Biography of Ademuyiwa Richard, Education and age

Ademuyiwa Richard at Lagos State University

Ademuyiwa Richard Seun (born 9 March 1998) is a Nigerian blogger, writer and web designer. he is known for his lucrative blog ''.

Early life and education

Richard was born into a family of five, four males and one female. He was raised by his mother and father, Mr and Mrs Ademuyiwa.

Ademuyiwa Richard seun is from Odeomu, Osun State, Nigeria. He is the first child of his family. He began writing at the age of 20. 

He finished his secondary school in Command Day secondary School Ojo Cantonment at the age of 16 and went to a polytechnic and later enrolled at the Lagos State University as a Direct entry student, where he studies Electronics and Computer Engineering.

He started blogging as a hobby because he wanted to learn to design a website and also play with the codes because he is a computer engineering student.

Professional career

Though Richard is still a student, he started blogging in 2020 hoping to earn from it with the help of Google AdSense. He became  active as  blogger in 2020 as days and month goes by using a blogger primary domain and later obtained his custom domain

Hobbies and likes

Richard is a fan of playing football because his dad takes him to the field. Funny enough he doesn't like watching. 

When he was little he said he wants to be a footballer like Messi and Ronaldo, but I guess he changed his mind as he grew up and decided to be an Engineer. 

He also likes singing and drumming as well. He has been in the church choir since he was a kid.

   A photo of Richard while on the the drums

Below are some of his pictures:

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