Trending Video Of ogift438 Naughty Snapchat Story On Twitter

In case you’re wondering why Snapchat was trending on Twitter NG today – We’re here to give you full update. A Nigeria lady known as Ogift438 set the whole Snapchat App on fire after she shared a video of the orgy party she organized with her friends and some male strippers. Mehn! I saw some terrible stuff in the videos below, but My eyes won’t see it alone, so I decided to share with you guys

They had s*x with the strippers (shown on Snapchat snap) while spraying them 200 naira notes. At some point in the pool 2 male strippers made out.

In the video the girls were spotted playing naughty games of which when they spin a bottle and at the end of it spinning, if it points at you, then you will be giving a naughty task to be done and for a particular time.

The video got screen recorded and its been shared on twitter which made it got so many views on her snapchat, she noticed so many people are screen recording it, so she blocked as much as she can, at a point when she no longer can, she removed the videos, and as of now her account is private or can not be found on snapchat.

Some scene include a girl (ogift438) giving lap dance to a fellow girl, three guys with a girl, one on the left breast, the other at the right breast and one licking her private part (vagina), a girl using her foot to caress the p*nis of two guys and also giving them blow job, a guy giving a girl lap dance and a girl who was asked to suck the vagina of one of the girls for some minutes, he did that till she couldn't hold it anymore, she squirted, two male strippers in a pool making out while the girls watch and record them.

It is not advisable to view the story as it contains scenes ane acts that are not good for one's personal development. Do not follow the crowd just because you want to find out what is trending. Instead, read books that will develop your mind and broaden your horizon.

If you can't, stay away from social media for a while.

There should be no spam words, insultive or offensive texts!

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