Nigerian controversial Musician OBO ‘Davido’ got a fracture from accident in his House

Nigerian music superstar, David Adeleke who is popularly known as Davido has been spotted in some photos using crutches for some moments.

So Sad, Popular Music Artist ‘Davido’ Is Dead on 1st June 2020

From some unconfirmed reports, the BLOW MY MIND hit maker broke his leg after sustaining some injuries in what is believed to  be an accident.

This was actually published by his lawyer known as Bobo F Ajudua on Instagram as he wished the superstar a speedy recovery.

Sharing the photos, he wrote;

“How some people chose to enter June. Nawa. At some point yesterday we were literally thanking God there are no shows right now. Get well soon bro @davidoofficial

Comments from fans says he got his injury because he is not responsible, some said he should get well quick because they need his jumping on stage and performance while some said -  “Audio leg break.....he’s doing it to escape performance engagement after collecting money - that’s his way....or why is it when govt is lifting lockdown all of a sudden leg don break?? If you have given this kid money for show or endorsement collect ya cash oooo!!!” more comments from another fan - “We don't pity disrespectful modafuckaz..He should fucking go to hell n suck a dick..Use to love him b4 but not anymore”
Some claimed Burna boy is responsible, since its not up to a week after he bought a new house, Burna boy used some evil dark power to attack him, so many funny and hating replies and comments.

So Sad, Popular Music Artist ‘Davido’ Is Dead on 1st June 2020

So Sad, Popular Music Artist ‘Davido’ Is Dead on 1st June 2020

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