How to solve my website just got approved on AdSense but ads are not showing

There is a little time frame between getting an approved Google Adsense account and actually seeing an ‘active’ status on the Google Adsense Code. I will explain.

Wait, be patient, do not panic, relax and go take a cup of coffee, cross your leg and smile wide, open your teeth, and let the sparkling sunbeam through it.

You know why?

It takes between 3–24 hours for your Google Adsense Ads to start showing. I was once there, I panicked even more than you, I was restless, then peace and joy came when I started seeing the Ads showing on my blog.

However, there are a few things you need to check for;

As you have stated that you were recently approved for the Google Adsense program, it may naturally take between 3–24 hours before you start seeing Ads. Google has improved a lot since that time you asked this question and trusts me, It may even take less than that.

But the best way for you to know is you need to create an Ad code, give it a name from your Google Adsense dashboard. Then check it after a few minutes to an hour to see the status.

The status of the created Adsense Ad code will change from ‘Not Active’ to ‘Active’. Once you see this ‘active’ status, it means it should start showing automatically and immediately on your website/blog.

However, if it is not yet showing on your blog/website, you will need to clear the cookies and history of your browser, restart your browser and check again.

If it is not showing, it is likely due to the fact that you did not place it correctly in the BlogSpot settings or WordPress settings correctly. I mean, you should copy and paste the Ad code between the opening header and closing header. This works very well for both Blogger and even WordPress.
If you are still encountering a problem and the Adsense Ads is not showing, talk to me.


Most appropriate answer below

Even when your Adsense account got approved, the ads might not show for one of the following reasons:

Your Adsense account was disapproved previously
If your account was disapproved previously, the Google’s server might take up to 48 hours to trigger ads on your web properties. So, do not panic, wait for 48 hours. You should be fine.

Excessive Div tags or nested frames
Do not have your ad code placed inside several DIVs (like <div><div><div><div><div><div>your code</div></div></div></div></div>. Or iframes, do not place the code in iframes. Check it.

Wrongly implemented code
Check your codes to verify they are added properly. They should be complete and with proper HTML tags

Ad Blockers or browser issue
Make sure you are not using any Ad Blocker, if you are using one, make sure it’s disabled. Sometimes, even your browser can have the issues because of an excessive number of extensions being used. Try a different browser or the private browsing mode to check.

Javascript support
Check your browser to verify if you have Javascript enabled. Sometimes, you might turn it off accidentally.

Hosted Adsense Account
When you have a hosted Adsense account and you implement the code on your site for showing ads, it won’t work. Hosted Adsense accounts cannot show regular ads on a site.
Did I miss anything? Will add if I get to recall.

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