Lil Smart Biography: Real Name, Net worth and Age

Lil Smart Biography: Full Name, Date of Birth, Home Town, Net Worth in 2020
LilSmart – full name Idowu Smart Emmanuel – is a Trap Dancer , Skateboard Actor, Comedian, Model, Actor, and a Song writer. He first gained popularity in 2019 mainly because he not only has a close resemblance to the 'Tesumole' merchant NairaMarley, but also because he mimicks his dance steps so accurately.


Full Name
Idowu Smart Emmanuel
Date of birth
March 5, 1998
22 years old
Home Town
Ifo Abeokuta, Ogun State
Ikeja, Lagos
Maiden Name
Bukkie Veria Babatunde
Religious View
Net worth
Around N2 million
Dancer, Actor, Song writer, 
Comedian, Model

Lilsmart is one of the top Entertainment influencer in Nigeria with 208,854 audience and 3.34% engagement rate on Instagram. Check out the full profile and start to collaborate. He is ranked 7043 globally and 4th in Nigeria as influencing rate. 

Lilsmart doesn't currently have a girlfriend, he is the owner of a shoe brand called SMARTWORK, he also has a gang named NSSG (No Same Shoe Gang). Lilsmart is a fast rising star who has grown so much with his instagram page.

Lilsmart is currently one of the richest and the most influential dancers in Nigeria Entertainment Industry, with an estimated net worth of $7500.

Lilsmart is the creator of reverse shaku shaku, reverse zanku, reverse kupe, reverse dead drop, reverse soappy, reverse legwork, reverse tesumole, reverse mafa mafa, smart work. He Is a multi-talented reverse god. Idowu smart Emmanuel aka Lilsmart social media is as follows;

Instagram: Lilsmart_

Twitter: Lilsmart0

Facebook: LilSmart Marley



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