Disclaimer - A must read to all members on this blog

This is an announcement to all visitors of this blog, I am the owner and founder of this blogs, i am responsible for all content and posts on this blog. If I have any co-blogger or writer, it will be stated below.

A must read to all members of this blog, we have fraudsters impersonating to be an admin here, please desist from sending them money of any kind. You can contact us via our contact us page and endeavor to read from our about us page to know more about us.

Reports have been getting to me that some scammers are impersonating to be the owner of this blog and claiming to have their details just to lure money from them. Please I want you all to desist from sending money or your details to them, please endeavor to read our about us page, contact us page, privacy policy, disclaimer and terms and condition of this blog.

If anyone is claiming to be an admin here please try to confirm from the main admin here and the official email listed on this blog. My email and contacts are here, please call and confirm before falling into some trouble or these scammers.

I want to use this medium to announce to you that [email protected] is my only mail here and +2349078558902 is my only phone number here. Don't fall for scammers.

There's no way 9jaedublog.com.ng can help you to abstain from them rather than this, so now its left for you to help yourself.

I will drop a screenshot of someone who is claiming to be the owner of this blog and trying to take money from someone, see below;

The contact of this scammer is been display above in the screenshot of the WhatsApp conversation with a victim.

Please ensure you send us feedbacks via our contact us page or drop a comment below. Thank you!


  1. AnonymousMay 21, 2020

    Thanks for the clarification nice articles on your blog it keep me busy today

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