Prophet TB Joshua released video showing citizens and residents of China confirming his Prophecy about the end of Coronavirus

Emmanuel TV has released a video on their YouTube channels which actually shows Citizens and residence of China confirming Prophet TB Joshua earlier ‘Controversial Prophecy’ on the end of the pandemic ‘Corona Virus’ which is to end on the 27 March, 2020 in Wuhan, China.

One of the residents explained, “I have been hearing about TB Joshua since I was a kid, but I never believed in him”.

However he heard the prophecy on social media where the prophet prophecies “rains will all to wipe the fears of the unknown”, indicating it would fall in Wuhan, China – the focal point of the corona virus flare-up – and referencing the date of March 27th 2020. He quickly excused it as a “phony prescience” yet became confused when overwhelming precipitation fell over the locale from 23rd to 26th March 2020

Inside that time allotment, Wuhan proclaimed it had no new affirmed instances of the sickness, driving the occupant to change his view of Joshua's credibility. “On March 27th 2020, the administration pronounced China free of corona virus; everything has since returned to ordinary,” Sun, a Chinese resident proceeded to affirm, including that the couple of cases being overseen now emerged from outside explorers yet residential cases had totally stopped. 

“Walk 27th was the latest day for the infection to complete in the focal point” a Chinese specialist further authenticated, clarifying that the overwhelming ‘lockdown’ forced by the Chinese government has now been lifted. 

“We began chipping away at March 27th,” a Chinese resident in Shanghai similarly expressed. “95% of our workplaces are currently working” Joshua went under investigation via web-based networking media after clasps of his prescience with respect to corona virus were taken outside the realm of relevance, segregated sound bites intensely shared and cites wrongly ascribed to the pastor broadcasted. 

Be that as it may, the full clasp of the prediction plainly shows Joshua's message on March first and second was coordinated explicitly towards Wuhan, China. 

In his prescience for 2020, Joshua had announced it “the time of lowliness”, indicating that “God would utilize provokes, for example, distress to humble us” – driving huge numbers of his supporters to connection such phrasing with the continuous episode and its phenomenal overall consequences.


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