see what is preventing you from getting approved by AdSense - Policy violation

Hello, welcome back to 9jaedublog, this is the right article you have been looking for on setting up your website for AdSense approval.  We have made some articles lately on setting up your website to show ads which was broken into phase by phase, this is actually the 3rd phase, please check on:

Now if you have been following up on our part 1 and 2 which was about the things to look up before applying for google Adsense and errors to fix before resubmitting your website for review which include Niche and Topics to write on (unique content), External links checkup etc.

I know you might be wondering which of the policy you are violating, but with our early posts you must have seen one or two errors on your site which violates AdSense Programming Policies.

Lets proceed, today we will be discussing on Malwares and Adwares which brings us to Other Ads Networks which send adwares and malwares to your website.

Before i proceed its assumed that you already know what adwares and malwares is. Okay they are some popup and popunder ads that do this, i won't mention the names of ad networks which shouldn't be used, but its advise to keep your website free of ads.

Don't use any other ads on your website pages, because it might be violating Google AdSense Policy. You can use other ads later on after approval from AdSense. 

Another thing to look at is the structure of your web pages, theme, templates and accessibility. When you apply for AdSense their reviewers visit your web pages to see if its worth approving, before they approve you. So in a situation like this, if your website pages is not accessible or too much redirects, it will be considered as a non-friendly site. 

Make sure your pages are mobile friendly, loads faster, has a custom theme so it won't look similar to the default theme and then look like a duplicate site with another using the same theme, so try changing Logo, Header, Colors, and the bottom copyright notices.

I will end here today and proceed on my next posts, we will be discussing on the required pages for AdSense (Contact us, Privacy policy, Disclaimer and About Us pages). This are the required pages for AdSense, so stay connected with us to be notified on our next posts. Comment below and then bookmark this page to check back on us for the 4th phase of setting up your website to be ready to show ads.

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