Apr 30, 2021

How to get $50 daily from AdSense using self click trick

Do you want to get a very good and high CPC from AdSense Ads displaying on your blog/website? this easy step by step tutorial is for you and bloggers who can't get a high CPC or lots of traffics and clicks. 

There are many factors affecting how your AdSense CPC is which includes, Quality of your traffics, Ads placements, Geography, Cookie data, Device types, Niche / topic, Click through Rate (CTR).. etc. The above factors are what we are going to make use of in order to get a high CPC for clicks.

Quality of traffics

There are some countries which their Advertisers/buyers pays higher bid for quality traffics, this includes the amount of traffics you get in your blog/website, geography and language of your traffics, English speaking countries tend to have higher CPM rates compared to non-English speaking countries. Apart from that, the average CPM also depends on the spending power of the people in a country and how developed the online advertising industry is in those countries. You need to get traffics from countries like Luxembourg, United States, Australia, United Kingdom, Austria, Canada etc. to get a very high CPC.

Ads placements

Where you place your Ads matters a lot, so for this trick to work for you, you have to have a good viewability, make sure your page loads faster and your ads units are seen, reduce the number of ads displayed so your demand will be bigger than your supply and the competition for displaying ads will increase and then give a very high CPC because the Ads display will be the most suitable.

Cookie Data

Advertisers bid more when they are confident that a user will convert and the cookie trail created by a user as they browse through a website helps provide the data for better ad targeting. For instance, cookie data might show that the user has an affinity for technology. So this is very important because because you are making clicks from a particular device and thus, you have to clear history and cookies (browser cache) before making next click in other to avoid detection and been penalized for invalid clicks. You must set your AdSense to prevent showing ads based on users interests because you aren't targeting ads from that user (you) country.

Go to your AdSense page and click on Blocking controls > Ad serving > personalized ads > User-based ad > Show ads based on users’ interests, demographics and Google Account information, and allow Google to collect visitation information from my site to create interest categories. Toggle off

Clickthrough Rate (CTR)

Payout depends on how many ads were clicked along with revenue generated per click on average, making CTR an important factor when it comes to determining AdSense revenue. This is to be considered when clicking, try as much to give up to ten page views before clicking on an Ads and make your clicks from a loaded page, this means when you get to your blog and you clicked on a link, allow the link to load completely, scroll down to the bottom of the page to ensure all the ads are loaded. This increases impressions and then make your next click from the loaded page and so on.

So below I will briefly explain how to click on your ads considering the above mentioned factors, I didn't explain the device type and also niche, I will do that in the tutorial on clicking, so sit tight and read carefully!

How to make a fake click on your own ads and earn up to $20 daily from AdSense

This tutorial works on any device that accepts tweaking of proxy, IP and location. Go to your playstore using an android device, download and install this two applications. Fake GPS and NordVPN.

Launch the downloaded Fake GPS  and make it the mock location app for your android device.

Go back to your Fake GPS application and choose a state in the USA as your location, this will change the location of your device and make your clicks look like it's coming from a USA traffic.

Then open your NordVPN application and then login, then connect to a USA server, if possible to the same state you selected in your Fake GPS. 

To confirm your settings kindly go to whoer.net to check your anonymous level if it's above 80% otherwise, visit google.com and search for any keyword, scroll down to the bottom of your search result page to where you can see your location and confirm if it's same as the country you selected in your Fake GPS and Nord VPN (USA), or you can search on google with the keyword “My location” to check your country.

Go to google.com and search for a keyword which your blog rank for. and make your click into your blog from google search result. Clicks are noted as referrals, direct, and organic clicks, so you have to ensure your clicks are from organic search. This will make google believe you didn't give out your link to be clicked.

In the above factors, I briefly explained the CTR and how you make page views, so you have to give a minimum of ten page views before clicking on an Ads.

Locate an Ads which has a very high CPC, you can check for the list of high CPC ads, then you have idea on the type of ads you are to click on. After clicking on the ads, please allow it to load completely then scroll down slowly to the bottom of the ads page as if you are a real user reading from the ads page, then make a click on any internal link on the ads page to increase the CTR. You have to make a minimum of three inner clicks in the ads page and you have to spend at least five minutes in the ads page to avoid suspicious activity.

Clicking on your Ads on Google Custom Search Engine (CSE)

I believe you know about Google custom search engine and the Ads displayed on it. To set up a custom search engine, go to your Google AdSense dashboard and click on ads from the left menu and select search as your ads type then you will create a custom search engine, configure it and generate code. Add the code to your blog and you are done with creating and applying search engine to your blog.

The Google Custom search engine is a very useful tool when doing self click, basically your blog might be of different niche and Ads shown on your blog are related to your blog niche and visitors who comes to your blog are of interest related to your blog. The Ads displayed are of users interest and related to your blog. The search made by visitors on your blog are keyword related on your blog and might not be a high CPC keyword

The Google CSE can be use to search any keyword of your choice, since you are the one clicking on your ads. So go ahead and search for those high expensive keywords with a very high CPC in USA since this is the country we are connected to on our VPN and Spooling App. In my private group, I will give you a very high CPC keyword to search for.

So let's proceed on making ads click, just search for a high CPC keyword and on the result the first top search results are Ads, it will be labelled as Ads so you have to click on any one which is more relevant to your keyword you searched for. Once the ads page is loaded, you have to follow the previous steps in opening ads link, make sure you scroll to the bottom of the ads page and ensure the ads are fully loaded and then proceed in making at least three inner clicks in the ads page. Make sure you spend a minimum of five minutes on the ads page

Highest Paid AdSense Keywords in 2021

  1. Health $37 CPC
  2. Software $35 CPC
  3. Online Classes $35 CPC
  4. Cryptocurrency $34 CPC
  5. Trading $33 CPC
  6. Rehab $33 CPC
  7. Hosting $31 CPC
  8. Telecom $29 CPC
  9. Travel $27 CPC
  10. Real State $25 CPC

Low Competition AdSense Keywords With Highest CPC

  1. Home décor $17.8 CPC
  2. Leisure $12.3 CPC
  3. Beauty and Skin Care $9.3 CPC
  4. Fashion $9 CPC
  5. Resorts $6.4 CPC
  6. Pet Foods $5 CPC
  7. Retail $4.8 CPC
  8. Fitness $3.8 CPC
  9. Jewelry $3.6 CPC
  10. Golfing  $2.3

Mesothelioma Keywords With High CPC & RPM

Mesothelioma is a type of cancer that occurs in the thin layer of tissue that covers the majority of your internal organs. This type of cancer can’t be treated and there is no cure for it. But better treatment can reduce the feeling of pain and help the patient feel better for a while.

People who are exposed to radiation or asbestos exposure mostly contract mesothelioma. About 8 out of 10 people with mesothelioma have been exposed to asbestos. People that contracted mesothelioma mostly get exposed to asbestos on their jobs.

Those who contract mesothelioma often get compensation from the company if that company is responsible. That is why you see searches like “mesothelioma attorneys”, “mesothelioma law firms” and “mesothelioma compensation”.

  1. Compensation mesothelioma $190.27 CPC
  2. Mesothelioma attorney Houston $169.84 CPC
  3. Mesothelioma attorney California $190.08 CPC
  4. Mesothelioma compensation $290.85 CPC
  5. mesothelioma litigation $118.44 CPC
  6. Mesothelioma lawyer directory $190.34 CPC
  7. Mesothelioma lawsuit settlements $176.44 CPC
  8. Statute of limitations on mesothelioma claims $174.07 CPC
  9. Lawyers for mesothelioma $165.92 CPC
  10. Mesothelioma settlement fund $57.12 CPC

Click here to join my AdSense C4C group, in this group we have visitors who have set their mobile devices to have a high CPC ads via the above tutorial. In this group we exchange clicks and earn revenue from each other support, so if you are a blogger who monetize through AdSense, get in here ASAP.

Note: this tutorial has been tested for weeks and revenue has been balanced, no ads limit problem or suspicious activity. You can repeat clicks in the next 24 hours because while using the fake GPS location app, you are to adjust your location a bit from the previous one, and also connect to another state in USA for next click in the next 24 hours. You can connect to other top countries with high CPC too.

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How to get $50 daily from AdSense using self click trick
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