Lil Smart Net worth and Source of Income in 2022

Lil Smart (Idowu Smart Emmanuel) is a young talented dancer who is widely known for inventing the REVERSE SHAKU SHAKU dance. Much is not known about him but he is currently NAIRAMARLEY's dancer. They are both seen to be performing on shows together and he was also featured in nairamarley latest hit track TESUMOLE.

Lilsmart started off as a street dancer who regularly post videos of his impressive unique trap dance steps online in order to gain attraction and he rose to prominence when Tesumole dance step was trend.

As of time we posted this, April 7, 2020, Lilsmart estimated net worth should be around N2 Million approximately $5,512,  he is a professional dancer and has been found on so many trending videos, which include, G-spread "Man Like", Nairamarley "Tesumole", Davido "Mafa Mafa" Nairamarley "Aye", Lilfrosh "Kolere body" Nairamarley x Cblavk "Tingasa", Nairamarley x Mohbad "Komajesun".
He is also a MC, Hypeman and an actor and has shot many comedy skits. Lil smart source of income is Music show, Music promotions, Video appearance. As an influencer on Instagram, Lil smart has a high engagement of about 1M engagement and 300k profile visits weekly.

He was with Nairamarley all through his tour in Marian fest, and has traveled with him to so many states in Nigeria to perform. He is paid for adverts and promotions.

He was awarded best dancer for many dance concert and challenges. Our estimated net worth might not be accurate, but calculated according to the time he started dancing as profession and when he came to limelight.

Social media platform of Lil smart

Instagram: @lilsmart_

Twitter: @lilsmart0

Facebook: Idowu Smart Emmanuel

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