See Who is behind the insurgency and deaths of thousands of soldiers - An aggressive soldier cries out loud

An open letter was sent from the following personnel listed below;
96NA/43/12713 Sgt Amakiri tuyi a SNCO 17NA in the Nigerian Army.
 Date posted was not published, I was going through my WhatsApp group and I found this text and decided to share and write more on this.



With tears in my eyes and pains in my heart due to carelessness of the chief of army staff, theater commander sector commanders.

This is my 24th years in service, 4years in North East fighting Boko Haram with my age in service and experience in the battle like United Nations peace, bakkassi, Liberia etc

This war between the Nigeria army  and Boko Haram is a well planned game, sir with due respect what happened in my very own eyes is very sad and disgraceful to whole Nigeria army and Nigeria as whole. A nation well known with armies that do go for war and conquer, now handling Boko Haram for up to 12 years now.

Since 2018 and 2019, it's not easy at all. Attack from one locations to another in metele attack. Boko Haram killed 187 soldiers including officers, Nigeria army did not give the actual amount. The attack of metele was a set up, even the commander was handcuffed when he ask the theater commander for equipment, the theater commander used military police to handcuff him and push him to metele where he was killed including 186 soldiers.

Nigeria army digged a pit to cover soldiers like fowl. Several locations in North East; Maidugari and Yobe were Attacked, dislodged killed several number of soldiers, yet the Chief of army staff never take proper equipment to fight the insurgency rather, all they do is going to bauch armor unit to carry old tankers that was abandoned since Shagari regime, paint them and give to trooper a tank that is not working with many unserviceable equipment.

There is a time when they allocated some amount of money to chief of army staff, he travels out in search of equipment with Maj Gen VO Ezeugwu and return with nothing. How can a troop fight Boko Haram with a Hilux with MG on it?

Why I said the operation lafia dole (the theater commander) should be giving to the Air Force is because Nigeria army generals are the one sponsoring Boko Haram.

I can remember during our clearance operations, we came in contact with Boko Haram which we captured one alive. He mentioned 9 Nigeria army generals that sponsor them financially, in feeding  and with clothes. They are been paid salary even more than a Nigeria army soldier.

If the Chief of Army Staff Lt gen buratai and Maj Gen VO Ezeugwu will come up to tell Nigeria the existence of Boko Haram, it will be better.

If the theater commander of operation lafia dole would come out to tell Nigeria what happened to 136 Nigeria army soldiers and officers he took to bush in the name of advancement, the better

United Nations and Nigeria authority should get the three generals that lead the advance; the theater commander, the sector 2 commander and sector 1 commander arrested to explain why they sacrifices this soldiers and several numbers of fighting equipment to the Boko Haram.

I was among those who went on the advance the first and second advance that took number of soldiers life it's by the grace of God I survived it. I was in the gun truck along with the generals when communication was made between the generals telling the Boko Haram the number of Hilux and the Hilux they were in.

The Boko Haram started firing from the middle and clear the doubt of soldiers.

How did the theater commander escape the huge firing and the other two generals with no injury?None of the three generals were killed nor injured,
when several number of the theater commander escort who was at the back were killed and some injured but non of this generals boys were killed or injured.

Why I mentioned Maj Gen VO Ezeugwu he knows why I mentioned his name and some 72 special forces airborne who knows him will understand
Due to his actions in killing Boko Haram coas give him task to train 17NA 76rri move them to theater as young soldiers if you know you what it means
Within this period he was promoted and he train 77rri trying to move them which failed

Chief army staff collaborate with Ezeugwu by giving him appointment of chief of manufacturing where they are deciving Nigerians of provide equipments

Nigeria should hand over the threater commander to air Force officers the same at zamfara

Nigeria should stop founding the Nigeria army officers until they stop their evils l

Nigeria should wake up and know we have two army
The Nigeria army and Boko Haram army commanding by same officers

Nigeria should know that this fight of insurgency is ways of Nigeria army generals generating money using the blood of people children
People husbands

Go to Nigeria army Barack today and see widows and fatherless children
Many didn't even know if their father or children are alive or death if any was killed by Boko Haram Nigeria army will just dig hole dump them without informing their families

Talk about welfares a soldier fighting Boko Haram receiving just 15 000 while army officers collect 30 000 for feeding can a soldier consume 30 000 food in a month if a soldier die they will not even pay his benefit to his family

Me President you promise to fight corruption please if u want to fight corruption start with Nigeria army
Nigeria army is the head of corruption

Nigeria is you hear in a news from Nigeria army in any social media saying Boko Haram attacks so so locations kill 2  injured 5 just know 20 soldiers already been killed

Nigeria has 774 army generals how many Barack is in Nigeria that this people can command
GOC a major general and 2ic major general see crase

Nigeria if you want this war to end
Hand over to air Force officers
Get lt gen buratai and other generals involved arrested

Ask this question if this is real a war against insurgency
Lt gen buratai is from maidugari more than 57 army officers from maidugari including generals will it take army two days to clear this Boko Haram

Think this if Coas and theater commander are not involved why will him re send trops back to talala with soft skin vehicles after Boko Haram collect almost 73 guntrucks
Killed several number of soldiers

Nigerians the theater commander went and give Boko Haram the equipment so the war will start afresh after Nigeria army troop has reduced their numbers

Am done and walking out peacefully from d Nigeria army bye Nigeria army
Soldiers becareful and be wise play safe the leaders don't want to end this insurgency remember u have families who cares for u what is 15 000 naira that will took your life

My prayers as SNCO of the Nigeria army the federation act on this and I pray for all my gallant young soldiers fighting Boko Haram for strength and all 17na who work under me as their guard commander I always advice u guys and pray they remember you guys u done well fighting Boko Haram for years with out unit nor Corp
You guys always in my prayers

Let me go home and have my family and enjoy my family with peace of mind

I pray it get to the authority

- He said.


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