Local Blogging Niche Is The Best Way To Get Approval With High CPC

Do you want to find the best blogging niche for making money online? We take you through the great options and explain how to get your blog started and ready to monetize through AdSense. See our guide on how to get your website/blog ready for AdSense. In this guide, I will give you a detailed example of how a Local blogging Niche blog is getting approved real quick than the rest of the Niche which are very competitive.

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How much does adsense pay a local blogging niche blog?

Get some ideas and benchmark numbers about how much you can earn with AdSense and book CPM campaigns on your website, they might outrank your CPC income. Content-rich sites like blogs should perform better with AdSense but pays does still depend on your niche and how you implement the ads, but a high CPC ads are not likely to come from a local blogs and this is a recommended method to get approved real quick by AdSense.

You can as well change your Niche after been approved by AdSense and target high CPC user/Niche.

Do You Know? Local Blogging Niche Might Not Be The Best Way To Get Approval With High CPC But It Will Make The Approval Of Your Website For Adsense Real Quick.

"The niche is irrelevant. AdSense want truly new, original and differentiated content regardless of the niche. It might be true that some niches are more saturated than others, but provided content is truly original and a site is receiving organic traffic (from search engines) there is a small chance of approval."

The above quote has said it all, it stated the niche is not relevant, AdSense don't consider Niche as a factor of getting approval but also its stated "Truly new, original and differentiated content" that's where our Local blogging niche comes in, mostly local blogging Niche has this features.

Local blogging Niche is truly new, original and differentiated, take a look at: see what is preventing you from getting approved by AdSense - Policy violation 

Let's look at factors which will make your blog AdSense ready:

  1. Write High-Quality Contents.
  2. Optimize Blog Post with Meta Tags and Make It Search Engine Friendly.
  3. Have Sufficient Contents or Posts.
  4. Blog Domain Must Old At least 6 Months.
  5. Check if Your Blog is Not Blocked by Google.
  6. Don't Have Adsense Prohibited Content.

Today my question for you is would you like to make an extra $25,000 this year? Yeah I think that’s a pretty obvious “YES” for the vast majority of people in the world! And I must assume it’s definitely something you are interested in considering you are on a site about how to make money from your local blogs right now.

You have undoubtedly learned enough from the posts on this blog to start a successful blog this year, but I know that sometimes you can get information overload, which can lead to paralysis by analysis, and hinder your efforts to make money from your local blogs. It happens to us all at some point.

So, let’s get to it…

Your local niche should be a MUST in your online home business portfolio. Local blogging is not utilized nearly enough, so it’s still largely an untapped opportunity in most areas, as well as in the vast majority of niches within a local area. So I am challenging you to start your local niche blog today, and I will tell you the type to start and why.

First, I want to tell you my view on blogging so you understand me much better. I believe blogging is still in its infancy, even though it seems just about everyone has a blog these days, and many people think the blogging craze might have hit its peak. I think it still has a long way to go. Think about the 10 people you know the most – your closest friends and family. How many of them have their own blogs? I bet the answer is zero, or one, maybe two, at the most. Everyone has a hobby, passion, or expertise in something that they could write about.

The fact is that the power of bloggers has been lost on people who keep starting blogs about blogging or making money online. Imagine if all those blogs instead were local niche blogs with an audience covering a specific geographical location or idea, they would have been the most powerful or among the top blog in their Niche.

I truly think local bloggers could be the most powerful media out there. A local blogger could go to a local event with his/her laptop and phone, and in a matter of hours have full description online of exactly what happened from a first-person perspective with no corporate control of the information. Imagine being a local blogger at a protest of some sort and now you are the voice that the large media outlets do not want out there. 

Folks, the power the blogger has is unimaginable, but for quite some time it has been wasted on trying to get to the first page of the search engines for huge topics, or trying to become social media famous.

The time has arrived for niche bloggers to show their strength, and prove to the world that the little guy can be just as powerful as the big brands and famous rich people, but the question is, Are you willing to do this? 

Why not make money while also making a difference in your community at the same time? Why not scream instead of just whisper? The combination of how Google (and other search engines) looks at blogs and the need for new relevant information gives us an advantage compared to every other media out there, but again, I ask you… Do you want to waste this power writing about a bunch of shit that has been beaten to death by thousands of other bloggers, or do you want to be the lone Tiger in your own jungle?

This is what I propose…

Start A Local Blog

I’m sure most people reading this have never even thought about buying a local niche domain, and blogging about your local city/area topics. But this is exactly what I’m talking about – starting a local blog. I’ve done the math and making $25,000 per year should be a breeze with your local niche blog. 

Now, obviously the larger your city and potential core base of readers, the easier it will be and the more opportunity you will have to increase the income, but even in a small community of 20k to 50k people it is certainly doable — In a smaller population it might not be feasible to bring in $25k but you can still earn a nice sized extra income.

So this is what you will do. Go buy a local niche domain that incorporates your city name and an obvious local news word like:

  • News
  • Times
  • Post
  • Register
  • Chronicle
  • Courier
  • Tribune
  • Journal
  • Herald
  • Sentinel
  • Gazette

So, for example, if the city you live in is named Johannesburg then you could be “The Johannesburg Trend” and your domain could be Johannesburgtrend.com or something like that. You get the idea. Basically you are mimicking a local newspaper.

Once you have your domain registered, hosting purchased, and wordpress installed, you need to get a theme. I highly suggest getting a news or magazine theme. I feel it is very important to go with a news type of theme from the start because they will best fit with what you are trying to accomplish here and they tend to look very professional. The two I recommend are the News Pro and Magazine Pro Genesis themes from Studiopress.

You can cover all different kinds of local topics in your blog posts. Some of these could include:

  • General News
  • Nightlife
  • Entertainment
  • Businesses
  • Attractions
  • Events
  • Clubs
  • Jobs
  • Real Estate
  • Sports
  • Schools
  • Tourism
  • Culture
  • Opinion
  • Weather
  • Local Politics

…And SO MUCH more! Basically anything you want about your city or area. The topics are practically endless and there will always be something new to write about every day. You won’t ever run out of material or ideas. This is the perfect situation for a blogger and almost nobody is doing it.

Make sure you do enough research to find the perfect market to start with in your area for searches. Depending on where you live, you might want to start with a smaller sector of your city and eventually expand all the way to the entire city, add suburbs, county, and so on. 

If you are in a huge city then you might need to shrink it down into a smaller subset of the metro area, or just the opposite if you are in a small city. Or maybe you live close enough to a different city that would be better to do this in than your own. A little research is all you need.

Do not worry if you see a few blogs/sites covering similar topics in the same area. Look at their authority, backlinks, social profiles, followers, subscribers, and other stats/metrics, along with what they talk about. If they are a generic subject and don’t have badass stats, which will be the vast majority of them, you will still kick their asses. 

Even if they do have great metrics, you can still compete with them, or just blog about different topics from your local area than they do. There will always be a way to win, you just may have to switch up your strategy a bit to do it.

Therefore, don’t worry about competition in these targeted communities. Think about how many people (probably you included) are currently blogging in niches that have 100k searches a month and thousands upon thousands of sites competing against them. 

Look at me, I am writing about how to get AdSense approval and other topics about online business, which have insane competition! The stuff you will be writing about now will have maybe 5-20 blogs/sites for competition, so it should be a joke compared to what you are doing now.

Make Money Blogging

You may not use Google Adsense or any other similar pay per click (PPC) program to monetize this blog because the cost per click (CPC) will likely be super low on average. Instead, you will make your money from local business advertising and/or generic ads from online businesses related to the topics you are discussing. 

You will be very focused on the advertising opportunities and selective on what you will be accepting, so you will be setting yourself up from the beginning to sell ad space on your site. This should be in the back of your mind from day one. There are almost certainly a ton of businesses in your local area, as well websites that target audiences in your area, that will be happy to pay you to advertise on your site once it starts gaining popularity.

Remember, you will be looking at your income from this local niche blog on a yearly basis, not on a daily basis. This is one of the biggest factors why people get frustrated and quit on an online business, they get too hung up on the daily stats and income. 

Sometimes several days or even weeks go by without me even looking at my stats or looking at my affiliate accounts to see if I made any money. I do not concentrate on making money, I concentrate on building my sites and the money comes automatically as a natural side-effect. 

It might take months to build a profitable site, and once you do, there may still be days where you don’t make any money from it. So, focus on the big picture and long term results, rather than what it is doing on a daily basis. Once your blog gains momentum and people start taking notice, you could go from ZERO to THOUSANDS of dollars in advertising income virtually overnight.

You will need to focus on many subjects on your local niche blog, but as I said before, it won’t be very difficult to do. You’ve got local sports, weather, entertainment, events, politics, attractions, night life, restaurants, businesses, breaking news, and MANY other topics at your disposal. I can tell you that if you write about local school sports, local weather, and local politics for example; you can get national readership just from that. Not to mention, you will become a celebrity of sorts in your local niche market. 

It’s not very difficult to compete with even the biggest newspapers in your city when you come equipped with internet marketing, search engine optimization, and social media marketing skills! They rely on their name and reputation from the old days, but you are battling them with modern digital marketing strategies, so you can win.

Source: https://www.gr1innovations.com/local-blogging-make-25k-this-year.html

Below i will be teaching you how to get started on Google AdSense

how to sign up for adsense

  • Visit https://www.google.com/adsense/start.
  • Click Sign up now.
  • Enter the URL of the site that you want to show ads on. 
  • Enter your email address.
  • Choose whether you'd like AdSense to send you customized help and performance suggestions.
  • Click Save and continue.
  • Sign in to your Google Account.
  • Select your country or territory.
  • Review and accept the AdSense Terms and Conditions.
  • Click Create account.
  • You're now signed in to your new AdSense account.

What to do next

You might notice that some of the options in your new AdSense account are grayed out. That's because there are a few tasks that you need to complete before we can fully activate your account. Learn how to activate your AdSense account.

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