How to analyze trend on Filan Trade to make money


First, I will teach you how to analyze trend trading to make money. Everyone must learn to analyze trends on their own. Only if you learn the trading methods by yourself can you make more money than others in this market, so I hope you will study hard every time you give a speech.

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Ways of making money

There are about two ways to make money on Filan8d3d Market

1. Make money by trading online

2. Introduce new users, get invitation bonuses and commissions

Types of trends

First, you need to understand the formation and types of some common trends

We can think of red as A, green as B, or green as B and red as A. In short, the color that appears first according to the trend is A, and the color that appears later is B. I hope you understand this?

Before analyzing the trend, we must first check the colors that appeared in the first 5-10 cycles to improve accuracy.

Let me first explain these three trends. Next, I will tell you how to trade. 

This is the ABAB trend, one red and one green. Or one green and one red. For example, 395 is red, 396 is green, 397 is red, so 398 is? would be definitely green.

This is the AABB trend, two reds, two greens, or two greens, two reds.

This is the AAABBB trend, three reds, three greens or three greens, three reds.

Make money by trading online

The trading method is very important. Only if you use reasonable methods, we can make more money.

If you only have 1,000 funds in your account. I suggest you buy from 50. Purchase 50 for the first time. If there is no victory. Buy 150 for the second time. If there is no victory. Buy 350 for the third time. If there is no victory. Buy 800 for the fourth time. Win for the fourth time. You can earn it all back. 800-350-150-50 =250. This way we can win 250. So on and so forth. Just remember to win. All previous losses can be made up.

You must remember that as long as you follow what I said, you can definitely make much money from this market.

  1. You must remember the following points when trading:
  2.  Prepare enough funds in the account, and prepare at least 3-5 transaction funds
  3.  Reasonably planned start-up capital
  4.  Reasonable use of multiple investment methods
  5.  Maintain a good trade attitude

No one can be 100% correct, so we must use trading methods reasonably so that we can profit in this market without losing money.

First of all, why do you need sufficient funds?

The market trend is changing at any time, you cannot guarantee that the trend will be stable every time, so you need to prepare a reserve in the account to prevent you from keeping up with the trend when the trend changes, thereby gaining benefits. This market profit.

I cannot guarantee that you will be 100% correct every time, but as long as you follow the method I teach you, I can guarantee that you all can make more money in this market.

Second, we must plan the start-up capital reasonably, because we are investing rather than gambling, so capital planning is very important. 

If the starting capital is large, if you cannot continue to follow the trend when the trend changes, you will lose.

Introduce new users, get invitation bonuses and commissions

You can open an agent in this market and become a professional broker. You can invite others to join to complete the top-up transaction and get bonuses and commissions.

Click “My” then “My promotions” and then “Go now”

After clicking “Copy”, paste the link in the chat window with friends.

Your friend uses the link you sent to register an account. He is your subordinate.

The new members introduced must register and recharge. To be considered a successful introduction. Introduce new members to join to get commissions and rewards.

The friends introduced must be valid: 

  1.  Register an account; 
  2.  Add the teacher’s WhatsApp; 
  3.  Complete 1,000 Naira recharge; 

When you introduced a new member you get a reward from the teacher, and you will be added to a group, tell your referral to add the teacher on WhatsApp and send a text, e.g “My name is Example and i was referred by Mr Referee”

Your introduced member must let the teacher knows you are the person referring him/her.

Today, I temporarily explain a lot to you. I will teach you some trading methods every day. 

So if you encounter any problems, you can contact me in time or drop a comment in the comment box below.

There should be no spam words, insultive or offensive texts!

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