IF You Are Not In This Category, Don't Register For The N-power Program

In these article, I'll be writing to you the set of people that are permitted to register for N-power program, to avoid wasting your time. Federal Ministry of Humanitarian, disaster management and social development announced that N-power Batch C enrolment will commence on June 26th 2020.

Many Nigeria's are eager to jump into the application process on the 26th of June, 2020.

NCE (Nigeria Certificate Of Education)

These are graduates from various colleges of education in Nigeria, that have satisfy their school requirement and have been issued with the NCE certificate.
3 years Program

ND (National Diploma)

These are graduate from Federal or State Polytechnic, Universities or specified field of study that offer Diploma certificate, these institutes must be recognized by the Nigeria Government and The Ministry Of Education.
2 years Program

HND (Higher National Diploma)

These are for the selected few who futher their education in Polytechnics after acquiring their ND certificate.

B.Sc (Bachelor In Science)

These are majorly University Graduate from all works of life either here in Nigeria or outside the country. We also have the B.Ed Certificate.
4-7 Year's program

Only holders of these Certificates who want to apply for Npower Job can get their application selected among thousands of Nigerians who will apply for 400,000 slot of Npower job. Other certificate considered are SSCE, NCE, OND, M.sc and P.hd


1. You will be ask to provide your name; give your exact birth name.

2. Next your Email; give a working E-mail or Gmail, if you don't have It better you open one soon. I would advice G-mail cause it a bit user friendly.

3.Your Phone Number, not your father's nor Mother phone give your personal phone number, as it will be needed later.

4. Next is your bank number, it still surprising that some young youth and even Graduates don't have a working bank account, those who do hardly use it, it better you set it working before time.

5. Bank name (These Banks beneficiaries Bank with)

6. Category: This the part you wished to worked under we have various categories like N-Tech, N-Health and N-agro.

Other requirement are State of Origin, Residential Address as well State of Resident.

All Graduates categories of Npower are collecting N30,000 per month and Non-graduate are collecting N10,000 per month.

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