What you are yet to know about Soulful Afro Child

Soulful Afro Child is a band from Lagos, Nigeria. Soulful Afro Child is created by Singer ‘Beallyflakes’ , ‘itz Divah’ and ‘Aries stir’.

They focus on Afro RnB, soul, highlife, sometimes all it takes is a sound to conjure the '90s, and Soulful afro child, the R&B trio composed of vocalist Beallyflakes, female singers ‘Itz Divah’ and Aries stir, knows this well.

The trio's hypnotizing ballads take the listener back to a time when music had to be bought in a physical store, the Los Angeles Lakers were entering their Kobe Bryant-Shaquille O'Neal dynasty and Beyoncé was still in Destiny's Child.

Soulful Afro Child members recognize their influences and don't attempt to downplay them. “We all have our sensibilities” singer  Aries tells NPR, “but at the same time I think one of the reasons we all mess with each other is because we all were '90s babies with regards to the music we like.”

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