The Dynamism of Renokrinism

You all know who Reno Omokri is, yes? Born in 1974, Reno is a renowned author and well known lawyer. A founder of a multimedia project, Build Up Nigeria and a producer of many short series films in the U.S.

The Dynamism of Renokrinism
Reno omokri -

He was the host of a Christian TV show in the U.S ehich talked about the Christian faith and many other things.

What makes Reno spectacular is his use of social media as a tool to propagate the gospel-according to him, that is. But Reno is not your usual social media celebrity. The man is so dynamic. One moment, Reno is all fired up in the spirit about things and the next, he dives into politics and culture. He also talks about the current administration of the Nigerian republic, using every means necessary to bash the government. For him, he believes the government has failed the people and the country at large. This has helped to put him in the back books of the government who sought to disrepute him by naming him, former president Goodluck Jonathan and a host of others as inciting hate and narrow-mindedness against the current president. It would suffice to remember that Reno was the presidential spokesperson for the former administration before elections changed power in 2015. He is also accredited with the pioneering of social media as a tool for political purposes in Nigeria under the then administration of Goodluck Jonathan.

What puts Reno in our news this morning is his controversial tweet about the need to embrace African culture as against the European standard of living.

On a fateful day, Reno grabs his phone and logs on to Twitter. Then, he makes a post that has everyone wondering what kind of a person he is. In his own words:

"All my children have exclusively African names. No European or so-called Christian names. If their Itsekiri names are not good enough for your Christianity, then your Christianity is not good enough for me and my children. Africans, keep your culture!"

While some agree to his statement about the need to promote African culture more, others believe he's delusional. Why does he stand against the same Christianity he claims to believe in? And if he's promoting culture, why dress in an European attire while using a white man's app to send his message across? The arguments are just one too many. So far, the tweet has been a subject of debate even amongst intellects, sparking controversial arguments about the need for reparation for Africa or the justification of a mixed civilization. 

And trust Reno. He has a witty answer ready for each reply! Very savage. From those who try to soil his name to others who do not get the message he's passing across, Reno ia armed to the teeth with bullets of replies for then all. You want to know more about his tweets and nuggets?
Follow @renoomokri on Twitter or just type the hashtag #renosnuggets.

So, let's know what you think about this. Is Reno a confused man or just one whose voice needs to be heard?

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