RCCG Pastor Bakare caught attempting to sleep with a married woman in her house

With all effort to prove that real, power filled pastors exist in Nigeria, some false prophets have not stopped in tarnishing the name of Christainity due to their action at one time or the other.

A pastor identified as Bakare has been caught while trying to sleep with a member of the Redeemed Christian Church, in Akure, Ondo State.

It was reported that the cleric who is under RCCG, Zone 6 Akure, was caught unclad while trying to take advantage of a married church member, right in her husband's house.

Further information gathered on the incident revealed that the cleric also works as a civil servant with the ministry of Ondo State Adult and Vocational Education.

Actions like this make people attack the beauty, condemn christanity and greatness of God in the lives of real pastors, may God protect us from activities like this.

It was reported that the woman played along with the pastor, while she asked him to undress, only for her to open the door for her husband and others hiding behind the door to come in, humilate and disgrace the adulterous pastor.

The pastor was spotted in a video trending on the internet trying to plead for his actions while the people around the scene condemn him for his actions and took capture of him on phone.

It was reported in the video that the pastor had offered the married woman some attractive offers with the aim that he would easily have his way and get laid with her.

However, things didn't go as planned for him as he was caught right in the action and fully n@ked.

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