Secret behind the viral video of a young lady who ran mad and gone n@ked on the street


From our research, we found out the lady is called Jamelia Sopo and located in Congo. She has one child and her profession is acting. She has been featured in a number of Congolese movies.

Social media has been awash with a viral video going round, about of a young lady who has been seen dancing naked and causing havoc to motorists.

The video came as a surprise knowing the lady was an influencer and a TikTok star who is well known.

Though information has not been verify yet, but about the circumstances surrounding her walking naked on the street, an unconfirmed source available to 9jaedublog, the lady is a Ghanaian and may have been used for money rituals, another source said she ran mad for sleeping with another lady’s husband, and another source said the lady is a Congolese actress Jameliasopo. 

According to reports from sources reaching to 9jaedublog, she was being taken care of by a certain rich Congolese man since her school time and when she become of age, she broke the man’s heart by by rejecting the man and no longer want relationship with him. Few days after the man got rid of his pain by doing that to her.

We are still digging for information from a very more reliable source and the reason why she is running on the street naked, and to confirm if the lady in the video is actress Jameliasopo.

In another video that surfaced online yesterday, she was seen looking very beautiful, dressed very properly with makeup on. Her Tiktok handle is @jameliasopo and Instagram page is @jamelia_sopo_officiel and Facebook page is Jamelia Sopo Officiel.

 On her Instagram page, she posted on her story 6 hours ago as of the time this post was made. We are still yet to confirm if someone is running her account on Instagram or she's the one.


Almost everybody is thinking maybe is Jameliasopo that gone mad. Alot on Tiktok Users have been communicating, some saying she’s the one in the video, some saying she’s is not the lady in the viral video , with a couple of visual evidence in the video it shows the video is fake.

Screenshot from Tiktok

Jameliasopo the Congolese actress whose video and pictures was tagged with the mad lady who is seen roaming naked on the streets and roads went live on her Instagram page and she disclaimed she is not the one in the video, she is totally fine and not a mad person. So the lady in the video who is mad is still yet to be confirmed. 

If it's Jameliasopo who is the girl in the video, then the insanity only lasted for a while and she is totally okay now. Stay tuned why we gather more informations.

Her live video below:

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