Simple method to get 10k organic Instagram followers in 2020

Instagram cheat: Use this simple trick to get extra 10,000 organic Instagram followers in just 3 days April 2020

Hello, have you ever thought about how most people get Instagram followers so quick even without being famous. There are two ways to grow your Instagram followers real fast, which includes; Instagram SEO(search engine optimization) and Blackhat method.

Instagram is an irrefutably feasible stage for advertising in 2020. Truth be told, Instagram has formally arrived at more than ten billion dynamic month to month clients - which implies it's currently more well known than internet based life giants, for example, Twitter or LinkedIn.

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That is a great deal of clients lounging around, standing by to see your updates. Things being what they are, how might you arrive at all of those clients and make open doors for them to connect with your image?

The appropriate response may surprise you;

Today, I will be teaching you the black hat techniques and not the SEO techniques.

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What is blackhat?

Blackhat refers to a hacker who breaks into a computer system or network with malicious intent. A black hat hacker may exploit security vulnerabilities for monetary gain; to steal or destroy private data; or to alter, disrupt or shut down websites and networks.

So let's get started

Best method to gain followers is using the gain trick or we call it gain train (GT). Go to Instagram today and search for the hash tags and see for yourself.

Gain train consists of follow for follow, whereby you follow the followers of an account and get followers back in return. 

The disadvantage about this is that after some users have followed you they go back to unfollow you in order not to have so many following, which result to a great loss in followers.

Today I want to show you a method where you don't get loss in followers. This users don't unfollow, and they engage in your posts such as liking, sharing and commenting too.

Using Hiketop+ App

This is a pro version of the official Hiketop App, this application has about 1.2 million users with the sum of 435, 000 active users daily.
Its has an automated system that helps you like the post of other users like you in exchange for likes, story views, video views, followers etc. 

This application is totally free and requires no login of your target account. It helps in minimizing activities to avoid be in blocked by Instagram.

After downloading the application use this code  FR5738442 to sign up to get referral bonus (500 Crystals and Karma) after inserting the code you will get another 300+ Karma for daily login bonus.

Go to Instagram application and open an account which we will be using for tho app purpose so as to help us from any unusual activity on our official account. E.g test12340 we will be using this to log into HikeTop.

Instagram cheat: Use this simple trick to get extra 10, 000 organic Instagram followers in just 3 days April 2020

Click on sign in to login with the created Instagram account we just opened e.g test12340, an Instagram login screen will appear next where you have to login.

Use the Instagram Log In button not the LOGGED IN, NEXT Button below. As the next screen loads you have successfully log into the newly created account then you click on the Logged In, Next button below to proceed. An authorization process we begin to confirm if you have logged in and also it will connect the Instagram account to the HikeTop app.

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After completion of authorization, an home screen will appear showing you demo tutorials in using the app, just follow the instructions on screen.

This apps uses Crystals to do shout out for your account which you saved as bookmark, If you apply for 1 minute Shout out, your profile will be at top for others to follow for 1 minute and you can get up to 15 followers for that, you can apply for 30 mins and also 1 hour but it depends on the available crystals you have.

34 available crystals is located at the top right corner of the app

How to earn crystals and Karmas

You can earn crystals by completing tasks, viewing videos of others, liking posts, following top users who have applied for shout out already, so for others to get crystals too they will follow your account when you applied for shout out too. 

That's how the system works, there is not unfollowing because you can punish those who unfollows you by taken their crystals. 

You can earn crystals too by converting karma to crystal, Hiketop+ also gives a gift code to earn crystals and they give some bonus crystals for daily login. Another user can also share crystal to you.

So the trick here is to create up to 5 Instagram accounts because the app suspends you from following and liking after sometime in other for Instagram not to block you for unusual activities.

You can login to the app with two accounts only unless you pay for premium in other to add more accounts. You can pay with crystals or real cash. We can bypass that by download a app to clone and get a duplicate just like using two WhatsApp on one phone. 

Using apps like Clone, Dual Space etc just go to your PlayStore and install this app. Now we can get as many accounts to gain in case you got suspended in one account you can use the others through the clone app and when you have gotten enough crystals you can transfer them all to one account.

How to connect your original Instagram account for shoutout

To connect the account you want followers for, just click on the family icon of the app just close to the first home icon and then close to the EN you will see a 3 dash like a menu icon at the top left of the app, once you click it you will see your bookmarks and a plus(+) sign to add more book mark.

How to place a shoutout

After getting enough crystals,  click on the family icon (the 3 head icon below just next after the home icon and click on the bookmark of the account you want to use for shoutout (main account).  At the top left you will see a 1 minute duration, you can set the time you want the shout out to last by clicking the > sign and then click the Enter for ??? just below it.

Using SEO Method

This is a widely accepted method by Instagram so don't be scared about blocks by instagram, this method is not like the above blackhat method which deals with using of third party app to buy or boost followers.

When using this SEO method you have to minimize your activities so you don't get suspended for bot activities.

What is Instagram SEO

SEO simply means search engine optimization which refers to the process of improving the quality and quantity of website traffic to a website or a web page from search engines.

Right here, we are not trying to increase the visitors of a website or webpage but our Instagram account.

Name your account according to your brand

If your brand is all about cosmetics, try to find what keywords are people searching for to get to cosmetics e.g, best 2021 lip gloss etc. So you try and include those keyword in your name and username. 

This simply means your Instagram blog should represent your brand. This helps alot, e.g my username is @best2021lipgloss when people make this searches with any of those keyword, my Instagram account tends to appear among first 10 on the search page.

Upload quality content

When making post on Instagram, try as much to upload quality content (pictures and videos) then use the right captions and hashtags. 

This helps alot too, it helps you get on the instagram explore pages and also on hashtags pages.

Be consistent, work with time

As a cosmetic Instagram blog and Nigerian based, I will follow most of the brands in my niche, because their followers are people also interested in my kind of niche (content type).

When your competitors which you follow make a new post, comment on it and try letting the follow up comments know you have something related, spam on it, advertise on the comment session.

And be time conscious like i said, as a Nigerian, you know the working hours and leisure hours where most people comes online and are inactive. So target that, one good thing about the feed page (home page) and the hashtag page, once you make a new post, you will appear at the top of all content at that moment. 

So if you target the time well, once you make a post you will attract much engagements.

Bonus tip

Make use of your status, people tends to see status quickly more than your post. So always alert them on your status you have a new post and also when making a new post give reference to your older posts. 

Like telling them, “Go back and watch my previous post or video” or “If you missed my last post and picture, kindly check on it now” or “Kindly like and comment on my last post”

With all these, your account will be suggested to followers of followers. For example, “since you follow @example123, you will like to check on @testing00”. You might have seen something like this on your notifications.

Follow my account @dettygram_ on IG now for more tips to boost your IG followers, I will be dropping more articles soon. So stay updated, drop a comments below and share.


  1. How do i get targeted followers with hiketop+ app

    1. Dear @Whystickz,

      You can't get targetted followers on hiketop+, you can only get followers in the same geographic region/country with you.

      Still want to get targeted audience to your Instagram page? I recommend you read from Simple method on how to get real active Instagram followers in 2020 (video)

      Do the above step in the tutorial to page with the same content as you are (Do it to your mentors)...

      We hope this works. 👌

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