How to recover the Old Blogger User Interface / Legacy Dashboard in October 2020

Are you having difficulty using the new introduced user interface on blogger, and you are finding it hard to revert to the old legacy blogger? 9jaedublog is the right platform to set you up on getting back to the old blogger dashboard.
Blogger have announced to discontinue the old Interface in Blogger, but in some countries the interface already has been removed or the option to revert back to old Interface is no longer available. In this tutorial i will show you how to get into the old Blogger GUI even the option isn't available.
Recently, Blogger introduced a new clean interface designed for a streamlined blogging experience. While some Bloggers including me, are enjoying the new Blogger interface, some are not. If you have switched to the new Blogger interface and not yet comfortable with it, you can still switch back to the old Blogger dashboard. Below is a post from Ogbongeblog which 9jaedublog don't recommend users to make use of since its an outdated tutorial as Blogger as totally removed that function.

How To Get Started

  • Log in to your blog at or 
  • Look at the top-right corner and click on the “Blogger options” icon.
  • You will see a drop-down list as seen in the picture below:

  • Click on the “Old Blogger Interface” link.
  • The page will be automatically refreshed and switched back to the old Blogger dashboard.
  • That’s all.
Please, try and get used to the new Blogger interface because it is loaded with new features not available in the Old Blogger dashboard which includes the Google+1 Counter.
I hope to talk more about this later.
This actually sucks as you can't find the above mentioned link to set it all up, its an outdated post. 
Blogger is going to spoil it's own fun in coming months but in some countries it already did it. It's been a quiet long time after the launch of the New Blogger GUI (Graphical user Interface), but the Old Interface was also available on a click on a button. The option is available for Blogger users, but i have seen several cases where the user don't have the option to revert back to the old Blogger GUI.

Does that mean, Old Blogger interface is slowing being removed, this change has been experienced by some Bloggers only but many Bloggers need to revert back to old Blogger GUI because you know the BX-error codes that the new Interface issues us.

The New Interface is yet buggy and need many things need to be fixed but the Blogger support team don't seem to be interested or worried about these BX-error codes, these are mysterious codes which is a nightmare to every blogger. But if you don't get the option to remove it, then imagine how annoying it would be.

Users are issued BX-error codes at anytime and there's no specific activity for it to appear, whatever you do from editing post to changing your settings, people are being issued these Bx-errors in every section.

The only solution - The only solution that we have to avoid these Bx-error is to revert back to the old Template. But because some users are not even getting the option to revert back which was in the 'Gear' icon on top right corner of the Blogger Dashboard.

How to revert to the old legacy blogger dashboard

There is no function to go back to the old Legacy blogger dashboard, but 9jaedublog has found a more easier way to do that.
  • Go to or
  • You will be logged in to the new blogger, but not to worry, just click on the address bar as seen in the image below:

  • Locate your blogger ID, its numbers after the blogID= e.g  where by XXXXXXXXXXXXXX string is your Blogger ID as seen in the image below.

  • Do not mind the x-rated link in the above image, lol. Its not related to the post.
  • Ok, copy the blog id in the link (xxxxxxxxxxxxx) and then paste in your notepad for later use.
  • Now the main process of this which enables you to access the old blogger is via the url link. You might have lost it but 9jaedublog has giving you access back into the old blogger via the below link.
  • Go to your browser and type the following or just copy and paste it in your address bar then replace the XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX with your userID you copied earlier and was saved in your notepad.
Yikes!!, don't mention, what are we friends for, just help us in sharing this with friends and if you found any error while setting this up, drop your comment below, we love interacting with you via the comment section.
Have a nice day and enjoy your old legacy blogger.


  1. Thank you so much! Your suggestion worked perfectly!

    1. Dear ZAHARO,

      Thanks for your feedback, we are glad we helped. Check on 9jaedublog to see more

  2. I've just looked at the new dashboard TOP RIGHT HAND CORNER of my blog dashborad and can't find blogger options to click on to.

    1. Dear Ali,

      What do you mean blogger option?

      Revert back to legacy dashboard with the tutorial above and then if you prefer the new blogger then come back to it from the old blogger which you reverted to.

      Seems there is a bug with your current new blogger, so resetting it will do a lot.

  3. Fantastic, thanks! Works a treat

    1. Ah: and as of today, no longer works :-(

    2. Dear SAM, Glad we helped then...but Blogger seems to have completely take off the access to old blogger... Thanks for your feedback, we appreciate.

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. As Sam Young mentioned, as of October 7, that method no longer works ):

    1. Yeah Zaharo, google blogger completely removed the access to the old blogger by redirecting the old blogger link to the new blogger.

  6. Thanks you all for your feedbacks, as of October 7th blogger has completely remove access to the Old blogger.

  7. These guys at blogger are up to something! The new interface is totally wack and has limited the capability of the GUI!

    You can't have a concise information about the number of visitors and geographical pageviews on your blog and outbound external links no longer work!

    This is a very big crying shame on the side of a tech giant called Google. Having glitches which can only be found on the apps of beginner IT coders.

    1. AnonymousMay 30, 2022

      Google is upgrading everyday

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