Easy home-made Money making ideas you don't know, make money online from home in 2020

How can I make money online: 6 shocking method to make money from home in 2020

Hello, today I will be teaching you on how you can easily make money online while sitting at home. Instead of sitting at home watching Netflix or YouTube, we will be learning how to make some passive income with the rest of our time.

1. YouTube

YouTube is such a large platform, it is the second most visited website in the world and largest search engine next to google. This present a lots of opportunity for videos creators.


Once you gotten to a thousand (1000) subscribers and four thousand (4000) hours of watch time, you can apply for YouTube paid partnership program. This is when n you can add AdSense to your google videos.

Your earning will be 50-50 with YouTube and it all depends on the niche and views of your videos, for example you get up to thousands and millions of views, you will earn $5 dollar to $7 dollar for every thousand views. So if you multiply that times a 100 thousand views, you will get a lot of money really quickly. 

How to create a video for YouTube?

- The very first step is to plan the topic: it has to be a topic whereby a lot of people people rather than a few set of people will be interested in.

- Write the script of the video: what you want and what you don't want in the video.

- Be confident: you need to be very bold to avoid mistakes in order not to shoot over and over and taking long just to shoot a 10 or 5 minutes video

- Collective between 2 Editors: An editor who will edit and cut/place the video and all the text in it.

Paid Sponsorship

This is another method to earn money from YouTube. Once you reach out to a lot amount of audience, subscribers and followers, big brand will start to reach out to you for sponsorship. Its not uncommon that brands paid between $10,000 to $50,000 or even up to $100,000 per sponsorship. 

This all depends on your niche and your performance with your audience. YouTube money making is a long term program. 

2. Affiliate Marketing

This is a process whereby you refer a customer to a brand, you are the middle person, just like a branch connecting to the brand making the sales.

We are so many affiliate links for example Amazon, this has so many products for sales, go to amazon and create a affiliate link, look for a product you want to sell, a product where by you know much about it or love the product.

Go to Facebook, and paste your affiliate link to your news feed,  and if  your friends are interested they might want to buy the product. Once a customer by the products a percentage of that product sold will be yours.

3. Amazon FBA

This is fore sale by Amazon (FBA), in case you are not familiar, Amazon is the one largest e-commerce platform, this is because 50 percent of all the e-commerce platform are on Amazon.

Search a product, through Ali baba or Ali express whole sale and have it ship to Amazon ware house.
Amazon takes all the manual they've got from it, pack it and ship it. All you have to do is to list the products on the site and sell it through their site.

You will get little commission from the sales after amazon takes their own commission, and what ever left is your profit. The general profit margin you can expect is around 10% - 30% of the product that you are selling. Default sales on Amazon marketplace is really highly competitive so make sure you spend a lot of time to search for a product that is highly profitable.

Another cool way to make money on amazon is called Retail Arbitrage, this method doesn't take much which means anybody can do this.

Go on to google and type retail arbitrage apple app or android app, download and launch it, go on to your home markets for example ‘walmart’ and start scanning products.

It will compare your local price and the price of other item being sold on amazon. For example let's say a coffee or tea mug is cost $3 dollar and people are buying it on amazon for $7 dollar, so you see you got a $4 dollar profit margin. So you buy the product, list it on amazon and get it sold.

4. EBay

EBay is just a market place like amazon, you can list items, but instead of people purchasing it directly, you have the opportunity to have them bid over each other.

EBay has a function which amazon doesn't have which is verified sales, they look at the product to ensure its real for the buyers protection and trust.

5. Online Surveys

This is a very simple method and everyone can do this, we are just sharing our opinions with interested brands,  we have so many junkies for survey which pays but a little, so I am going to introduce you to a site which pays well.


Go to the website and sign up then login. They paid $8 dollar per survey, this survey can take you up to 2 minutes to 15 minutes to finish. If you can do this for 5 times an hour that is $40 dollar per hour.

6. Rental Arbitrage

You don't need to own a property but can still earn lot of rental income more than 90% of landlords worldwide. This is when you list a property from a landlord on a long term basis, you pay rent just like every other tenant, you are responsible for the utilities but you take that property and place it on a short term rental platform such as AirBnb, VRBO, HomeAway etc. and sell it by the night up to the week or anything less than 30 days that is considered short term rental. So at any point when your gross profit subtracted by your utilities and rent, anything that's left is your profit.

So to get started, visit AIRDNA, on AirDNA you can see how other short term rentals are doing in your local area. Take the gross income and go to a site like Zillow or Craigslist where you can get a long term property. This method is very preferable because its Scalable, predictable, and the income is really consistent. An average person can build a six figure income from this method in 3 months if he/she could just get four properties running for sales.

You can work remotely, you could be anywhere in the world, travel, go sky diving or dinning or at school and your properties are still generating rental income for you. So kindly drop your comments below and share this post too.

Source: The BNB University


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