Measures to Encourage Education in 21st Century

Good day, i would like to write broadly On Education in the 21st century, I hope someway somehow this will touch lives and i would have contributed to the positive development of someone or more than one person.

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This is a read for Parents, Pupils, Students, basically everyone.
Endeveaour to read to the end. Thank you
Education we say is the key.

I remember growing up and what Education meant to us. It wasn't just about going to school. It was very much more than that. The discipline instilled in us and how we respectfully learn and put into practice?

How much we appreciated our teachers?
How much we valued Education and still do?
We did not just go to school because it was necessary , we did because we knew the value and worth of Education.

Fast forward to children (students) of nowadays, I must say Kudos to the purpose driven and empathetic teachers these days for never giving up, for regardless of the everyday challenges they still push harder, for loving their pupils/students everyday no matter what, for preparing everyday not just for themselves but for the positive development of the pupils/students.
For giving it all it takes and defying great odds

Teachers are;
Role models
The list could go on.

Unending applause for the great teachers.
Kudos for job well done.
Now to be all of that and still face all the challenges we face everyday.

Students nowadays are not ready to learn, they are being influenced by a lot of things which I would come to later, but first let's talk about parents. The burden and responsibility of being totally involved and teaching your children/ward doesn't fall on the shoulders of the mothers alone, fathers too should help. Some parents pay little or no attention to their children academics, forget the exorbitant fees you pay to the school to take care of your wards. You should be first your CHILDREN'S TEACHERS,
Do not leave all of the work to the teachers alone. I repeat, do not leave all of the work to the teachers alone.

Stop thinking I pay so they need to do their job /all of their duties, remember your duties too.
If as a parent before your child enters the four walls of the school and you go like:

Hey Prince / Princess , please be of good behavior in school, be kind to your teachers and colleagues and pay attention in class. Remember you are going to teach me all that you will learn today. When we get home, you’ll be the teacher, and I’ll be student.
You have already set a good mind and day for the child. He/She will be enthusiastic, looking forward to learning and putting it to into practice.

Parents listen to your children , we are the leaders of tomorrow, okay am not going to end with try to pay our school fees *smiles* but try to always be there for us, educate us, do follow up on our academics.

Some parents are guilty of
Not checking their children books/bag
Not asking how school was and every other important questions
Not checking their kids communication book
Not calling the teachers to say thank you for being a wonderful parent to my children also
Not visiting the school at least once in a while to learn about their wards.

NOTE: some of your children exhibit characteristics you do not even know about, you'd be surprised.
Teachers would continue to do their best but at the same time if parents their best possible to put in more effort, it will yield better result.

Some Students nowadays are disrespectful to their teachers probably because some of them are being indulged their parents, they know that any small thing their parent is coming to confront their teacher about it.

Some parents do not want to hear that their wards are not doing well and listen to teacher’s advice on measures to be taken in order for the child to improve, they'd rather accuse the teacher of not doing their job.

Some parents give their children too much to school that on days they have little they resort to begging or stealing.

Some parents have no time for their children. It’s no NEWS that the economy is hard and everyone is hustling to make ends meet combined with the huge stress, but still let's place our children as priority so that our sweat over them will not be in vain.

Parents are advised to mind what they say in front of their children.

Parents should see to;
The kind of hair cut boys of young age to school with these days is alarming, you see them with hair-cuts that doesn’t make them look like responsible students

Parents should take their time to teach their children respect for elders, friends, teachers and everyone they have opportunity of coming in contact with Social media

This...... Agreed that internet has a lot of advantage but students should be closely monitored when given phones with internet,
do not leave them with an internet device unmonitored, and to put your mind at rest and be sure they are surfing the web safely, you can as a parent put restrictions to the kind of content they can access on the world wide web, the chance they get they go ahead and use it destructively.
Also, do well to delete any videos,pictures or any other file that should not be seen from your phones or make sure there is a password restriction, they might want to carry out or inquire more about what they see.

Parental guidance also when watching the television, send the kids to their room when seeing contents above their age. Children tend to learn more from what they see.

To Children(Pupils/Students), always remember to;
Pay attention in class
Listen and take advise
Refrain from corrupt communication and practice
Respect and be kind to your teachers and friends
Be contended
Study hard
Be determined
Obey your parents and teachers

You are the leaders of tomorrow,
Thank you.

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