33 Years Old Lady was deceived by her friend Into a 9 Men gang r@pe in Yola

ADAMAWA State Police Command has arrested a 30-year-old woman, Zainab Jafaru, said to be a member of a 9-man gang r@pe that violated her 33-year-old friend in Yola, the state capital.

Police Nigerian

33 years old lady reportedly r@ped by 9 men who was allegedly deceived by her own friend Zainab into the r@pists’ den.

The police said they have arrested five members of the gang, while four others are yet to be revealed, the four are still on the run and the Nigerian Police are making all attempt to catch this criminals.

Police spokesman Suleiman Nguroje, a Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP), said Zainab deceptively lured her friend to the crime scene where the gang are and left her there without coming back.

Nguroje said: “On June 13, 2020, following a report received from a 33-year-old lady being r@ped by a syndicate of nine at Gerio, a remote area of Jambutu in Yola North Local Government Area, police operatives attached to the command’s monitoring team arrested five people: Ahmadu Ismail (20 years old); Salu Buba (25 years old); Muhammed Ali (78 years old); Abubakar Ali (28 years) and Zainab Jafaru (Female) 30 years.

“The incident happened on June 12, 2020 when the fifth suspect, Zainab Jafaru, deceived the victim to accompany her to a certain place to meet her boyfriend.

“Upon arrival, Zainab’s boyfriend (now on the run), invited his gang, who forcefully had s€xual intercourse with the complainant one after another.”

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