and Video Call feature will find the new WhatsApp Voice and Video Call buttons next to the chat head. Regular users of the WhatsApp web include a large segment of users engaged in office work.

Only two people will be able to make calls under the current system. In the future, it will include facilities for group calls, company officials said. The decision to include call facility on desktop comes in the wake of a significant increase in WhatsApp calls over the past five years.

At present it is convenient to make calls between two people. It will be developed into group calls in the future. Over the past year, there has been a huge increase in WhatsApp calls. Users can connect the computer's microphone to the camera. 

Newer versions of the WhatsApp are now available for desktop users. Under the latest updates, WhatsApp users will now be able to access video and voice calling features on their computers. New WhatsApp updates for Android users WhatsApp.

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