How to earn $5 Dollar over and over with Auto click system in 2022

This may sound too good to be true but you can actually do this for unlimited amount of time, so please  don't abuse it. You can get paid per each click and its totally free and it works world wide.

Tutorial on How can I earn $5 Dollar over and over with Auto click system (make money online 2020)

I will show you step by step on what you need to do and how to set up this auto click system with some other platforms. This platform will pay us for each clicks and it has different payment option for withdrawal which include PayPal, Payoneer, Bitcoin, Paytm, Lipi, Skrill, Payer, Bank transfer, that are available in your country. You can click to see payment proof on the website to see successful payout by others using this platform.

Let's get started, visit on your browser, this is a paid link shortening service.
When the page loads, all we have to do is to paste our long URL in the URL box provided on the website for example ‘’, we paste it and shortened it with a click and generates our short URL. Whenever someone clicks on our short URL, we get paid a specific amount of money for it.

Why exactly are we getting paid?

We get paid for clicks because whenever someone click on our shortened URL, it takes them to a landing page with ads before redirecting them to our main link destination ( is a safe platform because we are not buying anything or selling anything. You can click on their payout rates to see their rates of payment because sometimes we aren't just paid $5 per 1,000 clicks.

Tutorial on How can I earn $5 Dollar over and over with Auto click system (make money online 2020)

For example clicks from Greenland, we get $22.00 dollars per 1,000 clicks we get which is quite a lot. So our payments depends on our global visitors and their countries. For example if we get clicks not from 1st tier countries such as Indonesia we get paid $3.00 dollars, we can't predict where our clicks are coming from. 

You can earn more than $5.00 dollars per 1,000 clicks or less but our average pay is $5.00 dollars.  Now you know how this actually works and how much you get per a 1,000 clicks (CPM).

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So log on yo and click on register to create an account, once you have successfully registered you will be logged in to your dashboard where you cab find your balance and total earning etc. Now you need to shortened your URL, do that by clicking the New Shortened link at the top right corner of your dashboard.

Now I will show you where you get the long URL which will be use for shortening and how it will affect our auto click system.

The second platform we will be using is, its a free powerful tool that enables us to create a landing page that allow us to add different URLs for this tool. Sign up by clicking the sign up button, its totally free. After signing up with either your twitter or email address, skip the next tutorials showing up. Then go ahead and verify your email address used in sign up.

Tutorial on How can I earn $5 Dollar over and over with Auto click system (make money online 2020)
After email verification this is how your created profile page will look like, this is a landing page where all your links can be linked to. Now click on the edit button to add content, we are not going to add any of the content showed up rather than links cause this is what we will be using for the auto click system.

Tutorial on How can I earn $5 Dollar over and over with Auto click system (make money online 2020)

Then follow the steps to add links, go to google and make a search for example, “5 exercises for abs” now open one of the search result and copy the step 1 title of the tutorial from the search result to your clipboard.

Go to Google Docs this will be another tool we will be using, click on blank to open up a new blank page then paste your copied first step you copied earlier to clipboard, then head back to your tutorial and copy the text description for the step 1 you copied earlier and open a new tab browser and visit a tool for rewriting. 

This will help you make your text unique because you don't want to paste that same text from the article or rewrite all by yourself. This tool is absolutely free, just paste your text and spin then copy the rewritten text generated.

Go back to your Google Doc and below the step one title you pasted, paste the copied rewritten description below. Now save your document and share to get a shareable link, Copy the link for share from Google Doc.

Go back to and paste that copied URL from Google Doc,  now click on shrink to generate a shortened URL, go to your profile and paste the shortened URL and update your title e.g “Exercise Step 1”.

Now to add more Links just go back and copy step 2 from the exercise article we got from facebook and repeat all process again.  After adding more links to example all the 5 steps from the exercise article we got and spined. We have now created 5 links and also 5 documents on Google Doc. 

Now give your project a title for example “5 best Abs Exercises” now for them to access this steps they have to click on the links which will take them to your landing page and you will get paid, so instead of you sending then a direct link, you can make up to 10x or 5x income depending on the links you have on your landing page, the more links you have the more money you can make.

Now that we are done with creating all our links we just have to click the publish button. We have successfully created our landing page. Go to your landing page URL on a new tab to see how it looks like. 

This process helps us get paid and also helps shrink me earn from their ads because when user clicks on your shortened URL, they don't have to buy anything or subscribed to anything, they can skip the ads on the landing page and you still earn, shrinkme still earns.

Finally, we are going to drive traffic to our Landon page, so they can start clicking on the links and you can start making money. A best place to get traffics who are going to click on your link is from Instagram, create a profile according to your niche for example if your landing page deals with health or weight loss or exercise just create a profile to it. For example we created six_pack_boss.

Edit the Instagram profile, your bio and everything to match and where we have input URL just paste your landing page link there.

Now you have to make your profile look good on Instagram, search with the hashtag related to your landing page for example #weightloss and save some pictures using an Instagram save tools that enable you save pictures from Instagram, upload this pictures to your profile using good hash tags and also try to engage in hash tags related to your niche. 

Follow them, like and comment on posts with the hashtag. You can as well like the comments of people who commented on such niche since they are interested in it, this will enable you get into their notification, they will want to check who the person is that is liking their comments. This will take them to your page and since they are interested in this niche, they are more likely to click on your bio link which will take them to your landing page.

This is just an example traffic source, you can get more apart from Instagram, you can also use different Facebook groups and pages. Now we are finally getting clicks on our landing page and as well earning from our shortening link service.

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