VIDEO: Big Brother Naija Kiddwaya Fingered Erica and had s£x under Duvet, Brighto caught them

Fans of Big Brother Najia Lockdown show were left stunned after catching, Erica and Kiddwaya having sex while other housemates were sound asleep.

It all started with an intense make-out session under the sheet which left Erica moaning loudly.

Earlier the day, the pair were first seen on the couch chatting and flirting with Kiddwaya caressing Erica’s bare bum with one hand and the other around her neck.

The housemates, Erica and Kiddwaya later ended up in the bed, where they enjoyed a hot make-out session and sex. At one point, Erica could be heard moaning as it appears Kiddwaya went a little bit far down there.
From her facial expressions, it’s clear Kiddwaya had hit the jackpot

After the night, the following morning, Brighto was telling kiddwaya that “you enjoyed himself last night, you enjoyed from the couch to the bedroom”. He said “who knows what happened under the duvet”, Kiddwaya was just smiling and telling him say “You bad oh...” Kiddwaya said “so you were spying on us”. Las las kiddwaya said “that last night was good”.

See video below:

Coming after Big Brother Naija Lockdown housemates, Kiddwaya and Erica were caught in a compromising position, Nigerians have taken to social media to hail Kidd for being good at it.

9jaedublog News earlier reported that Kiddwaya was caught fingering Erica so hard that she let out a moan.

Watch the video ABOVE

However, Nigerians have hailed Kiddwaya for making Erica moan so hard.

See some reactions below…

“There are levels to these things mehn. Kidd has a PhD in this called “fingering” just look at Erica moaning face.”

“The fingering was so intense that Erica gave a soft moan , Kiddwaya is good, Incase u missed the last night fun”

“Laycon tells Erica about his feelings, but the love for money made her open her legs for Kiddwaya for fingering. Chai… Later ladies will still deceive us that true love is hard to find”

“Erica please go for a man that can communicate, apologize and appreciate you, Not a man that’ll be fingering you up and down on National tv Like he’s digging for gold”

“So after the fingering Kidd gave Erica,this morning she will now carry herself and meet Laycon and be smiling like a native fowl”

“So Nigerians are saying I RESPECT ERICA I Stan for Erica I cherish Erica after Kidd had finished fingering her on National tv And call Nengi that has self control names”

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