7 key method every guy should know on how to get into her p@nts on first date

Let's cut the crap and pretense, I know most guys will love to get laid with a lady on the first date. (Sure guys),

in fact some of us actually sleeps with the lady in our mind a thousand times before even shaking hands with the girl.

How ever if wishes were horses, every guy would get laid on the first date, but not every guy gets laid on the first date, in fact so many don't even get laid at all. So here's the secret of being a bad @ss sniper, as the military will say, a parade commander. 

9jaedublog will take you by the hand on the following steps:

She Also Wants To Sleep With You

Before you think you’re the baddest guy ever, just maybe, she wants to have s€x as well. In fact, the easiest way to sleep or have s€x on the first date is if she wants to have s€x as well.


First and for most, your appearance really matters a lot. (What's worth doing is worth doing well) you can’t just dress anyhow and expect her to fall for you in your raggedy outfit. Be neat as well. Smell nice. Mouth and/or body odour reduces the chances of her wanting to get close to you.

Pay Attention

Learn to listen, to what she says, but more importantly, the words unsaid. Be detailed. Little things matter like telling her she has nice nails or her smile is perfect just something nice ladies loved to be flattered. Also maintain a healthy eye contact. Compliment her but do not over hype. Know when to touch or hold

Set The Mood Right 

She can either be in the mood, or you can get her in the mood. Everything matters, from the food, drinks, venue to your choice of music, play romantic music's, that will subconsciously take her mind to we're you are going. If you are driving your own car, everything has to be on point.

Be Intentional And In Control 

Confidence is a turn on for most ladies, note 98% of ladies . In the words of Richa Kanwar, “Self confidence is the best outfit, rock it and own it”.

There’s nothing that turns a lady off than a nervous, bumbling and sweaty loser. Ooze charm. You need to appear all put together and in charge, fake it if you have to.

Laughing every second, not finishing a complete thought, looking twitchy, and stammering won’t earn you any points at all. You must look assured. You need to be a nice guy with a bad guys attitude. Nice guys finish last, goes an old saying. (Nice guys always carry last).

Make Her Laugh

Laugh your way to the bedroom. No one wants a boring guy. After all, girls just wanna have fun. Make her say things like ‘you’re so silly’ or ‘you’re crazy, they always love a guy who makes them laugh.

Honorary Mention – HAVE MONEY

You can see that I wrote that in capita letters. That's the ultimate. ‘Na money be fine bobo’. If you are broke, nothing can save you. If you like, have all the 6 packs in this world.

The real packs needed is your cash to play around. Money is s€xy. Yes she might have loved you, but with money it makes it easier,  you need money to buy a good perfume, drive a good car, and afford a good date venue.

Her decision to sleep with you becomes easier for her if you are going to be driving her in a bad @ss whip to a posh apartment or hotel. Who no like beta thing? She also needs the assurance that you can take care of her. 

So Guys What's your say?

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