Letter to Mr president from an Angry soldier - Hilarious but true

Letter to Mr president 
13NA /70 /..... Lcpl Mohammed 
Let me start like an African child who is betrayed, without any complement from me sir due to high level of annoyance.

Sir with bleeding from my heart  am writing this to you, from the North-eastern part is Bokoharam, from the North-west is bandit, from the north central is herds men from the southwest is armed robbers, while from the south south and Eastern part of Nigeria is militant and their number one enemy is the soldiers.

As a soldier I can't confidently travel to any part of Nigeria, my life is at risk I am the prey that every one hunts for yet I receive the least salary, my salary is nothing to compare about among my fellow Arm Forces.

The paramilitary don't respect us any longer, and we carry out operation with them they always say to us how much is your salary? We high jack the work that police are suppose to do.

We were asked to do IPPIS of which we did till date we are not enrolled, imagine a police inspector receiving N123,000 Naira while a warrant officer of the Nigeria Army who has served the country for not less than 30 years receive not up to a N100,000 thousand.

Mr president you are a general in the Nigeria Army if your orders are not effective whose order will our generals carry? I know you know the peanut amount we are receiving as our monthly salary, and we enter the same market with other forces.

How can we and our family survive it? A bag of rice is 20k see other ingredients, sir we are not begging for increment what we are asking for is our full salary to be released to us, sir this is the second time am writing to you. I don't know if my write-ups get to you.

Sir just of recent 360 soldiers went on voluntary discharge, if we didn't see any change this year, next year first quarter times three of this soldiers will apply for voluntary discharge.

If our commanding officers refuse to approve it, then we will drop the rifles and leave, is not that we don't have love ones, we may be jobless but not hopeless, most of us have hand works doing we drop them to join the Army since justice can't favour us we will leave the job.

We the youths are the back bone of our country and we are not lazy when I was in the primary school my teacher always sing for us that we children are the leaders of tomorrow, when will our tomorrow come? You are killing our hopes physically and mentally.

Yours obedience soldier Lcpl Mohammed.

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