The Silhouette Challenge And The Unnecessary Hype - A Concerned Youth says

A youth who is more concerned about the unnecessary hype of the trending Silhouette Challenge wrote -

"The word Silhouette means the dark shape and outline of someone or something visible in restricted light against a brighter background.

Recently the trend has been on Tik Tok and many ladies and even some men have taken part in the challenge but the reason I'm writing this is to show my disdain at the unnecessary hype it is getting with the rate Nigerians have condemned it and I began to wonder at the level of misplaced priority. Is it a shadow body image that is now our priority when there are more issues of serious concern.

Out of curiosity I went on TikTok to see and I was even more confused because all I saw was 99.9% of ladies and men showing a shadow figure of their body in their underwear and not actually naked so why is this an issue if anyone decides to display a shadow image of his or her body?...and even if they are totally nude, I still wonder how a nude shadow should be given any hype when we see semi nude ladies in broad day light every single day. ladies and guys go to beaches and swimming pools almost naked so is it a dark image of a body that is now a problem?

I am not in support of nudity in any form but I don't think it is worth the hype they are giving to it ...There are more important issues to deal with than hyping a mere online challenge that will soon be forgotten.

Sometimes I just imagine myself waking up from bed one fine day and the next thing I could do is just grab my phone, turn on the data and start watching blurry naked woman dancing in a room.

I just hope the whores are worth it. Some men are wasting their data. I think we should all try to encourage important things into the society.

Porn as we all know have done enough damage to the minds of the growing teens already. Adding all this won't help anyone. I'm not disputing anyone's opinion but, I think morality should be encouraged the more. My heart goes out to the next generation to come.

Let us just train our kids the way they should go so that when they grow older they will not depart from the ways of GOD. I gave my life to Christ at the age of 13 and I realize how difficult it is for me to leave his ways regardless of my imperfection.

Many parents are responsible for how their kids turn out in life because they were reckless with them at their tender ages when they ought to have put them in the right path... There is a certain stage children get to that it will be hard for them to learn new ways.

To be honest, I literally saw their Nudity. I guess the filter didn't work well on some. About the shadow image, it may not be as bad as it may seem but what about future challenges. Do you know the next challenge?

What if tomorrow the challenge becomes a nudity challenge? Women dressing were controlled in the past and then women complained they were not given independence to dress how they want. Then women were allowed because it seems logical to do do.

Now see the results, women dress any how. I once Visited a compound to see one of my Friends, she was dressed in a very short skirt, I nearly saw her panties because she was wearing a mini skirt and bend down to wash. I was uncomfortable. Even the top she wore my God, any time she bends her breast almost pops out.

Nigerians are a perverted lot and sex-centric. It is a really warped environment with misplaced priorities at all levels from the individual right up to the government and leadership. Religion makes the matter even worse. The society is so engulfed with who is sleeping with who, when, where, how or who is wearing or showing what. It shows that in the next 25 years this cases will be our accomplishments whilst others are celebrating living on the moon.

There is an audience for almost stuffs, however I really don't get the fake pious-Ness, yet their fingers and eyes went to find the same materials they condemn.

Let's quickly stitch this particular tear (one of the nines) now that it's still new before the tear gets worse while we're distracted focusing on the old tears."

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