Side Hustle main aim has always been to reduce the rate of poverty and unemployment in Nigeria. Side Hustle know that the best way to do that is by empowering the Nigerian youth to offer services to businesses and increase their chances of becoming employable in and out of the country.

For this cause, they have organized an internship to help youths gain skills in various technology fields and they’re excited to see that the Side Hustle Internship is “making media rounds” with blogs talking about how youths in the country can benefit from this.

Over the years, the rate of youth unemployment in Nigeria has greatly increased and this has had adverse effects on the Nigerian youths today, leading them into vices that are harmful for them and to the society at large. 

With the daily increase in the struggle to earn a living, the Nigerian youths need to be connected to jobs that require their expertise, resources and creativity.

Side Hustle is a human resource platform where business owners are offered exclusive access to trained creative and resourceful youths (undergraduates, graduates and youth corp members) in Nigeria. They are aimed at connecting Nigerian youths to job opportunities and getting the right connections. 

To this effect, they are starting an internship for Nigerian youths (undergraduates, graduates and youth corp members) so that they can learn from the best minds, execute their ideas and further help entrepreneurs grow and achieve their business goals without having to break a bank.

Starting on the 12th of October 2020, Side Hustle is offering a free internship program for youths.

  Click here to apply for the internship program for free 

Entry closes on the 10th of October, 2020. 

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