Simple method on how to get real active Instagram followers in 2020 (video)

Having lots of followers means the opportunity to interact with more people and gather feedback on the account and its posts. This creates more opportunities than ever before. In the end, the point of having an account on social media is to interact with other people in a social way.

Then benefits (advantages) of getting lots of Instagram followers includes;
Lots of follower can make money for you, let's you become an influencer, helps you gain more clients, pushes an endless cycle of multiplying followers, traffic on the website improves, list of Subscribers grows, become a trend on the network, ads can improve online sales etc.

Today I might be showing you how to get free Instagram followers literally for free, you don't need to pay anything. This method is 100% working and yes so without any further, let's get into it.

How to get real Instagram followers in 2020 working (video tutorial)

Step 1. Create an account on Instagram and upload a photo to it (a profile picture and a feed picture).

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Step 2. Go to your search and type a celebrity name, for example Justin Bieber. Enter his profile and click on follow, you will get some suggestion profiles from the drop down which is triggered once you hit the follow button, now follow all the people in the suggestions from the drop down.

Step 3. Just head to your profile and see the followers you have gotten from doing that, click on your following and unfollow all of them which you have followed earlier so you will be left with the followers which you have gained.

Repeat this process with the same people just from that list over and over again so as not to exceed the limit of followers per hour, you won't get blocked because you are following the same people over and over again.

Instagram blocks or ban account for unusual activity. When Instagram notice a bot activity on your account such as constantly doing same process over and over again, you will definitely get suspended for that. As a normal human, you can't be following and un following same users over and over again, so you have to be watchful on this.

This whole process might be boring and kind of stressful, so what we do is to get an automated clicking app whereby we set the interval of clicks and also the amount of clicks we want in an hour.

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Go to your google play store and download the auto clicker app.

Open the app and set the whole clicking process in order for you to click on the follow and unfollow buttons and also set the time frame. Watch the video below to see a full tutorial on this post.

If you encounter any problem or need help on setting the auto clicking app, drop a comment in the comment section below. Follow me on IG@dettygram_ and also share this post using the below share buttons.


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