Latest method on How to create a WhatsApp account with U.S number for free

In this tutorial i will teaching you on how to change your phone number to U.S number or personally get U.S number online to use as your WhatsApp number.

Latest method on How to create a WhatsApp account with U.S.A number for free

You can also use WhatsApp with another country's number, but most people prefer U.S number. We have different method in doing this but just follow my guideline to get a U.S.A WhatsApp number, without a sim card or your personal local number but a virtual number. This method is for education and official use, please do not use it to harm or fraud any one.

What are the benefits of using WhatsApp account with U.S number

  • Maximum privacy.
  • Keep your phone number secure.
  • Hiding  your original number 
  • International number.
  • Unlimited international calling tricks is free.
  • Surprise your family members and friends by sending them messages with U.S number.
  • WhatsApp work with the temporary spoof number.

What are the features of WhatsApp U.S number tricks

  • No bidding cost (totally free).
  • Working with Android smartphone without any issues.
  • Record the WhatsApp call.
  • Create an account with international number (+1).

Steps to create WhatsApp with U.S number

Nowadays, privacy is one of the outmost import issues in the internet. world people are loosing their personal information outmost to any unknown person each and every time.

The very important benefits in following the upcoming steps to create a WhatsApp account with U.S Number, is to give you the needed privacy, by hiding your original phone number and it is totally free.

You do not have to pay any cost for creating an account with the U.S number.

The freelance Web developers are given the last method of creating an account with U.S number. (extension of +1 and is 100% working) for Android smartphone and tablet.

The beginning;

Step 1: You have to download and install an application called ‘Primo’ to your tablet or Android smartphone. You can download this app easily from Google play store.

Step 2: Then open the Android app and complete the signup process, which requires verifying your original mobile number through OTP (one time password).

Step 3: Once the process of verifying is successfully done, and then you will notice a menu button at the top left corner in the application.

Click on the menu button and you will see a U.S number (extension number +1) at the bottom, Note down the U.S contact number.

Step 4: Now open your WhatsApp application and please note that you have already install WhatsApp, and then you will be require to delete the previous version of the WhatsApp and then re-install the new version of the WhatsApp application.

Step 5: In the part of verification WhatsApp can make use of the U.S contact, which will be ‘Noted down’.

Now you can wait till the option of ‘calling me’ get activated. Click on the ‘call me’ option and you will be able to received the call on the “primo app”.

You will listen carefully on the other end and Note down the verification/one time password code.

Then finally, you have successfully signed get WhatsApp with a U.S number.

Alternative method of Primo App to create whatsapp account with U.S number.

Previously for creating account with U.S number, people were using only “VOVOX app” however, this best app is to get temporary U.S number to create account.

Vovox app can use free calls and text messages for any Vovox without any cost. Even this app has to pay only low rates to get an amazing features to get U.S country code.

Now the Vovox is banned, after that the freelance web developers have found a best that it is related to Vovox app.

Another methods of creating WhatsApp account with US number is;

A text plus app, this is one of the best alternative methods that is related to Vovox app, this app is to create U.S number for WhatsApp and some following procedure are giving below.

In case if “Primo app” doesn't respond on your phone, you can download “Textplus app” on your device on Google play store.

Once the “Textplus app” is successfully registered, and then it will required registering your number, gender, date of birth, email and password.

After that, click on the top left corner menu tab, you will now see a tap option to get the Textplus number.

Click on it and it will ask for your country, finally select the (U.S country) with the code number, lastly you can see ‘new contact number’.

Now you will see verify easily your WhatsApp account with new number.

Change old name with U.S number on WhatsApp.

Please note, you are not creating a new account but an account with U.S number

You want to change an old WhatsApp account with U.S number.

Some people don't want to lose their WhatsApp group so they cannot create a new account.

But you can change your old mobile number with new one, so that your WhatsApp number will be safer.

below are the basic steps to change your old whatsapp mobile number.

Step 1: Open your WhatsApp and goto the settings. Click on the account options and then you can see a change number option on the screen, simply click on the change number option.

Step 2: Enter your old mobile and new mobile number in the given box, then click on done key at the top of right corner.

Step 3: It will send a verification message on the given new number and get it from the Vovox app, and then enter in the WhatsApp.

After completing all the above mentioned process, your WhatsApp will get successfully changed into a new U.S number.

Nowadays people are genius to find working steps to solve many problems.

Above tips is the unique and latest mentioned on the internet with the help of this trick, you can easily use WhatsApp account with U.S number in order to help protect your identity.

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