Useful information from CBN against bank account hacker


Nowadays, the rate at which scammers are at large it's very terrifying. Many Bank scams are been carried out by these Scammers. 

They get a grab of your phone, take your BVN and account number and if you are the type who save logins and ATM pins on phone then it's an advantage to them, mostly they just get grip of your Sim card registered with your bank account. 

They make use of your sim card alone, cause they can get your BVN and account number of it and also use it in retrieving OTP codes for transactions.

While some fraudsters claim to be an assistant or bank manager or personal accountant on your bank, they get to know few information about you on social media, then they put you on call to get some information which they need in pulling out funds from your bank and you might fall victim in sending them all they need.

Some of the scam includes snapping just your ATM card (Mastercard, Verve card, Visa Card) Front and back picture which displays your 16 digit, Exp date of card, Card Holder name, and 3 digit CVV at the back of the card, this is enough for pulling out money from your bank account or doing harm to you.

We all have to be careful these days. CBM has announced in an information passed to the general public about protecting yourself from unusual withdrawal or debit from your account.

In case you find yourself in the hands of 419, yahoo boys, or phone snatchers, that you think they may hack into your account for fund withdrawals. There is now a way out to stop debit transactions on your account by yourself. 

Just be sure that you know your account number offhand or retrieve it where you might have written it (in case you don't know it offhand) 

If it is your phone that is stolen just try and use any available cellphone from anyone else.

Dial *966*911#*

Once you dial the code, it will prompt you with this message: 

eaZybanking - Stop Debit Transactions

Enter Account Number:


Enter your  account number and press OK or Send. By doing this your account will be automatically frozen from any type of debit transactions immediately. 

You can no longer withdraw money until you go to the bank yourself.

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