New Scam Alert: Investment Platform scam, How to identify and prevent them

There is a new internet scam method used by fraudsters to lure individuals who are not familiar to these scams into extorting money from them in the name of Investment and having huge profit from investing.
It is really important for anyone to be aware and be able to keep one's funds and private information safe. Let us add a couple of useful tips which can help users to detect a scammer who tries to cheat people on company's behalf and how to safe someone or your self from being dupe by these fraudsters.

New Scam Alert: Investment Platform scam, How to identify and prevent them


Firstly, these scammers uses different Facebook profiles to post screenshots of fake alerts from banks which is all edited work, once this pictures get engagements and someone fall for it, they will ask the person how much is he willing to invest and also give him some payment methods to make his investment.

When the victim pays, there will be no reply from this predators. If you contact them and ask them about it, you will be told to send your details for confirmation, they will ask you who referred you to them and if you say Facebook, you will be asked to submit your Facebook login details for them to review your account. You will be told your money is ready and at this stage you are not in your right senses because you will be desperate in getting the money not knowing all what is happening.

Once you give to them your Facebook Login details, thats a ‘BYE-BYE’ to your Facebook account and next thing, your contact with them as been compromised.

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Secondly, since they have gotten your Facebook account, they will save your profile picture or any of your picture you earlier uploaded and use it on their phone wallpaper, go to google and search for sample bank sms credits alert, copy it and do slight changes on it to look real, then they'll get another phone and text their number the message, before doing this, they have saved the number as a bank name e.g First bank, UBA, GT Bank. etc.

New Scam Alert: Investment Platform scam, How to identify and prevent them
Example of credit alert screenshot with victims profile picture and custom texts from an iPhone

After getting the alert they sent from the other phone on their lock screen they will screenshot it and head to your hacked Facebook account and make a post on your wall in the below format.

Good evening my lovely friends, I thank God almighty for making this great platform (NAIJA GET HELP INVESTMENT) real for me.
When I was told, I was thinking it was a scam or MMM, but when I gave it a try of 30k, I was credited double 60k under 45 minutes, I make a try of 50k again surprisingly I received my credit alert of 100k again between 30 minutes... I don't know how to thank God for this... LORD I say thank you.
I will love each and every of my friends to make a try of it and real.see, it's really genuine and this is credited alert I got from my first payment this evening

When a post like this is made from a person who you are familiar with, you will be made to believe that it's really a legitimate platform. They might chose to inbox you telling you they have gotten their own payment or sometimes you will be the one to inbox your friend (the scammer) asking him how he or she did it, he/she should introduced you too to the same platform he used and how it works.

He (the scammer) will send to you a link or their WhatsApp platform to contact them. Just have in mind that the same person chatting with you will still be the same person chatting with you on that platform.

When you text them on WhatsApp, they will reply in a formal way as if they haven't met you before, asking for how you know their platform and who referred you to them.

You will be ask to give some details and your amount for investment and tell you some minute or hours you will get your payment. The person who introduced you will also say its the same process he or she went through. He will telll you not to screenshot his/her account details which you are to pay the money to for the investment. He will ask for your account details to process the payment for you. The whole process starts all over again as I earlier said in the first technique.

Let's take a close look at the pictures below, study it carefully.

New Scam Alert: Investment Platform scam, How to identify and prevent them
This is a screenshot from Blessing Bitrus Facebook profile testifying how she got paid from an investment platform

New Scam Alert: Investment Platform scam, How to identify and prevent them
This is a comment from Mary Asiko under Blessing Bitrus Testimony requesting to join the same platform her friend got paid from

New Scam Alert: Investment Platform scam, How to identify and prevent them
This is a screenshot from Mary Asiko Facebook profile who earlier requested on how to join posting a testimony too to her feed in the same words of the earlier post from Blessing Bitrus with just slight changes

The above picture tells us that the same scammer using Blessing Bitrus account has finally scam and hacked her friend profile who commented on her post.

How to identify these scammers

Firstly, when you see posts like the above testimonies dropped on Facebook, check the number of tagged users, you will see he tagged almost all his friend to the post. (99+)

Secondly, check the number of shares. he will share this posts to so many group and pages just to get impressions and engagements to the post. This is because he wants to reach out to so many victims.

Thirdly, this profile will no longer post the named profile personal pictures like before rather, he will post picture of investment, investment, investment and investment.

Fourthly, Check the follow up comments under this posts, you will see some other comment saying, “Yes I just received my payment”, or “Its real I just got mine” Click on the person's profile and find the same testimony posted on his or her wall. This tells its all planned work and the scammer (the man behind all the scam) has access to all the profile used in commenting.

Finally, their bank details sent to you to make investment won't represent the platform, e.g Account Name: Binomo Trade 
Account number: 12345678910
Bank Name: Gtbank
Rather they will send their personal bank details.

A screenshot of follow up comments under an investment testimony saying its all scam and reporting the account as hacked

Some of these accounts owners and close friends will comment under most of the post saying its a scam, account has been hacked. Do your research and see. Don't be in a haste to make quick money.

How to save yourself and others

Log in to your Facebook, search for this keywords,
 “Naija get help investment”
 “Smile wealth Investment” 
 “Binomo trade and investment platform”
 “Flip Cash Investment platform”
 “Binomo trade investment”
 “Nigeria federal youths empowerment”
 “Joyful pay investment platform”
 “Dominion Investment platform”
 “Fast Cash Investment”
 “OlympTrade Investment”
 “Trust Funds investment”
 “Opay Investment”
 “Money Gram Investment”
 “Good Life investment”
 “Nairaland Investment”
 “Trade Union Platform”
Look for post related to thile result found or groups with the title, comment the link to this post so others can also see this. Link

Report whosoever posted the testimony, you will see many posts with similar testimony format, the owner has been hacked so just report the profile for Facebook to ban the person.

Play along and get the bank details for investment giving to you by this scammer, report it to the nearest police or security agency, they will track the person through the aid of the bank.

If you find any more related to this or want to add to this then feel free to use the comment section.

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