Video: Lautech female student with ashaowo vibes and two other guys leaked $ex tape

Recently on twitter and snapchat is the video of a girl named Aderonke Adeniyi and three unidentified males has been trending.

The video is said to be exposed on Wednesday night before this post was made.

Having s*x is nothing new, or video been leaked but what made this a trend is that she reacted  to the viral video saying, its no man's business and she doesn't give a fuck, she is doing well and she is a self claimed olosho with good business.

See here:  “I'm an Olosho” - Lautech girl proclaims after her leaked $extape

She said - “I can just feel when the vibes change and i will like them or not, i will like to be imperceptible ”

Indeed she is a high class olosho with american accent, lmao. 

So this is what happened, last 2 years, some guys asked her to shoot a porn video with three of them, and she will be paid the sum of $5000 monthly, so after the porn she wasn't paid. 

They threatened her with the video, so she stopped asking for the money. 

She is now in a serious relationship, so the guys asked her to come have sex with the three of them again of which she refused.

So they threatened her about releasing the video which they made of her but she didn't concurred to it so they let go of the video.

In the video one of the guy was asking her, “if porn pays up to $5000 monthly will you do” and she replied “what do you want me to do”

So with the above we considered this news as unconfirmed yet, stay tuned while we update you on this.

Below is the facebook page of the Lautech girl whose video was leaked.

Watch the video below:

Video has been removed by an admin

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